Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VIDEO: Health District Director crashes Mediation Meeting

Eden Township Board Director Carole Rogers, who was recently replaced on the mediation committee hoping to settle Sutter Health's claim to purchase San Leandro Hospital, attended the meeting anyway Tuesday morning only to learn it was cancelled.

With legal counsel in tow, Rogers was turned away by an employee for the mediation firm and eventually told to leave. Evoking shades of Michael Moore, the video shows attorney Jim Eggleston charging the mediator with being complicit with Sutter's alleged power play to gain control of San Leandro Hospital. The video, shot by representatives from the California Nurses Association, assert Sutter had hoped to settle the dispute by paying $1 for the facility.

A full story to follow shortly.

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  1. Attended Health Care rally at Blue Cross in S.F Tuesday. Ran into people doing Highland ER video project The Waiting Room at www.whatruwaitingfor.com.Officials would have to be crazy to close S.L. Hospital ER and have more people rely on Highland.
    What's the traffic at this blog?Do you have a count?

    Craig Comment Williams