Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sutter Threatened Litigation Against Hospital Suitor

The Citizen 
Sutter Health sent a letter within the past two weeks to both the Eden Township Healthcare District and Prime Healthcare, the Southern California health provider with interest in operating San Leandro Hospital, threatening litigation if the two sides engage in future negotiations.

In an email Friday requesting an interview with the owner of Prime, Dr. Prem Reddy, a spokesman for the hospital chain confirmed the existence of the letter and denied claims they are interfering with the conflict between Sutter and the District.

The interview was denied, according to Jason La Marca of Prime, because of "the pending litigation between Sutter and the District and recent threats by Sutter to sue Prime Healthcare Services based on claims (albeit baseless) that Prime Healthcare Services is taking affirmative efforts to induce the District to breach its contract with Sutter. Although these claims have no merit."

Bill Gleeson, the vice president of communication for Sutter, also confirmed the letter was sent to the District and Prime, but said it "merely reiterates our legal rights as outlined in the agreements signed by the District board members in 2008. These are legally binding agreements between the District and Sutter Health to build the new Eden hospital.

"This agreement also gives Sutter Health the absolute legal right to purchase San Leandro Hospital and precludes the District from negotiating any agreement with another party once we exercise our right to purchase the hospital, which we have done," Gleeson said.

Sources say the letter was in response to comments made by Boardmember Dr. Vin Sawhney to The Citizen Dec. 21 about the possibility of Prime or another health provider operating the hospital after June 30. "The property is in dispute. Without title to the property, [Sutter] really can't close it," Sawhney said after the firing of the District's legal counsel. "The issue would be they can walk away as of July 1, but that does not mean the hospital is closed." Sawhney then made reference to both Sutter and Prime saying, "It is a disputed lease. They can leave the same as someone else can come in."

The faint presence of Prime has hovered over the issue of San Leandro Hospital since June of last year when its charismatic owner addressed residents at the San Leandro Library. Until that point, Sutter and the county had maintained there was no outside interest in operating what they allege is a money-losing operation.

Also in June, Eden Medical Center CEO George Bischalaney, when pressed by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley if Sutter would negotiate with Prime, he reluctantly said they would, but subsequently failed to enter into any serious talks during the months that followed.

The Citizen reported in September representatives from Prime approached Sutter about the possibility of leasing San Leandro Hospital. According to the source, the talks went nowhere. It was also reported two weeks later Sutter  flatly refused to enter into any talks with the county and District to operate the facility as a hybrid of numerous hospital services. Sutter's abhorrence of Prime operating San Leandro Hospital as a new facility in Castro Valley is built has been steady and best described by Alameda County Health Services Director Alex Briscoe when he said, "Sutter would rather fall on their sword than have Prime in San Leandro."

A member of the grassroots Coatlition to Save San Leandro says Sutter is using its financial clout to close the hospital against the wishes of the community. "This highly profitable not-for-profit health care system is spending a lot of money on lawyers and public relations to try to gain their preferred outcome," said Doug Jones.

He also sees conflicts arising if Sutter continues to use litigation against possible health care partners in the district, "It is likely Sutter Health will be in partnership with the Eden Township Healthcare District for the next half century," said Jones. "It is hard to imagine this partnership working at all if Sutter follows suing the District by suing a potential provider of care for the District."
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  1. Keep fighting! Sutter is run by a bunch of right-wing, Mormon thugs who would turn the Bay Area into Utah if given half a chance. Believe me, they don't want to go to court in liberal Alameda County. Call their bluff! Their PR people aren't that sharp either. I know this from experience. I'm just a nobody with a computer and a telephone. I managed to convince the mainstream media to report on the break-up of UCSF and Brown & Toland Medical Group, something that Sutter affiliate California Pacific Medical Center likely engineered (see link). It's a predatory world, my friends. When dealing with a predator like Sutter, it is wise to remember the words often attributed to Nixon aide G. Gordon Liddy: "The secret is not to care."

  2. Lee, thanks for your support.

    Public relations are most neccessary when organizations and individuals want to make unacceptable actions appear acceptable. A basic of the PR toolbox is using carefully chosen words and "facts" to attempt to fool people.

    Sutter PR guy Gleeson says "These are legally binding agreements....to build the new Eden Hospital. This agreement also gives Sutter Health the absolute legal right to purchase San Leandro Hospital....".

    Unfortunately for Sutter, on the Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley website, Sutter PR gal Cassandra Phelps said on May 5th, "The future of San Leandro Hospital is not and should not be tied to the new hospital." So, dueling PR people collide. Somebody's lying, and on these Healthcare District issues, they both are.

    Gleeson continues with his previous quote: "....and precludes the District from negotiating any agreement with another party once we exercise our option to purchase the hospital, which we have done."

    The problem is that we can see from the representations in this story that Sutter actively precluded the District from negotiating an agreement with another party before they exercised their option in late July, nearly two months after Prime Healthcare revealed its offer to the District to maintain full services at San Leandro Hospital.

    George Bischalaney has provided many worthwhile acts of service to Eden Township. His representation to Supervisor Miley and subsequent utter failure to keep his word are actions which lack the good character with which he is often associated.

  3. This looks like smoking gun showing Sutter is actively thwarting anyone else from running our hospital.

  4. Doug Jones another union hack --

  5. Anonymous at 1/10 6:40 am,

    We don't see an attempt to use facts persuasively in your "argument".

    In its best actions, Sutter Health meets both its mission and values statements. These actions in our (perhaps not your) Healthcare District utterly fail to meet their own claimed standards.

    It is particularly troubling to discover that the center of Sutter Health's value statement is "Honesty & Integrity- We act openly and truthfully in everything we do."

    Similarly disappointing in their failure to materialize in the Eden District are Sutter's claims regarding "Community- We work to understand and best serve the diverse needs of our communities" and "Compassion & Caring- We treat those we serve and one another with concern, kindness and respect."

  6. Doug you are bought and paid for by the unions.

    You have no credibility. You no more care about the citizens of our community and the health district than you care about cheese on the moon.

    Shame on you -- you need therapy.