Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Just In...KTVU's Big Scoop on Stark


 "KTVU Channel 2 News has learned the modest house in Rep. Stark's East Bay congressional district that he purportedly lives in is in fact owned and occupied by his in-laws."

Just because channel 2 just found out, doesn't mean the entire East Bay has not known this seemingly irrelevalant fact for many years. Instead, it should have read, "KTVU Channel 2 just learned there is a 30-year congressman in the East Bay and his name is Pete Stark."

Randy, Randy, Randy, you're better than this. (Click here to watch the video from KTVU.)

KTVU's Randy Shandobil has been around a long time, so why does he not know what nearly every East Bay politico knows? Stark has not hidden the fact he uses his in-laws address for residency in the district and he isn't skirting any laws, either.

This just in...KTVU Channel 2 has just learned Stark's birth certificate says  his real name is not even Pete, but Fortney!

What is most absurd about this "special report" earlier this week is the veteran TV reporter knocking on neighbor's door in San Lorenzo. Really? Shandobil showed two young adults a photo of Stark while asking if they had ever seen the man in the picture. Of course, they said no. The stunt does more to show the apathy of young voters than it made the point Stark doesn't visit his in-laws enough. Shame on you, Pete. Send a gift basket to your mother-in-law once in awhile.

This just in...KTVU Channel 2 has just learned that 80-year-old Rep. Pete Stark has living in-laws who he never visits.

Shandobil even trots out the irascible former congressman John Burton to add perspective to the story. Burton says it's especially hard for West coast politicians traveling cross country. He should know, since he trekked across the land by covered wagon for so many years.

This just in...KTVU Channel 2 has just learned John Burton is still alive, but did not participate in the Trail of Tears, but may enjoy gambling at Indian casinos near Sacramento.

Then, to bolster what may already be the worst piece of journalism this year (and it's only January), Shandobil gives free advertising to a possibile Republican challenger for his seat or, as he is known, the next guy to win 25 percent of the vote against the mighty Fortney. Luis Garcia says Stark should live in the district he represents. Maybe he should, but voters who overwhelming send Stark back to Washington every two years, don't seem to mind.

This just in...KTVU Channel 2 has just learned congressmen are elected every two years and you just learned channel 2 is clueless.
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  1. Hilarious! Sadly I wouldn't know what Pete Stark looks like either. Maybe he lives next door to me?

  2. Who knows what might happen with he Supreme Courts decision on free speech, but the odds of a Republican winning in a deeply Democratic District are slim to none. Numerous Democrats are available if he decides to retire including his son and wife. Talented State Senate and Assembly members could also run serious campaigns not to mention Klehs.And of course I do better door to door work than anyone, have more charisma and know the issues better than any of the above.
    Stark is always in the area for town hall meetings, which is the real mark of residency especially for an 80 year old who has to travel cross country.
    Working for Fox , the Republican network, the party line might be to trash the Democrats with this new Supreme Court ruling to destroy democracy.

    Craig Williams

  3. As referenced in Craig's comment, this week's perversely named "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision is extremely destructive to democracy. As KTVU's political reporter, Shandobil would have served his viewers better if he had covered the implications of this exquisitely political judgement instead of chasing San Lorenzans around.

    Know this: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts hates you and loves corporate executives, financial institution leaders, health care insurance CEO's, and the rest of the oligarchy.