Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dowling Aims to Make it a Two-Person Race for Supevisor

Hayward City Councilman Kevin Dowling is attempting an interesting political maneuver in his bid to replace Gail Steele in the Alameda County Board of Supervisor's other contested race.

In a press release sent this afternoon with the headline, "Only Two Viable Candidates in Race for Alameda County Supervisor District 2: Dowling and Lockyer," the long-time councilman is trying to make it a two-person race for supervisor, while portraying his opponent, Nadia Lockyer--the wife of State Treasurer Bill Lockyer--as an outsider.

The statement put out by Dowling highlights a strategy to get the candidate to a November runoff against the likely favorite, Lockyer. Although, it uses an unorthodox tactic of focusing on both her strengths and weaknesses, namely her $100,000 money advantage over Dowling as a trade-off for illustrating what he says is a mere 1 percent of her campaign donations coming from District 2 donors.

According to the statement, Dowling touts 76 percent of the $61,000 he raised in the last half of 2009 coming from the district which covers Hayward, Union City, Newark, parts of Fremont and Sunol.

Campaign finance reports filed at the beginning of the month showed the two other challengers for the seat, former state Sen. Liz Figueroa and Union City Mayor Mark Green, trailing well behind in fundraising dollars. 

The ability to raise larger than normal sums of money is magnified in this particular race because of Bill Lockyer's prodigous fundraising ability and power within the Democratic Party. Any advantage Dowling or others gain from here to June or, if necessary, November have the possibility of being negated by his contacts 
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  1. Councilman Dowling is a good guy...he's served the people of Hayward well and will make a fine Supervisor; I say this as both a Commissioner on the Hayward Citizen's Advisory Commission, Commissioner on the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission (appointed by Supervisor Steele) and a Hayward resident.

    I admire Mr. Dowling for taking on who he considers an "outsider" but so many will consider 'one of our own.'

    Good luck, Kevin!

  2. I estimate that a paid door to door operation in a Supervisor's district would cost about $20,000. Granted the cadidates get highly excited when they know their mailer all arrive at the same time, a door to door effort takes the wind out of a campaign finance advantage, that is of course if the well financed candidate also uses the grassroots tool. Gerber and Greene at Yale detail the advantages of canvassing , and how the advantages are almost laughable but its hard to to teach an old dog new tricks especially a localist dog.I wonder if either of them will take a stand on San Leandro Hospital issue in the campaign or will they be as cold as the current Supervisor Gail Steele?


  3. Kevin Dowling is a poor public servant who is only interested in furthering his career. Admittedly, that describes all politicians but at least most of them are competent enough to throw some actual public service into the mix from time to time.

    And of course, he's a flip-flopper.

    Dowling, of course, is most famous in Hayward for being for medical marijuana from 2003 - 2007, he was a very ardent supporter of the city following state laws, the city providing compassion, and ensuring that a regulated environment for dispensing medication was approved.

    Somewhere between 2007 and now, Kevin decided that saying "screw you" to the sick and dying of Hayward and the East Bay was politically advantageous for his prospects in the 2010 election for Alameda County Supervisor.

    At Hayward City Council meetings, Dowling regularly derides safe access and accuses terminally ill patients of faking their cancers and other maladies for the purposes of obtaining pot. He's yet to explain how or where he obtained his medical degree.

    So, maybe you don't care about medical marijuana. But I bet the public hospitals and healthcare in Alameda County matters a lot to you. Do you really want someone who is so ignorant and uninformed on issues of healthcare to be in a position to decide who gets funded, who's deserving of it?

    I don't. That's why I'll be voting with all reasonable people to end Kevin's self-serving political career and put Nadia into office.