Monday, March 29, 2010

Sutter Says Hospital is Safe...for this Week

The CEO of Eden Medical Center issued a memo to employees at San Leandro Hospital last Friday announcing, in effect, there will be no announcement about its future this week. But maybe next week? Here's the memo:
TO: San Leandro Hospital Employees
FROM: George Bischalaney, President/CEO Eden Medical Center, Ronnie Bayduza, Administrator San Leandro Hospital
DATE: March 26, 2010
RE: San Leandro Hospital

We are aware of a number of rumors regarding the future of San Leandro Hospital, specifically about pending deadlines related to the hospital's future. We want to assure you that no announcement will be made next week.

Thank you for your patience, and for all you have done and continue to do during this uncertain period.
The presence of "rumors" is more than just whispers in the nurse's lounge. According an arbitrator's judgment earlier this month, the Eden Township Healthcare District must relinquish ownership of the hospital no later than this Wednesday, Mar. 31. It is unlikely, with the District's current lawsuit against Sutter, this will occur. What happens when the clock strikes midnight April 1 is unknown. According to Bischalaney's memo, nothing--yet.

The memorandum of understanding states Sutter must notify the District and the community of its intention to close the hospital 90 days in advance. Doing so, as close to the beginning of April, would lead the countdown to the hospitals closing to around July 1, which is also the end of Sutter's one-year window to purchase the facility.

In the event Sutter announces it's pulling the plug, what would the District do next? They could do nothing and stay on their current course. Sutter would likely sue for the deed to the hospital, and the District would use the courts to nullify Sutter's intent to close San Leandro Hospital. The District's current lawsuit against Sutter alleging 2007 agreement was signed with numerous conflicts of interest is also instructive. The Mar. 10 suit includes references to seeking an injunction to help the hospital stave off closure, at least, in the short-term, if Sutter announced its intention to close the emergency room.

Either way, the ball won't resume rolling until Sutter moves San Leandro Hospital to the critical list as early as next week.
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  1. Politics are disgusting aren't they?

  2. Yes, indeed they are. So are corporations in our politics.