Thursday, April 29, 2010

BayTrail Bridge Named After Lockyer

In 1987, Bill Lockyer, then a state senator from San Leandro, envisioned a 500-mile bike trail ringing the Bay Area. Two years later the plan was approved. As the popular trail nears the 300-mile mark, local politicians are looking to honor Lockyer for his contribution to preserve the regions scenic landscape.

A segment of the BayTrail in the form of a bridge overlooking a slough between San Leandro and the Oakland Airport will be named after State Treasurer Lockyer in a dedication ceremony May 7, 11:30 a.m.

One of the local leaders who pushed for the long-rumored naming of the bridge for Lockyer has been San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, who lobbied for it during separate city council meeting earlier this year. Santos said the honor was first suggested to him by former Assemblyman Johan Klehs.There is currently no marker along the trail commemorating its primary author.

"Lockyer, in the opinion of everyone--including myself--is responsible for the BayTrail," said Santos. "He's worked on the idea for over 20 years and should be recognized for his work."

Lockyer, who is up for re-election this year and likely to win a second term, is arguably the most prominent politician in San Leandro history. He started his career on the San Leandro school board before moving on to the assembly, state senate before becoming state attorney general and treasurer.
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  1. Nicholas E. TerryApril 30, 2010 at 3:13 PM

    Nice timing...Mrs. Lockyer will gather a few votes from it. Probably.

    Tell me again, why isn't he running for Governor?

  2. Great naming things after morons. Haven't we polluted the Bay with Maltester's name. Now we have to name things after his hacks?

  3. Lockyers probably accomplished more in his life than you Alfred and he also has a beautiful young wife, so who's the moron?

  4. Just so you know, Bill Lockyer was the first local politician to beat the Maltester machine's candidate. To top that off, in the 70's he beat Maltester himself in a State Assembly race. I wish Bill was running for Governor, but the early polls had him too far behind.--Jim

  5. Yes, Bill Lockyer sponsored Senate Bill No. 100 that created the vision for a Trail to ring the Bay. However, a bill by Senator Liz Figueroa allocated $7.5M to actually build the Trail. Liz has been honored for her contributions to the Bay Trail and will continue to be honored in the future. She is an asset to Alameda County.

    Julia Miller
    San Francisco Bay Trail Board Member

  6. Oh yeah, Bill Lockyer has accomplished so damn muich in his life...screwing California! High Taxes, Stifling Regulations, Relaxed laws against criminals. He's a Piece of Crap. There's a special place in hell for bastards like him.
    And Prola is such a government hack himself, he doesn't even know that that Lockyer was Maltester's hack. Maltester had a way of playing both ends of the candle from the middle to avoid getting burned.
    Oh yeah, Lockyer has a beautiful young wife. That's spelled GOLD-DIGGER! Do you think she actually married him for his? Let's see BIG GUT? BALD HEAD? LISP? MONEY? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She's digging for power.

  7. Thank GOD that fat dough boy isn't running for Governor. He's done too much damage to this state as it is. He and that little weasel Willie Brown.

  8. I hope the seagulls find it and use it to dump their merde.

  9. Nicholas E. TerryMay 3, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    I think the key words being "bike trail."

    Does anyone not see the humor in Lockyer & a "bike trail?"

    Gotta' have a laugh once and a while.