Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pleasanton Tea Party Slideshow

A report tonight from KTVU's Randy Shandobil says Pleasanton Tea Party organizers did not allow signs critical towards President Obama. As you can see on this slideshow, two photos feature the president. Numerous signs, although typically less intrusive, carried the phrase, "Obama is a Socialist.


I think Randy Shandobil said they didn't allow signs that portrayed Obama as the Nazi he is. But this slide show is very refreshing in that it accurately portrays the Tea Party Event as; organized, civil, intelligent and very mainstream. It brings joy to my heart.

Very offensive statement. Nazi's were evil and killed millions upon millions of innocent people, including some of our relatives and my dad was injured in WW2. They also destroyed huge swaths and entire towns in Europe. It is just incredibly un-Christian, un-American and morally wrong to compare our President to them, whether you like him politically or not. Shame on you.

Oh, but it was fine for the illegal immigrant lobby to compare Arnold Schwarzennegger and Congressman Sensenbrenner to Nazi's??? To make up pictures of them in Nazi uniforms and parade them in Illegal Alien Rallys??? Incredibly hypocritical there.

Not that I 100% endorse the tea party movement, I think the left is jealous that they were beat to the punch, but it is nice to see citizens having some decorum and maturity in their protest. We're so use to union thugs and leftists calling the right a bunch of tea bagging racists and calling President Bush a Nazi and comparing him to Hitler...nice to see that SOME people have class; calling a President a socialist isn't off color when he acts like one. Compare these signs to the hate filled banners that the left always make...HUGE difference. These people actually have a legit point.

Agreed. These Tea Party particpants are the bedrock of society. I'm glad there is some civility. Not like the savages at International ANSWER, ACORN, CODE PINK et. al.

Dont forget the kind and gentle folks at SEIU ;)

SEIU is the Union of morons. A bunch of mishaped oompa loompas.

Compare these decent, hard working intelligent people to the trash out in Phoenix protesting that bill in regards to illegal aliens and it's obvious that the threat to a civil society is not from Tea Party Events.

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