Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Corbett's Hospital Bill Moves to Health Committee


SAN LEANDROState Sen. Ellen Corbett is again using the power of the Legislature like the Sword of Damocles over the head of Sutter Health as employees of San Leandro Hospital and the community await word of its possible closure.

The bill, SB 1240, aims to protect the market value of a healthcare district's assets and require them to remain within the district. Specifically, the legislation which was referred today to the Senate Health Committee, is a response to critics who say Sutter has devalued the purchase price of San Leandro Hospital to virtually nothing through accounting tricks and and credits from improvements to its infrastructure. The bill would also make it law for operators to undergo an annual fiscal audit, a procedure local pols including Corbett and the Eden Township Healthcare District have unsuccessfully called for Sutter to perform.

“Health care districts are formed when citizens take the extraordinary step to assess themselves in order to create a community hospital,” Corbett said today in a statement from her office. “I have seen first hand how hard a community will fight to save its hospital and how difficult that fight can be.”

The last time Corbett put forth legislation pertaining to San Leandro Hospital was last summer when her bill was torpedoed by fellow lawmaker Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, who abstained from making the decisive vote to carry the bill out of committee. Hayashi was a co-author of the bill and infamously fought a very public war of press releases criticizing each other. SB 196 dealt with lengthening the time frame hospital providers must give healthcare districts of their intention to close an emergency room from 90 to 120 days.

At the time, Hayashi said the bill did nothing to avert the closure of the emergency room at San Leandro Hospital. In a press release from July 1, 2009, she said legislation, likely to become law as late as January 2010, would be "months after Sutter Health Network plans to shut the emergency room down."

In hindsight, the closing of the emergency room at San Leandro Hospital has steadily rested on the critical list, unchanged for much of the nine months. With the possibility Sutter could announce the closing of San Leandro Hospital as early as next week, time is again of the essence.

In other hospital news, the District will hold a special meeting Monday, April 12 Tuesday, April 13, 5:30 p.m. at the HARD District Office in Hayward. The negotiating team of Dr. Harry Dvorsky, Dr. Vin Sawhney and Dr. Rajendra Rantesar will meet in closed session. There has been no indication Sutter will make any announcement this week on the fate of the hospital, although rumors are swirling the decision could be made as early as next week. Any announcement by Sutter would likely give the District notice of their intention to close San Leandro Hospital after 90 days.
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  1. Oh big deal. Just go over the hill to Eden. It's not that far. All my kids were born there. This whole scenario is just grandstanding by the same tired politicians who need a "cause" t keep their names in the papers.

  2. You won't get your name in the paper because you're anonymous or a no name.


  3. John Kalafatich " Papa John "April 8, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    Hey Mr anonymous, what happens when you go over the hill and find out that the hospital where all your kids were hatched is full and you dont have a bed to take your sorry rear end. Do you realize that the new hospital they are building is going to be smaller than the existing one and that now with this new hospital bill passing there will be many more patients looking for a bed when they are sick and there is only one hospital available, as for the tired politicians, they could be saving your sorry rear end by helping to keep san leandro hospital open, I dont know who Craig is but besides being man enough to post his name he evidently knows the value of having a hospital closer than going over the hill, I know I appreciated having an ER here in San Leandro when I had my heart attack, so Mr anonymous lets hope you never need an ER and have to go over the hill.

  4. I think I am tired of the subject. I hope they save it, but if not the sky will probably not fall.

  5. Oh Papa, I'm sure you're were all in favor of the witch-doctor ObamaCare. The only reason the ER's are full is because of ignorant illegals using it for their indigestion and running noses. It's called an "emergency room" not a walk-in clinic.

    Big deal Papa, Eden is a hop skip and a jump away, less than 4 miles. Get the leeches and freeloaders out of the system.

  6. John Kalafatich " Papa John "April 9, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    Again with anonymous ( spineless ). well to start with, never did say I was in favor of Obamacare, it just so happens it got voted in I had nothing to do with it.But now lets talk about the ignorant illegals, do you think they had anything to do with them being born in Mexico or some other country, but for the grace of God you could have been born there, and because they were born somewhere else I guess in your book means they should suffer medically,I see all kinds of people come into the hospital that have no insurance not just illegals, but I guess in your book they are OK well I will admit it does cost us having to give medical treatment to these unfortunate people. I am against having illegals here in this country but you cant punish them by holding back on medical care, their being here illegally is a separate issue. So Mr anonymous what are you afraid of if you gave your name one of these ignorant illegals would find you and teach you some humanity. I dont know how often you visit our ER to come up with your assinine statements, I usually go through there once a night while I am working.So I know of what I am saying and you just use your prejudice little mind to make your accusations. So until next time you go and crawl under your rock and dig up some more hate and false statements.

  7. I've been in the San Leandro Hospital ER at midnight and there was me and another guy who was there because he had a cough! Yes a cough. Big deal. That is the problem, people are using the Emergency Room for their "free" clinic. And yes I fault these illegals for their situation because they up here and expect a free ride and refuse to learn English. Yet boast about how "great" they are. Delusional.

    Oh and you seem to resort to violence at the drop of a hat.

  8. The claim that local Emergency Rooms are at strained capacities because undocumented immigrants are using them for primary care is not borne out by the facts.

    The Eden Township Healthcare District Board recieved a report in 2005. Among the facts noted was the % of people in the District who were Hispanic/Latin, the % of Hospital employees who were Hispanic/Latin, and the % of Hospital patients who were Hispanic/Latin. The results:

    Public: 22%
    Employees: 14%
    Patients: less than 8%

    While the majority of Hispanic/Latins are documented citizens, most of the undocumented in the District are likely to be Hispanic/Latin.

    ER services are far from "free"; they're quite expensive. There are some ER patients who are unable to provide cost-meeting reimbursement levels, but that isn't a guarantee for anybody, or true for most. That could be part of the reason that, in reality, undocumenteds appear to actually underutilize ER's in the District.

  9. So what's your point?