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Santos Loses Support of Former Police Chiefs

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To the dismay of San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, two former police chiefs hosted a fundraiser Tuesday for his opponent Vice Mayor Joyce Starosciak. (For full disclosure, the owner of the local business hosting the event is a relative.) The loss of support from Bob Maginnis and Joe Kitchen reveals a chink in the mayor's armor. Former police department heads should have been a gimme for Santos and a coup for Starosciak, but the chief who replaced Kitchens and preceded the current boss, Ian Willis, is about as radioactive as they come. The disgraced Dale Attarian is the endorsement nobody wants and few know why. Through deft public relations and a totally silent local media, Attarian left the department last year under the cloud of a tumultuous sexual harassment scandal that has already cost the city over $400,000 and likely more when the case's main complaints are settled with the last of seven female police officers. The complaints allege the department under Attarian fostered an anti-female bias and failed to promote any women to the rank of sergeant. Court documents allege, among other things, Attarian said women were not cut out to be police officers and looked the other way as other male officers ostracized the seven women within an atmosphere of sexual innuendo and pornographic materials in plain view. The allegations are so outrageous that it begs the question why a female candidate for mayor would even welcome the endorsement of law enforcement.


SILENCE OF THE CANDIDATES The scene was a bit uncomfortable last month after the San Leandro city council chambers emptied with only Santos, Starosciak and Councilman Jim Prola chatting with a few community members at the upraised dais. Santos had been perturbed by comments made by Starosciak during the meeting when she briefly noted her support of the police and fire departments. The comments were made without any context to previous agenda item, but clearly alluded to controversial budget cuts on the table regarding both public safety institutions. "Doesn't she know people talk? People tell me everything she says around town," the mayor clearly said as to allow Starosciak to hear him. The passive aggressive tone of the scene is indicative of the slow brewing rivalry between the two city leaders. They reportedly do not speak much and Santos has made no secret he was peeved when Starosciak announced her candidacy saying it would interfere with city business and harmony within the council. The recent circus surrounding RCV has its roots in the simmering turf war. Starosciak supporter Councilwoman Diana Souza inexplicably halted the passage of the RCV ordinance against the wishes of the mayor and a past majority of the council. The next major proxy battle on the council between Santos and Starosciak may take place next month when a new vice mayor could be appointed.


FORGET RCV, LET ANYONE RUN One of the main talking points in favor of RCV is that it lowers the need for candidates to run for office without spending an arm and a leg. RCV ensures only one election rather than the possibility of two with the runoff system, but there's another way--allow voters to elect councilmembers city-wide without the need of living within the district. Within, the past month, six potential candidates for the council, have been thwarted in running this year because they later learned they do not reside in either Souza's District 3 or Councilman Michael Gregory's District 1. Souza does not have a challenger, while David Anderson recently announced he was running against Gregory. San Leandro currently elects councilmembers by district but with the votes of the entire city. If the entire city votes, why not open each district to challengers from throughout the city?


WON'T BACK DOWN Hayward Councilwoman Anna May is many things. She is one of the few conservative-leaning public servants in the area and one of the more refreshingly assertive councilmembers in the either Hayward or San Leandro. May is leaving the council chambers in June to pursue a seat on the city's school board, which may account for her unwavering stand last week against funding non-profit organizations who reside outside of Hayward. The council was presented with a preliminary list of 25 organizations vying for $400,000 in community development block grants (CDBG). Six of the 25 non-profits did not reside in Hayward, nor did they maintain a delivery system in the city, which irked May. "I cannot support exporting dollars outside the city limits," said May, who said she acquiesced towards softening her stance last year, but would not budge this time around maintaining operations outside of the city do not pay taxes and fees to the city. CDBG dollars come from the city's general fund. "The question is whether they are helping people in Hayward," Councilman Bill Quirk shot back before asking May, "Maybe we can change your mind?" to which May smiled wryly and defiantly shook her head no.


HAVING NO MONEY IS LIKE...BEING POOR Plucking an apt analogy out of thin air is quite difficult, but there was no excuse for San Leandro Councilman Bill Stephens being flummoxed Monday night while searching for one regarding these difficult economic times. When presented with the ineviable budget choices facing the city and potential cash flow problems in the near future, Stephens, with a background in finance, understood the fiduciary aspect of the city's dilemma. "You have to make payroll," said Stephens. "You have to pay your bills." He then paused and said, "I'm trying to think of an analogy of where you're living day-to-day, in this case, you're livng month-to-month." Uhhh....look at the lady at the bus stop across the street on East 14th. How about an analogy relating to the millions of Americans out-of-work, poor and sick struggling everyday to keep it all together. There's nothing like watching a conservative blindly miss the wide-spread plight of others.-S.T.

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District 1 has always been controlled by the more affluent side of the district who care only about voters East of Bancroft. Remember how Michael Faggory helped out a neighbor whose view was blocked by passing a city ordinance that mandated fence height on private property--yet had no problem approving buildings on Hayes and the monstrosity low-income housing projects that will block the respective views of multiple condo owners? I do.

The city should have a public information campaign that the elections are no longer rigged by Jack Maltester; and smart, competent people who are *not* corrupt are now encouraged to apply for their district. The district map should be on the city web site. It's a mystery to most people.

But sadly, San Leandro has been mismanaged for so long by corrupt, incompetent leadership; that for most people running for council is too much of a time and effort committment, when it's easier to just leave town. And at this point, just about any surrounding town is way better than San Leandro--even the Oakland.

Mr Homophobe,

Since you are a chicken shit and posting anonymously I don't know how else to address you.
From the city website here is what you ask for


Also how did Maltester rig things? He didn't back my father in 1984 when he won his first city election, he didn't back my father 4 years ago when he won his first Mayoral election.

If thats rigging elections somehow doesn't seem he was very good at it.

If you want to denigrate someone why not have the stones to put your name to it?

Mike Santos

As a Commissioner on the Advisory Commission, on our recent work session, I voted against all applications outside of the city limits. Councilwoman May has a great point, in these economic times, the city can't afford to aide non-Hayward organizations, regardless if some Hayward residents use them. The focus MUST remain on Hayward residents and Hayward organizations. I understand Councilman Quirk's progressive take on the matter, but now is not the time to fund anything outside of Hayward. Ms. May's strong fiscal attitude is welcomed on the HUSD.

It's not surprising the police act they way they do. I just don't think it all started with Attarian. That kind of culture just didn't start out of nowhere. Wasn't he just there a couple of years.

Oh come on, Tony Santos has been Jack Maltester's honey boy for decades. Poor Orval Badger was this window dressing Maltester propped up so as to avoid the "racist" label. Everyone in town knew that poor old Orval was just some likable puppet of Maltester and Dale Reed when in actuality Santos was the annointed one. Just another bait and switch election perpetrated upon the gullible.

to Mike Santos: Is it a full-time job defending your father's "good" name on these message boards? It seems that I'm not the only one pointing out his many many shortcomings.

Mr Anonymous why don't you have the stones to use your name.

I don't need to defend my father, he has never lost an election so he seems to have enough support on his own.

I do not like to see racist, homophobic and just pain mean comments hidden behind "anonymous"

I am proud to have been raised in San Leandro and proud to be a product of its public schools and it bothers me when people use anonymity to perpetuate hate and small mindedness that many people wrongly associate with San Leandro.

I may disagree with a guy like Frank Lynn but at least he puts his name on the garbage he spews

You may not appreciate my father's 36 years of service to the city of San Leandro but at least he has never hidden his thoughts, even when he maybe should.

And that makes him a better person than you.

You go Mike, I appreciate your honesty and support of your hometown city and your dad. I may not agree with you or your father on the direction in which our city is headed, but I would never accuse you or the Mayor of not caring. I also deplore the thinly veiled hate of the 1st annonymous poster. I am one of the "affluent" side of Bancroft people (also a "G" word "family" member) he/she speaks of so kindly behind his/her veil of annonymity and I suppose my name could be converted so "creatively" as well.

Another call for some moderation of comments. The initial comment on this thread is out of line for reasonable discourse. Will Mr. Tavares take some responsibility for the tone of the comments, or disallow the scourge of anonymous homophobic rhetoric.

Does Mike Santos still reside in San Leandro? Does he send/sends his kids to the San Leandro School District? Why or why not? If he's so proud of what his Dad and all the rest of the Maltester cronies have done, does he still live here?????

Manuel way to turn the attention away from the homophope.

Nope I live in Alameda, better public schools.

My kid graduated from my dad's alma mater Alameda High, one of Newsweek's top 100 schools in the US

Nothing my dad can do about the school district.

Looking to move back now that my kid is in college.

It's interesting that the mayor's son moved out of San Leandro for better public schools; Joyce Starosiack and Michael Gregory both put their children in private schools, the city manager is on Youtube saying the Bayfair Mall movie theater is too ghetto for his children to attend--and the chief of police doesn't even reside in San Leandro.

If San Leandro "leaders" don't believe in its institutions and business; how can they expect anyone in town to be?

Also, Mike Santos, like Tony, doesn't see the connection between the town's success and the success of its public schools--taking the "that's not my responsibility" approach. And that has a lot to do with why San Leandro public schools are in the shape they're in.

San Leandro Public Schools are directly affected by the Mayor and City Council. They are the ones bringing in all the low-income Section 8 people. The loafers and slackers, who pass their laziness unto their seedlings and thus bring down the quality of the Public Schools, increase taxes, increase crime.

So now that we know that Mike is just as big a babooze as his Papa, his comments are muted on this board. If you don't have a horse in the race stay home.

San Leandro is just a cash cow for these City Bureaucrats and Employees so that can milk the system for as much money as possible while living in other more "safe and desirable" towns away from all the filth they've created.

Some claim that San Leandro's effort to meet Federal demands for affordable housing development brings in "loafers and slackers, who pass their laziness unto their seedlings". These views represent the worst of San Leandro; they are attached to an elitism that is sickening.

These views are implicitly, and often explicitly, racist; it is depressing to see someone naming themselves "Manuel" state these views. These views presume that those who would seek more affordable housing are poor, and that their poverty is attached to sloth and other undesirable traits. Look around you; many people who have worked hard their entire lives, or are young and prepared to do so, are out of work and desperately seeking employment.

Others are retired, and are seeing their retirement income dissolve under a multi-pronged attack on all levels of retiree's financial security, from attempts to privatize social security to doing away with secure pensions which retirees deferred income for their entire career to gain. The cherry on this sundae is the wish by the powerful and wealthy to maintain permanent boom-and-bust business and housing markets, which even makes private investment extremely undependable for your average person, retired or not.

Under these conditions, why the hatred for affordable housing? The need for this housing market extends well into our society; it includes people "Manuel" would consider responsible and decent.

The free market will determine the affordability of homes. NOT THE GOVERNMENT! Here we have the same "blame businesses, blame banks, blame everyone but our selves" crap that is spewed by the Left. A free market is a better determiner of housing affordability that government ever will be able to determine. Leave that Leftist crap to the Pete Stark Fan Club.

The unregulated free market just failed us! The market created a bubble which exploded, causing disastrous results which stretch on. We're going to see up to 3 million foreclosures this year, even with an improving economy. The free market did not properly determine the value of housing in the years before the bubble burst, it simply didn't.

I'll bet Doug Jones is a white liberal who calls anyone with whom he disagrees a racist. And unfortunately, in white-guilt San Leandro; "you're racist"= I win the argument.

Interestingly enough, about half of the people who were against the low-income housing project in San Leandro were working people living in modest condos and apartments in the surrounding area--most of whom were "people of color."

Most of the supporters were out-of-towners with a financial stake in the poverty pimp game, or white do-gooder liberals living in the more affluent areas of San Leandro (Broadmoor & Estudillo).

And what Doug Jones doesn't get is that it's a requirment to be poor, in fact, "very poor" to qualify for this housing. It's not like the low-income housing in SF that allows Chris Daly to maintain an apartment there while living in Fairfield.

There's nothing wrong with being poor, but the fact is San Leandro imports poverty while chasing out college-educated professionals with disastrous results with public schools, crime, and property values.

Hey, San Leandro needs to bring in all those low-income people. It pads the ballot boxes for Tony Santos, Ellen Corbett, Pete Stark and all the rest. The ignornant are reliable voters. The guys up in Estudillo and Broadmoor only live there for a couple years then high tail it to Lafayette and Walnut Creek when they have the chance.

The only ones supporting the ghetto housing were out of towners.

What a laughable argument that the free market failed the housing market. When there's government subsidized anything it scews the market. The facts are simple, if you can't afford to live somewhere; THEN MOVE!

Poverty is attached to sloth and laziness. Quit blaming others for people's unwillingness to get out and work.

It seems you're the elitist here babooze. Why do you insult my parents for naming me Manuel? Do you assume everyone named Manuel should hold your view of the world? A view in which everyone is too stupid and lazy to think for themselves so they need you to guide them in the correct way to think?

These days, people who worked hard all their lives, people who the anonymous commenter would likely consider respectable, many of them college-educated professionals, have become very poor rather quickly due to collapsing home prices and jobs lost due to no fault of their own. It's difficult to be of a lower income than when you're unemployed, can't afford your mortgage or rent and have liquidated your assets.

The presumption that this policy will increase the percentage of people with ill character and education doesn't seem based on fact, particularly since affordable housing developments are required in Oakland, Hayward and all other surrounding cities; the region has a level playing field with the need to execute these policies.

The fact that California is at the bottom of the United States when it comes to per-pupil education funding is a truer explanation for the reduction in the performance of our state's schools over the last decade.

Finally, people of poor character exist everywhere in the world, in all financial classes and education levels.

The biggest problem is dealing with the theft from the business community . Whether its bribing politicians or expanding climate change or profiting from war or predatory policies against the poor,it's all morally wrong. We are paying for our weakness to stand up to them.Our system is designed to rip off the poor and working people any way they can. It's immoral and called marketing.
Also,all those cars traveling from Oakland to shop in San Leandro is an example of San Leandro living off the sales tax of people who are generally poorer than San Leandro people. If your opposed to what you call "low income housing,"how about opposing "low income shopping" in San Leandro. Tell the merchants that they don't need Oakland shoppers because they're low income. Bring it up to the Chamber of Commerce and see if they'll support a ban on "low income shoppers."
Also people in China now have the manufacturing jobs partly because they have much more affordable housing. They don't of course live in 5000 sq. ft. homes but they have the manufacturing jobs.
This country has been producing more and more poor people. We have the most inequality in the developed world. That's bad for the economy and morally wrong.



Mayor Santos is already working on a ban on San Leandro shoppers--at all income levels. It's called the 10 percent sales tax proposal--so he can buy votes with the hard earned tax dollars of San Leandreans.

I am all for banning the crap that comes in from East Oakland and trashes our stores, robs our homes and litters our streets, etc. Sorry its not racism, its realism. I would invite and welcome warmly every non-ghetto black to join us here. The lifestyles and values within the ghetto subculture will destroy any community, get real. Its a sad reality of our society and pretending it isn't is just sticking your head in the sand.

If you haven't noticed. Since most of the liberals are transplants from other areas of the country but Oakland has been a slum since around 1960.

Here we go again. Blaming businesses, blaming every thing for the plight of the ghetto, but not the people who live there and the politicians they elect. More Leftist bleeding heart. How do these Leftist still make it out here? The police are no longer allowed to throw bums on a one way ticket to Oakland on the passenger trains like they did in the old days. bahahahahhaha

The public schools are bad because San Leandro has not attracted the demographics that supports or cares about its schools, unlike Alameda. The city seems to be a wanabe Oakland, just don't get it. And regarding the theaters at Bayfair, I won't go to them, who wants to attempt to watch a movie with loud, rude people with no respect for anyone carrying on thru the entire movie and are not civil enough to even attempt to try to confront. I call BS on the Progressive's racism comments, its the poor behavior and lack of respect that most of us can not stand, not the race.

"There's nothing wrong with being poor, but the fact is San Leandro imports poverty while chasing out college-educated professionals with disastrous results in its public schools, crime, and property values."

Thank you for posting what really captures what is wrong with this city and its current path. I would only add that we need to keep a strong blue collar family base and add a young "creative" class too.

Define "strong blue collar base"? It seems that "blue collar base" has been turned into the welfare class and not those who work in the trades, truck drivers, etc.

Blue collar is working class,construction, manufacturing,trades, auto mechanic, etc. Welfare class is not blue collar,its non-working. Working class may have been a better description?

We have those people in San Leandro and even they are fed up and moving away, while the City is actively bringing in welfare class sloths.

And by the way, it's the left's love of illegal immigration that has resulted in the destruction of blue-collar families, as illegal immigrants from Mexico and further south have driven down wages in construction, truck driving and manufacturing.

And in San Leandro, anti-business poliicies such as the STINKS shuttle tax have chased out Betts Spring company and other manufacturing business. Most of the left-wing "thought leadership" from San Leandro are overpaid gub'mint/academia/non-profit bureaucrats who only know about manual labor from reading about it in college.

You made good points above, however, before you start praising Betts Springs, you should know some of the background on that weasel. When the City of San Leandro imposed the Utility Users Tax, businesses only had to pay the first $20,000 in the tax then the rest was refunded to the company. Betts was very happy with this "kickback" arrangement. And that bastard was all in favor of being the City of San Leandro's talking point in advocating higher taxes and regulations. When the City of San Leandro quit the "kickback" and demanded that businesses pay the entire amount, that's when that weasel moved out of town. He was no friend to San Leandro, good bye and good riddance for his kind. I'm in favor of the elimination of the Utility Users Tax. It drives out businesses and serves as a deterent for high tech companies who may wish to locate here.

Over 99 percent of transactions between people from Oakland and San Leandro merchants are respectful and beneficial to San Leandro's tax base, business success and employment. Millions of dollars over the years have come into the city from Oakland shoppers.It's morally wrong to attack poor people and people from Oakland , plus you're biting the hand that feeds you.
The conservative theory that we can cut and run to China to make everything and still have full employment is not proving correct in practice. At this point you can't revise the theory because the "cat is out of the bag."Unemployment will continue to rise more people will need welfare or we could maybe have a much bigger war.But the conservative "cut and run" theory ain't creating jobs for Americans.IT'S ALSO MORALLY WRONG to reduce employment opportunities and then condemn the victims.


PS When we were more of an industrial country, people really worked hard.Now many more people are in the service sector.A much higher percentage of Afro Americans , than any other ethnic group worked in manufacturing. So when conservative led companies 'cut and ran' to China they betrayed America but it also had a devastating effect on Afro Americans and Afro American communities.Conservatives may prefer to be a poorer country in order to be more racist , but most people don't buy that thinking.


The ones who are "morally wrong" to reduce employment opportunities are the liberals who tax and regulate business into oblivion then cry that there are "no jobs". Oakland has been a slum since 1960, quit blaming others for their mess. Same with Detroit. Put the blame where it belongs; the man in the mirror. Once again you use some obscure analogy; "Conservatives may prefer to be a poorer country in order to be more racist"???? What are you smoking? Or injecting into your veins?

Victims,lol. The East Oakland "pants on the ground crowd" are too good to work in services, bless there lazy selves. Oh thats right they are descended from Kings and Queens and too good for the starter jobs immigrants gladly do. They are not to proud or too good to make babies out of wedlock, kill each other and rob and steal from innocent people and the elderly. Victims, that is getting real old and its time to retire that one. Move to East Oakland and live with the ghetto crowd, please and enjoy.

Exactly Fernando. Time people start taking responsbility for themselves and quit using scapegoats.

Interesting comments folks. I enjoyed the give and take; democracy in action. To clear the record, Mayor Maltester never backed me in any election I ran in town. He opposed me in 1984, 2000 and 2006. He had no choice in supporting me in 2004 due to the weak opposition. I always guessed he was jealous of my success, but Jack is no longer here to defend himself. He was successful in keeping dollars out of my 2006 race. I had to scrap to get any type of money together; in fact, I had to put up over $20,000 to finish the campaign. ON jobs, with Kaiser, Local 16, 104 and 595, there will be an increase in employment over the next several years. Retail is sure to follow. Check on Kaiser, 2500 permanent jobs and 3000 construction jobs will be created. This might be my legacy to the City along with development at the shoreline; finally, keep up the debate; it's healthy. On Frank Lynn, he and I have had a running dialogue for several years, but since he moved to Pleasanton, our communication had died down.

Forgot to mention, both chiefs have skeletons in the closet that maybe only I know about. to protect them, I will keep what I know to myself.

And perhaps the skeleton in Maltester's closet is you Tony Santos.

Tony don't give us that crap about Maltester not supporting you. It's not what Jack was doing publicly, but the behind the scenes garbage he was pushing to get you in there. Maybe the fools who put your signs in their yard are ignornant about what goes on, but those of us in the know are disgusted. You mean to tell me you were never invited nor ever attended any of Jack's "barbeque's" at his house on Woodland Avenue? You know the ones; where Mario Polvorosa was the bartender, or perhaps those "barbeque's" up at the house in Andreas. We know what was going on.
Maltester and his puppet Wes McClure couldn't hide what the hell the were doing. It was as plain as the big nose on Jack's face.

And Tony Santos, why do you make a bee-line into any storefront that has one of your opponents sign in it and bitch and moan???? You pulled that crap in 2000 to my friend, you little weasel.

Regulation always ends up with business in control of the process. We deregulated bankng because of pressure from Wall Street and conservatives and between the tax payer bail out and the fed bail out it costs us over $7 trillion. Get the joint out of your mouth Manuel. The war in Iraqi, conservative president , unanimous support from conservatives in Congress, $3 trillion when all is said and done. And you want to blame the minorities for that because of the way they wear their pants. You should be looking at the facts instead of a minority kid's butt.

Ok, have to agree with you Craig on all the conservative waste and the fact the conservatives just gloss over it. It is far bigger than anything Obama has spent and according to Bloomberg/Business Week, his spending on the economy is actaully working and making a difference. ow the Right thinks on this issue is amazing to me. Blind? Selective spending anger?

A lot of the right wing comments are coming from people with Portuguese names. Reports are Portugal is going to be the next Greece.


Nice racist comment against those of Portuguese ancestry. For someone quick to call others racist against "Afro Americans," I think you've showed yourself to be the real racist on this board.

Of course Craig is a racist, religous bigot atheist. It's because Portugal stinks is why we left there you jackass babooze. We don't want America, the land we came to live and love turn into the craphole we left you idiot.

And the war in Iraq brought stability to that nation and will serve as an example in that region of backward sand dwellers.

Portugal is in trouble, what's racist about saying that.It'll be in the news soon.Check out Baseline Scenario for more info. Iraq was the most developed country in the region for years. The oil companies have been screwing them for decades. We've spent billions on bribing them , that's been our political strategy since the occupation. Close to a million killed since we've been there.


What's racist is your sentence structure--e.g., first you state the conservative people on here with whom you disagree are of Portuguese decent. Then you talk about how Portugual is in debt. Are those just two coincidences you want to state one after the other? Because it reads like you're inferring that Portuguese are bad at managing finances given their heritage. Which as Manuel points out most Portuguese-Americans left Portugal due to its political/economic structure.

When did he say they left because of the political/ economic structure?The point I was trying to make I guess, was that the economic crisis is global and hardly the result of poor people getting into homes they couldn't afford. That's argument is a little like people getting shot in a 'drive by' and the doctor at the ER screaming "Where's your insurance information, you idiot."
I should have elaborated on my point in more detail and emphasized the fact that the crisis is international.

I've seen the likes of Craig, Nancy Pelosi and Obama first hand in Portugal. Portugal's history since 1910 has been one of misery and fascism. The Secularist came into power and immediately attacked the Church. Then we had one Rightist/Fascist regime after another until 1975. Then we had a Leftist/Fascist regime. It didn't matter which side of the pendulum they were on they were all after one thing; POWER for themselves.

I know what people like Craig, Nancy Pelosi and Obama want; POWER for themselves. That pig Nancy Pelosi even bragged about when her Fascist father was Mayor of Baltimore how Italian immigrants would come hat in hand, bowing to her Fascist Father beggind for a a political job. I know these kinds of people and that's why I left there. Beware of their kind. Pelosi wants to turn America into some type of Southern Europe whirlpool of insanity.

Thank you for comparing me to Obama and Pelosi.I will make sure I pass this on to people including my mother.You know me like a book. You know me, you know everything.You're like a fortune teller , you can read into people's mind's and know their motivation. I guess giving people work during hard times is a crime a crime Pelosi's family should be ashamed of.Twenty percent of all jobs in cities in that time were city jobs. So the poor immigrant apparently knew where to go to find work.
Maybe you should run for office? You could campaign on getting those shoppers from Oakland out of the city.

You're damn right that fascist pig Pelosi and her disgusting family should be ashamed of themselves. For all the people who left those dirt floored villages to come to America only to be exploited by her father and his thugs.

City jobs were and now are considered fairly good jobs.More job security, maybe even a pension.You're not comrades with the guy who got arrested for stalking Pelosi, are you?

City Jobs were considered a "Gravy Train" job. Show up and get a paycheck. Do little work and get overpaid. But, now they are no longer the "Gravy Train", they're the Cadillac Ranch, show up, do nothing get paid, "retire" after 30 years regardless of age and collect 80-90 percent of what you were making, and still doing the same thing; NOTHING!

The credibility of the points made is severely lessened by those posting anonymously.

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