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We Know What You're Up To

The Citizen

At least three journalists, citizen bloggers, including this reporter, were asked to leave today's gathering of Tea Party supporters in Pleasanton because of fears by organizers coverage of the event would paint the group in a poor light.

An official representing the Pleasanton Tea Party, who not give her name (in fact, nobody from the group would provide their name), said media credentials were needed to ask questions of the fairly large gathering of over 2,000 attendees gathered from the afternoon rally featuring U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina. Badges labeled "Staff" were needed to interview patrons at an event publicized as free to the public, they said. Reporters from KTVU, the Contra Costa Times and a man with a video camera emblazoned with conservative radio host Michael Savage's logo were seen without visible credentials.

The mistrust of anything media is detailed on the groups web site under a section titled "Frequented Asked Questions" where the question is posed, "Is this legal? Will I be thrown in jail for doing this--I have never done anything like this before?"

When I posed a question to a man from Pleasanton asking why he believed so many here felt disaffected by the current adminsitration, the gentleman ran off of litany of grievances, but the interview was halted by a volunteer for the organizing group. "You can't be asking questions," he said. "You need a pass." When I told him who I was he stopped me and said, "We know what you're up to."

After inquiring why someone would need to be screened to attend an event advertised as open to all or why credentials were needed to pose questions to people who chose to speak freely I was told, "We don't know who you are. You could take what they say, turn it around and make them look foolish." Once the word censorship was used, the event worker said she had ejected people for using the same word or calling the group "communists."

At this point, I was not specifically told to leave, just to not interview people. Back inside the event, canopy-covered booths belonging to several Republican candidates including Fiorina and California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman ringed the audience. When questioned about the Pleasanton Tea Party group escorting out journalists, a volunteer for Fiorina  frowned and said "It's a free country." A gentlemen handing out campaign literature and bumper stickers for the Whitman campaign had no comment, but said he was instructed to pass any press inquiries to a campaign spokesperson.

Sarah Pompei, a spokesperson for the Whitman campaign, distanced herself from the volunteers at the Pleasanton Tea Party event saying they were not part of the campaign and later said she was not aware of the gathering, although, the event was billed as one of the biggest Tax Day Tea Party events in the state.

Pompei, who is featured on a video shot by the San Francisco Chronicle telling reporters invited to interview Whitman only to learn they could not ask questions, would not elaborate on her statement volunteers passing out materials with the offical Meg2010 logo were not affiliated with the campaign. At one point, Pompei asked what Steve Poizner, Whitman's fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate for the party's nomination would do about reporters being ejected from the event. Poizner had no presence at the event.

Aside from roars of derision anytime House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's name was uttered, the crowd was passionate, yet sedate lounging in beach chairs and carrying clever signs mocking most things Democrat. One sign sat unattended that read, "I'm Republican because we can't all be on welfare," while "Obama is a Socialist" was quite common. A few dressed in revolutionary-era garb, while many waved American flags of all sizes.

Outside the festivities, a small group of protesters made up primarily of people in wheelchairs hoping to close tax loopholes to fund social services were sequestered across the road in a location labeled the "Free Speech Area." An older gentlemen, who declined to state his name said part of the group had been moved from a spot down the road and mocked the Tea Partiers, joking, "We're a real dangerous group, huh?" Pleasanton resident Carole Smith said, "We're not against what they're doing inside there, but they want all these services and don't want to pay the taxes."

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Hey, weren't you the one who posted on Twitter that you were going out there and asked; "who wants me to score an Obama as Hitler sign?" or something to that effect? Seems you didn't go out there with an open mind as a "journalist". So good on them for keeping tabs on you.

OH and isn't that typical liberal....bring out the wheelchairs and paint everyone as "insensitive"???? Good on them for moving those trouble makers away.

Here's your quote...

Off to the Pleasanton Tea Party. Anyone need me to score you an Obama Hitler poster? I got one, so far. Lou, you better pay me back! 8 hours ago reply

What does it have to do with whether the author was objective? How do they know what he was going to write? These people are paranoid nuts. These people talk about freedom, huh. Bunch of hypocrites and I don't think using a joke on Twitter as proof there was something up. I enjoy the more humorous parts of this blog.

Manuel sure hates free speech, but what else could you expect from someone with a first name like that? Sounds pretty "new" to me, if you know what I mean.

I do not care for Tea Baggers and their thinly veiled hate and fear mongering at all, I think they are just a new incarnation of the Confederates of the old south. Progressives, are not my favorite either, but at least not quite as scary, especially to minorities, Gay's and non-Christian's. In many ways though just as dangerous to our society and its well being. Living as they do in their bubble of non-reality with their special rose tinted glasses and unique blend of elitism.

You got a thing against people named "Manuel"? Are you a bigot or something? I can tell you something about free speech you babooze. I'm from Funchal, Madeira. I won't tell you where that's located, I'll let you try to figure it out, that's if you have the brains to figure a map out yourself. But, I know a thing or two about free speech.

I just watched the news on Channel 2. Seems Randy Shandobil was sad that the Tea Party Organizers kept the Obama Satire at a minimum. Good for them, that way the idiots in the media couldn't focus on made up aliens from outer space like they wanted to make up.

Hey, if Tavares wanted to tell a joke that was funny. But if he went out there trying to get a "gotcha" then good on them for spoiling his party. The paranoid nuts are the ones who think everyone is a "racist".


Oh look, another pervert posting about "Tea Bagging". Got your mind in the whorehouse again I see. The participants at the Tea Party were intelligent, civil and respectful. Unlike the Leftist rectal scum we see walking the street of San Francisco and Berkeley with their anti-American, Anti-Capitalist filth.

Manuel, thank you for your loyal readership and please continue leaving comments. I think I need to reiterate some of this sites core beliefs. It's not a willy-nilly exercised but based on new ideas in media. Please read the Citizen Manifesto. When I published it in November, the site had far fewer readers than it does today. Here's what I think is the main part pertaining to your assertion of some sort of "objective" reporters. They don't exist. I believe the time is to not shrink from being the type of publication you are. This is a left of center, liberal site that hopes to move the area towards greater participation of the less fortunate and minorities. Also, a vast majority of Alameda County is Democratic. So, it's a no-brainer. I leave you with this from my mission statement:

Every good newspaper has an agenda, they just choose not to expressly advertise it. You know the New York Times is liberal. Fox News is conservative. In England, newspapers are openly in favor of various groups like labor and conservative groups and some financially backed by some of the groups. These disparate groups represent niches in readership and customers flock to them. To some in the U.S., this loss of some sort of journalistic "objectivity" is a slap at the fabric of America. The thing is, it was not real in practice. With the rise of bloggers, Americans are now fully acclimated to the British style of journalism. People now read what interests them. A liberal reader visit the DailyKos without ever thinking of clicking the National Review. We want our own convictions validated. This does not divide the nation as pundits will tell you, but further informs the electorate. If it did have an corrosive effect, then explain how a recent survey now says only 20 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republican? Only four years ago, George W. Bush garnered over half the vote for president. Are you going to tell me conservative voters only read right-wing websites and periodicals and decided to jump to Barack Obama's side because of Bill Kristol and Michael Barone?

The Citizen, too, has an editorial agenda and it is this: to watch, praise and criticize the levers of local government from the mayor's office, city council and school board to Sacramento with our assemblywoman and state senator, in addition, to our representative in Congress. We need to know what they are doing in our name and know when their representation no longer jibes with our needs and desires. Every story published in The Citizen is written with the idea the information will inform voters as they step into the voting booth on election day.


PS: "Journalist" is not nice.

That being said, I had no plan to act in any nefarious manner, just to cover the event. I sincerely wish that the organizers knew who I was and had their "goons" watching me, but I seriously doubt it. It was simply a misplaced paranoia of anybody carrying a notepad and a recorder.

The Twitter joke was merely a satire on past tea party events and a tweak on San Leandro's lone Republican Lou Filipovich. I hope to also entertain you. How boring would a rundown of the city's budget numbers be, otherwise? There were, by the way, no Obama Hitler posters to be had and those "bleeding heart liberals" in wheelchairs were actually there. Would you care for me to be less specific?

"I'm from Funchal, Madeira."

Yup. Another foreigner. Figures. Bet you're the poster boy for all the oldsters whenever you show up.

Oh so now you're not only a bigot, but want to euthanize all the elderly.

Tavares, we know this is a left of center site. Any babooze can figure that out. However, since the Left and Network Television has been attempting to portray these patriotic American's as evil, I don't blame them one bit for "rough housing you".

Hey Steve, its good to see so many people, are checking out the site, many of these people who dont give their names ( anonymous ) dont know you. Well folks I hate to ruin some of your images of Steve, since I know Steve and know how much time and energy he puts into this site and what is happening in our state, while he may be a little to the left, I am a little more to the right, but I believe we both respect each others views, I dont think that the Tea Partiers are kooks or anything of the sort, I tend to go along with their message, I however dont think that they should be interfering with Steve in his quest to find out what people think and believe, I think Steve is man enough to change his opinion or mind set if anyone can show good reason why they believe as they do. Its apparent that some of the readers are quite extreme in their beliefs, who would not even be welcomed into any side of a discussion, definitely closed minded. As you are entitled to you can read what Steve has to say and you have the right to disagree with Steve, but he should also be entitled to ask questions on either side of an issue, how many of you anonymous people went to the event in Pleasanton, I dont think any of you went there. So like it or not Steve tells it like it is. So my friend, keep up the good work, we need input, since we dont seem to get to good a coverage from anyone else. I hope to see you one day as the pulitzer prize winner you will one day be.

The Tea Party platform is an ideal junior partner of the Chamber of Commerce and the Right Wing Echo Chamber. I give them credit for organizing.The Democrats are beyond organizing people they organize only money unfortunately.
Conservatives put a lot of belief in the Constitution but don't realize it was written way before the Robber Barons and rise of Big Business.

They also are anti-Mexican which is morally wrong since Mexicans do so much of the really hard work in our society. Someone should figure out how much we've short changed them over the years and somehow pay them back. It would be in the billions. In the South where the food processing plants exist in large numbers the Mexicans are doing the work while the whites would rather work at WalMart.Immigrants are getting the meat to our tables as well as much of the produce. Tea Baggers should include a mention of this fact when they say grace at the dinner table, I do. It's the morally right thing to do, maybe with a little salsa on the side.


Tea Baggers get so much media . You would figure MSNBC and their hosts are in bed with them. When they were spitting on the legislators about 2,000 of them showed up at the D.C. event yet 100,000 people showed up for an immigration rally the same day in D.C. and they got no coverage.
The media is playing a big role in building their movement. The people on the left don't get help from the media because the media are corporations and have shared values with the Tea Baggers. Not on all issues but enough to highlight them in the media.


Oh here we go with "tea bagger". Is your mind so pre-occupied with sexual deviancy that you must continue to dwell upon "tea bagging"????

Short changed Mexicans???? bahahhahahahahaha You're an absolute riot. I've never heard such nonsense. Illegal Immigrants are coming here, using our house, eating our food and leaving us with the bill.

They're cleaning your house , mowing your lawn and getting your food from the processing plants and the farms.
People from Europe were legal. Their legal status involved not being a criminal, or carry an infectious disease and not being crazy. Those were the legal qualifications they needed to get into this country. Because they came by sea they had to land at a port of entry. Wage theft is very prevalent among undocumented workers, that what is illegal and immoral too.


They're using my food stamps, using my Section 8 housing, using my public schools and refusing to learn English. What is the point of "they came by sea they had to land at a port of entry" have to do with illegals swarming over San Diego???

You're obviously a racist filled with hate. They're underpaid people who were forced north because of the corporate/conservative anti-American treaty called NAFTA, that was embraced by moderate Democrats including Clinton and 99 percent of the Republicans.Write to your Republican friends in office and complain to them. Studies show that because they pay into social security in the payroll tax and are not documented , that they give a lot more than they get from Uncle Sam

I LOVE seeing the fear in the lefts eyes...paint the right, no matter what they do, as the bad guy. I doubt anyone that opposes the tea party movement has a friggin clue what it is, outside of what MSNBC has told you. Those who think it's a bad thing (amidst other tasteless words) must LOVE paying outrageous taxes for a Utopian society. Or, they don't pay taxes and think about themselves and the bag of garbage collecting assistance each month. The LEFT must face it, they love to feel good by claiming helping others via government spending is the only way to go and that the RIGHT believe that self sufficiency is the ONLY way to go and a foundation of this country.

I make under $50,000 a year...I dont need nor want help...I dont want the government thinking for me, all I want them to do is protect my security and stay out of OUR lives...but the left, and a lot on this blog, want to think for me. Just cut my taxes, curb your spending and give some tough love to those who depend on you! Please.

I still think the leftists in this country are fearful of this movement, as they are still fearful of Sarah Palin *who I do not support* and can do nothing better then attack those who appose their progressive ideas. Perhaps have a better, LEGIT argument for high taxes and useless spending. Or, perhaps just shut up and get a job?

Yeah, those who oppose illegals immigrants are filled with hate. Hey you idiot; those Mexicans are coming up here for welfare and freebies. They're leaving a nation that is corrupt, ignorant and useless. Mexico is a craphole, always has been and always will be until the Mexican's get up off their proud asses, educate themselves and create a free market economy.

Studies by the Conservative Hoover intitute among others have shown that the Mexican immigrants generally contribute more than they take and are not a large drain on our welfare system. I would say our own citizens, especially the underclass Black population, take more and cost society considerably more than the immigrant Mexican population and other immigrants. Indian, Asian - contribute more and take less than the general population of long term citizens in the USA.

OMG....NAFTA is the cause of Mexico's problems, LOL, that is the end all be all of Progressive BS. The immigrants have been flowing for decades, Mexico was and is corrupt and poor.

What are these "contributions" these illegals are making? Poor test scores, illigitmacy, gangs???? The list goes on.

The right has always been a coalition of millionaires and morons. The people whose tax went down 40 percent over 50 year were the wealthy(see institute of policy studies) The percent of the national wealth has shot up to the top one percent in this country like on other. We put hundreds of thousands of people in jail at $50,000 a year for getting high, tough on taxpayers. We spend $3 trillion on a war based on bull shit weapons of mass destruction that were never found(Joe Stiglitz Nobel Prize for Economics) Your conservative CEO's make it in China betraying American workers and families .(Economic Policy Institute.) Go back East or the Mid West pick any city and see what the devastation of de industrialization has been.Your religious leaders are pedophiles. Your conservative bankers, con artists, your military leaders sadists and torturers. Your corporate media , liars. Wake up and smell the corruption.

Craig and Manuel = Twins separated at birth. LOL!! Both of you sound similarly off the "far" side - one from the far left and one from the far right. Thank God most people are in the Middle, I would hate to see our Country under either of your political values.

This week we found out that 95% of the tea baggers(the name they gave themselves) are in the top 5% of the income range, the majority are republicans.
Big surprise.
This week we also found out that the majority of americans paid the least amount of taxes in 57 years.

Hey Barry, guess what the middle is make believe. Your comment about Black people show that you're a little racist as well. Black people are faced with a double standard on many levels. From drug arrests to getting a job.There isn't a concentration wealth?The Iraqi war wasn't based on WMD's that were never found?Many CEO's and corporations haven't moved their jobs to China?Banker bailouts and loan scams aren't con games?The media isn't working for the corporations that own them?Don't suggest you speak for most people . You probably just don't have developed opinions.

I am not a racist and my many Black friends agree with my way of thinking, I just call it like it is like Bill Cosby, this B.S. of not being able to call out behavioral problems and structrual issues within the community without being labledd a Racist is why I dislike Progressives 2nd only to the far right. (admitedly a far distant 2nd) I am not talking about the primary Black population, and I unbderstand the issues and double standareds both within and outside the community. I am talking about the ghetto underclass that is destroying the community from within. You are speaking like a typical elitist, know it all progessive and are definitely not in the mainstream of thinking. And...guess what, there is a middle or moderate group, you 2 fringe groups are just more big mouthed and can not see us!

Under class are the people who get the short end of the stick. Our de-industrialization has been replaced with "low wage service sector jobs" that make it very hard on people. A high percent of black males(over 50%) see a family as an unattainable goal given the economic possibilities. The way law enforcement do sweeps in poor areas is part of what is called the New Jim Crow. According to studies,whites do drugs on the same level as Afro Americans maybe a little higher,but Afro Americans make up eighty percent and more of the prison population on drug related sentences. That's the creation of not an underclass but a caste system, Jim Crow. And when they get out they're marked for life, with almost no chance of getting hired. The prison population went from 200,000 to over 2 million in a couple of decades. The highest by far in the world. And this jobless recovery is not going to help the situation. Go to Amazon and read the reviews on Michael Alexander's book The New Jim Crow and/or Divah Pager's Marked : Black Unemployment in the age of Mass Incarceration.
I don't feel like I'm ideological, I just deal with one issue at a time and form an opinion based on listening to what people say or write.

Craig is just a moron, elitist (if he's white) or a cry baby Obama (if he's black). But by and and large he's just an America hating Communist/Atheist. Tens of millions of died at the hands of these Communist/Atheists and they must be fought at every turn. They have no place in American Government.

Oh, hey you idiots who are saying "American's paid less taxes in 57 years" that's because the economy is in the crapper, brought to you by the Democrats who took over Congress in 2007.

Manuel , you can't think straight so you revert to name calling.You ain't fighting anyone, but you have a big mouth.Which conservative leaders do you prefer, the Wall Street con artists, the old general who send kids off to war or the priests who find the kids and destroy their lives.

Compared to conservatives communists are gods, much more honest , much more patriotic, much more pro American.They brought us the labor and civil right movement.The two greatest movements of the 20th century. The God loving conservative priests are perverts, some of the sickest people alive. They make atheists look like saints.


Oh yeah. All those sodomists in the Castro in San Francisco are all conservative. We know what you're agenda is Craig; destruction of America. You want to enslave people for your own inflated ego.

You don't know me, you don't know what my agenda is.I'm not in an elected position so I don't really have an agenda. I know many American cities and lives have been destroyed by people who wrap themselves in a flag and move their production out of the country. Tea Party people claim Obama has a hidden agenda and that he's like Hitler the worst human being in the history of the world. Well, the Bush family helped Hitler get started, Google Fritz Thyssen. Or why did Bush senior just happen to be on a hunting trip in Spain when they were honoring Franco's ,the 50th anniversary of his death or when he campaigned for an extreme right wing candidate in Germany , while president,dressed in a brown shirt , traditional Nazi garb.Imagine if Obama went to Venezuela dressed in a red shirt campaigning for Hugo Chavez.You can say anything you like, make it up because you're a conservative, right. That's your definition of freedom.
Bush's family has such close ties to Hitler and you're attacking Obama comparing him to the monster, this is all so Orwellian.
What gay people do is their own business. If you haven't tried it don't knock it.They're consenting adults. Cornering a eight year old alter boy and molesting him on the other hand is perverted.



Obama has embraced Chavez and Daniel Ortega. He loves them and sees the world through their eyes.

Oh Franco died in 1975 or 76. It hasn't been 50 years. bahahahahahhahahahahaa What nonsense.

You should know, maybe the 25th anniversary, but he was there , with Billy Knight and Swartzkoff. What did the other Portuguese priest do who weren't molesting little boys, they were informants for the Fascists and absolving torture and executions.


All of those molesters were....Homosexuals, who entered the Church with the intent to defile it. Another Left-wing plot.

They were also molesting girls. That's an interesting right wing theory. They were right wing gays who were into children and against the gay community, self hating gays. So someone asked a priest what he thought about priest marrying and ending celibacy , The priest replied "What kind of meaningful relationship can an educated man like me have with a ten year old boy." ha ha ha.


Not a theory, it's a fact, the homosexual perverts infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to bring her down. Then Atheist nut jobs could go and point fingers. Although tens of millions have died at the hands of Atheists in the passed 90 years.


Please stop posting. You are making me embarrased of my Portugese heritage, your ignorance is amazing.

One other point Manuel. San Leandro's Portugese heriatge is due to the fact that Spanish and Portugese were banned from buying property in Oakland due to racism so they were forced to San Leandro to become property owners, knowing that might make you rethink your racist remarks, but I doubt it.

You are making me ashamed of knowing that you're Portuguese. What does something that happened 100 years ago have to do with the current events.

Hey Mr Portagee Asshat, you should be embarrassed by your heritage, single digit IQ's are hard to live down because of several generations of Okie inbreeding LOL
The Guv

Which event do you want to attend? The Holy Ghost Festival at IDES?

"What does something that happened 100 years ago have to do with the current events. Manuel"
History repeats if you do not learn from it.

Oh I clicked onto that stupid link you babooze. Fecha boca.

Well, Barry, I guess most people hear don't know their history regarding fascism and totalatarianism.

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