Friday, May 28, 2010

Bill Lockyer Contributes Hefty Sum to Spouse's Campaign

Bill Lockyer campaign donates over $300,000 in last two months; Less than 1% of Nadia's fundraising comes from within District By Steven Tavares
In the past two months, Alameda County supervisor candidate Nadia Lockyer has raised over $410,000 with most of it coming from the campaign largess of her husband Bill Lockyer's re-election for state treasurer, according to reports filed with the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

The Bill Lockyer for Treasurer 2010 campaign made two donations totalling $300,000 in April and May to his wife's campaign. To date, Biil Lockyer has been, by far, the largest contributor to Nadia Lockyer's bid to replace retiring supervisor Gail Steele on the Board of Supervisors. Of the $647,000, Nadia Lockyer has raised in this campaign, Bill has contributed over $469,000.

Lockyer's opponent, Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling, called the sum "breathtaking" and says reform is needed to manage fund-raising at the county level. "This shows the county needs campaign finance reform," said Dowling. "If this election was in Hayward, Bill could not be able to give this kind of money because of fund-raising limits we have."

According to the report filed with the FPPC, Bill Lockyer's campaign also contributed $2,262.24 in child care services to Nadia Lockyer's campaign. Dowling told The Citizen Friday afternoon that he questions whether listing the services of a nanny for their young child is a legitimate campaign expenditure.

Dowling's campaign fund-raising report was not available Friday, but he says he has raised between $15,000-20,000 over the past two months with $10,000 cash-in-hand. Former state Sen. Liz Figueroa, meanwhile, reported raising just $5,000 with $17,000 cash-in-hand. In contrast, Nadia Lockyer brought in over $341,000 over the past two months and over $50,000 in cash-on-hand with the help of her husband's campaign, but with very little local financial support, something her opponents have long criticized.

Less than one percent of Lockyer's two-month fund-raising total comes from contributions within the district she hopes to represent. A total of $3,025 was raised mostly from supporters in Hayward, according to the FPPC. The campaign has faced lingering criticism from its opponents over the appearance Lockyer's support only emanates from outside the area. Earlier this year, Dowling sent a press release slamming Lockyer's lack of local support by trumpeting a mere one percent of her fund-raising at the time came from within District 2.

Controversy erupted over the issue, when the campus newspaper at Cal State-East Bay published an article asserting the one percent allegation. Numerous apologies were issued by The Pioneer. Its faculty adviser Dr. Robert Terrell says the Lockyer campaign asked to remove the reporter for alleged acts that questioned a bias towards one of the other candidates. Terrell, though, says the Lockyer campaign never requested to retract the story.


  1. When is their anniversary? ... nice gift to give Nadia, a county supervisor seat! Unless the voters see through this see Nadia isn't as seasoned as two of her other opponents

  2. The Nadia Lockyer stuff is overkill. It's just gone way too far. We already know her husband has contributed money to her campaign. So what's new about that?

    Oh right, you just wanted to write another hit piece on the Lockyers.

  3. I think that Nadia is misleading (intentionally or not) is a major issue for someone seeking office. Not only is Mr. Tavares doing a good job reporting this story so is the SF Chronicle.

  4. Nadia Lockyer should have been more careful just because she is Bill Lockyer's wife. But that doesn't mean that a smarmy sleaze bag like Kevin Dowling deserves to be Supervisor.

  5. Kevin Dowling won't be elected. Nadia and Liz are airheads. Only Mark Green can be elected.

  6. If you think Mark Green can be elected, then i got a dumbarton train to sell you

  7. Mark Green is the only candidate who isn't either an airhead or an airhead. C'mon it's three women airheads and one man.

  8. Nicholas E. TerryJune 1, 2010 at 4:50 PM

    To the last person that called Kevin Dowling a female...I mean, that's just stupid. Mr. Dowling was the FIRST council member to respond to an email I sent the entire council last week...he always takes his work serious and personally.

  9. Can't handle satire Terry?

  10. Nicholas E. TerryJune 1, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    Terry is my last name, Anonymous.

    And yea I can. Good, smart humor is fine. That wasn't satire. Nor funny.

    Try again.

    All those that attack Dowling probably don't even live in the city he serves. I rarley have agreed with him over the years. But out of four candidates he's the only one I trust and believe in.

  11. Sad that you can considering even "trusting" a snake like Dowling.

  12. Nicholas E. TerryJune 3, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    No Name:

    Please state why Kevin Dowling is a snake?

    You could be right, but until you say something credible, including your name, I'll assume you're from one of the other three campaigns.

    I think it was Lockyer's campaign that said you can't trust Dowling.

    $5 bet this will be avoided.

  13. Dowling is a snake because he has accomplished NOTHING on the Hayward City Council. He thinks running a copy machine and sharpening pencils for Alice Bitker qualifies him to be on the Board of Supervisors. He's nuts. Plus there hasn't been one tax or regulation this snake hasn't supported.

  14. I do not understand, from this article, precisely what the Lockyer campaign wanted the Cal State East Bay student newspaper to do with their reporter. Remove the reporter from the campaign because they did not like the "1%" article? Who would even ask for something like that? Sick.

  15. Nicholas E. TerryJune 4, 2010 at 9:18 AM

    No Name:

    Snake. Geez, that's mean. But I digrese. Anyways, continue thinking that way, that's fine. Don't look at facts, that's fine. Remember, I haven't always approved of Mr. Dowling's political ideology. But I LOOK at the other candidates. What has Nadia Lockyer accomplished outside of reminding kids not to get prego in Orange County and "running" a non-profit county agency?

    PERHAPS, you can look at Mr. Dowlings own words and if you don't believe them BUT you believe Mrs. Lockyer's high priced political consultants words, then, vote for her, I guess.

    I personally like to look into things. You have time to write on here, so you have time to look at the facts.

    Mrs. Lockyer may have sharpened a few pencils in her day, right after she lost re-election to an Orange County School Board, or when she met Bill, I'm not sure.

    Do the personal attacks come out? Yeah.

    And that's just the facts.

    (Name a politician, living, that's not a snake?)

  16. I don't like that gold digger Nadia anymore than I like that pencil sharpening snake Dowling. What experience does he have? Have you driven down Mission Blvd. lately? A complete and utter slum. A disgrace, and this slug wants to take that record to the Board of Supervisors??? Only a fool could support such a louse.

  17. Have either one of you ever done research on the Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer that is now Supervisor Lockyer? If she was older and ugly, you wouldn't have any thing to talk about - but since she's smart as hell, passionate about helping people as the jalapenos she loves, and hot as hell you think you can ride on all your egotistical, male focused powerful gorgeous women bigotry and not crash? The crash is coming! (and by the way, Nadia was in a horrible car crash 12 years ago and nearly died - BUT she didn't, not only survived, but kicked ass helping others along the way to where she is today) And hell, Steve and Manuel, now that she's kicking ass on the Board of Sups really making a difference in the lives of many and helping others, with that tight butt and great tits you've admired and had the gall to even mention, what do you gotta say now? Thank you Nadia for dealing with all this shit and having a husband whose support enabled us to see the aweful truth about Liz Figueroa's fraud and lies, your wisdom and leadership, and get us a great new, fabulous Supervisor in YOU!