Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bill, Nadia, Liz, Kevin, Mark and Bill

District 2 County Supervisor Candidates can't help being pulled into Bill Lockyer's orbit By Steven Tavares
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer is not running for Alameda County Supervisor, but he may be the most important person in the race to replace retiring Supervisor Gail Steele. Former state Senator Liz Figueroa, Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling, and Union City Mayor Mark Green may have deeper roots in Alameda County’s District 2, which encompasses Hayward, Union City, Sunol, and parts of Fremont, but it’s the newcomer who has made the biggest imprint on the race going into the June primary. Nadia Lockyer is the executive director of the county’s Family Justice Center and is married to the long-time East Bay power broker Bill Lockyer. Their partnership has shaped this race from the beginning.

An open seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors is a rare occurrence, let alone two in the same year. The other seat opened when Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker announced she also would not seek re-election. In the battle over Steele’s spot, Lockyer has attracted the most attention thus far thanks to her husband’s connections and the powerful statewide apparatus of the Democratic Party. She recently sent a mailer to residents featuring gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and has parlayed the party's support into a significant fundraising advantage.....

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Well done, nice read.

I noticed the "pot" club on Foothill Blvd has a Nadia Lockyer sign in their window. As does Nate Miley's old office in Castro Valley. Does Mrs. Lockyer support legalizing pot and does she plan on getting votes from CV residents? (last question is a joke. ha. ha.)

So Figueroa and Fatboy were doing the humpity bump? That is the first I heard of that. I knew when she first ran for the Assembly she was hiding the fact that her husband's last name was Bloom or Bloomberg. Something along that way. What a load of crap. Mark Green is the only choice in that cackle of useless wenches.

I don't think Lockyer supports legalization (or at least, she hasn't voiced an opinion on it). However, the general sentiment in the legalization movement is that a vote for anyone else isn't a vote for Kevin Dowling, who stopped supporting legal dispensaries for the sake of obtaining an endorsement or two.

If I were here, I'd ask to have the sign taken out of their window then (picture to follow...some how).

Lockyer & Figueroa? Say it aint so ;)

Why not Lockyer and Figueroa (Bloomstein?)? C'mon if this gold digger Nadia could stand that gullet why not Liz?

Why most you resort to senseless name calling? It does nothing to further the conversation of Mr. Tavares article?

That said, it's obvious that Mr. Lockyer is pulling out all the stops to get his wife elected. But given this article and the SF Chronicle article, the Lockyer Express may be derailing.

Nicholas, if you were running a campaign, you'd ask a supporter with the ability to generate a sensational story for the media to take down your signs? Really?

What's so senseless about calling a spade a spade?

"Family Justice Center"???? WTF is that crap? Another place for burn taxpayer money no doubt. Why can't these leeches go out in the real world?????

Anonymous #7...

Yes, I would ask a pot club to remove my sign. Yes, I would ask someone who lived out of district to remove my sign.

Sensational press coverage is not for the courages.


(If I didn't answer your question properly, phrase it properly.)


We had justice in my family. It was a leather belt, palm or whatever device brought justice.

However, I'm sure the FJC is different.

That's what family justice should be. Not this waste of tax dollars that Nadia is perpetrating.

Of course, neither of you know what the Family Justice Center does, or have met any of the many adults and children the Center has helped.

Are the two of you enjoying your hatefest toward families in crisis who have gained support and those who have helped them skillfully?

Family justice = beatings? There are many victims of terrific violence in this County, sexual and otherwise. Broken bones, torn flesh, and traumatized psyches are some of the outcomes of these corporal punishments.

You both seem to have experienced physical punishment in your past; this explains a lot. I'm sorry that both of you seem to have been left with little compassion for others, and that you wish for society to join you. No, thanks.

This sounds like another Leftist attack on the Family structure. These are the people who hate the two parent structure and are always saying that that structure "oppresses" women. blah blah blah. Any acts of violence need to be referred to the Police Depts. and then the District Attorney for prosecution. I doubt the "Family Justice" center does anything than try to inoculate people with Left Wing propaganda against Fathers and Mothers. Just like that Girls Inc. nonsense down on E.14th. St.

It's hard to take someone serious when they call out places that do so much to help people like Girls Inc and Davis Street. I don't know how you can go wrong just helping people like these groups do.

Girls Inc and Davis Street help people? More like they are helping themselves, like all non-profits do. Oh the organizers set out to "do good" and they do themselves very well. How much is Padilla-Johnson paying herself???

Girls Inc.? Another left wing man hating hit shop run by clipped haired, mean faced, hags who fill these girls heads with lies and confusion.


Yes, my mother used good old fashion punishment, not time outs or discussion on what I did wrong, and I grew up just fine; all eight of her children did. No, we have no repressed memories, but yes, we do have compassion for for others. Sorry you had to misjudge me. And I'm sorry you took a personal opinion and used it to stand on your soap box.

And no, I don't have a hate-fest for families in need. My own family was in need at one time in our lives and we received SOME assistance...we also worked hard to regain the lives we once lead before suffering financial lose. Do I think places like the FJC should be closed? No, no matter how hard you convince yourself I'd think that. Do I think it and countless county and state services need to be be streamlined so it wasn't abused? Yes.

Do I think this candidate misleads and abuses what she does for a living? Yes.

PS. As a member of the Hayward Citizens Advisory Commission, I tried hard to make sure womens shelters and the like received CDBG Funds...and they do. I even emailed Mrs. Lockyer about visiting one on my visit, twice, but she never responded (even though her campaign site says she will).


You share no evidence at all to justify your claim that the Family Justice Center "need(s) to be streamlined so it wasn't (sp) abused." It's disappointing that you would lay such a claim without foundation.

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