Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Heat is On in Contra Costa County

Around the East Bay Blogosphere
Halfway to Concord blogged this week about the area's race for the 11th Congressional District. The tone of the campaign is ratcheting up as opponents tie David Harmer to Wall Street fat cats, San Francisco Liberals and claims the candidate lives in Utah. Hot stuff. The blog also covered the simmering open carry movement making news in places like Walnut Creek. Halfway to Concord visited the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco's debate of the issue...

In these times of budget-slashing times, The Island poses an interesting question in covering Alameda's school parcel tax, Measure E. What if the school district has more fat to cut than they are willing to admit? The four-part look at Measure E raises questions that could be posed to any governing body pleading poverty while seeking to tax its residents....

San Leandro Councilman Michael Gregory thinks he's cool by eshewing automobiles for bicycles, but the Berkeleyside blog writes Berekeley Mayor Tom Bates got rid of his gas-guzzler and started walking to work. In a year, Bates says he has walked 5,000 miles and lost 20 pounds...

A group of African-American clergy have descended upon Arizona to protest the state's controversial immigration law. Oaklandlocal reports many in the group are from Oakland. One protester told the blog, "I firmly believe the Black and Latino quest for liberty and justice is one, and that's why, just as we rode to the south so many decades ago, I'm proud to go to Arizona."


  1. I wish those idiots who went to Arizona would stay there. Perhaps they could learn something instead of being the

    "store front preachers.
    Talking about saving souls and all the time leaching.
    Dealing in dirt a stealing in the name of the Lord.
    Mama said son
    Papa was a rolling stone my son.

    Where ever he lay his hat was his home.

    And when he died,

    all he left us was alone.

  2. I think they should stay home and work on Black-Latino relations in Oakland, a job they have not even started and then they can work on cleaning up their community and its many messed up souls, last time I checked Oakland and its young Black male population was not in the best condition. Leave Arizona alone.