Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mo for Mayor


  1. Well, she cleans up nicely.

  2. I watched the local nbc story,she looked bad, big bumps on her face! ehhhh

  3. Is this a publicity ploy to sell a crappy rap cd?

  4. WOW,,,I thought using public funds to run a political campaign is illegal? What does this mean my fellow readers, well...think about it:
    A. She has not sold ONE record
    B. She has kids so she is on some sort of subsidy fom the State or County
    C. I am sure she is on Foodstamps
    So, with no job other than walking our kids across the street for 2 hours a day earning money from the City as an appointed commissioner of the Mayor, ask yourself, how is she going to fund the campaign....by selling records like "You gotta pay to Play" or "You Cant Touch This or it" (cleverly done before by MC Hammer, how creative. Or her new smash hit "I Clean Up well" which is dropping soon! Maybe Clearsil is a sponsor!
    NO...the answer is US...taxpayers...who work...We will be funding her campaign like we are subsidizing her life right as we speak. Hell, brings new meaning to the rap lingo...'I got 5 on it!

  5. Mo for Mayor is going to need to Blow for Mayor to raise cash for this race! WORD. HOLLA

  6. Mo for Mayor......Funny.
    I got a better one...How about...BLOW FOR MAYOR
    All the proceeds can go for campaign signs...!
    Someone should donate some knee pads QUICKLY.

  7. At least this gal isn't a gold diggin hussy like Nadia Lockyer and Deborah Stark.

  8. 1. I sold records and they aren't recorded anywhere you can find because the label released the album barely a month ago online and has not released retail because record label has been in negotiations with a distributor for months :%

    2. I do not receive any subsidy from the State or Federal Government, not childcare, not food stamps, not cash, or medi-cal.

    3. I do not get paid to walk kids accross the street, I did that until the end of December because they were short handed and I actually volunteered my time the other day because a crossing guard was sick, meaning I did it for NO PAY!

    4. I actually get paid from my record label

    5. I get paid as a transaction coordinator for Realty World

    6. I get paid for business consulting

    7. I get paid for program coordinating Mentoring Program Cal PAL.

    8. Get your FACTS straight!!!

    9. I am self employed so I get taxed way more than you probabley, not to mention I have been working since I was 14.......

  9. By the way, the real "ho's" in this race are Joyce and Tony. Joyce is getting pimped by developer interests, including the ones to whom the city sold the Albertson's site to at a loss. Tony is being pimped by the unions and public employees that call the shots for him. Mestas and Cassidy are the only ones who have grassroots campaigns and seem to truly care about the future of San Leandro.

    Frank Lynn

  10. Exactly Frank! This gal has every right to run. Look at all the loons this town has elected;

    1. Dave Karp; the biggest crook of them all.

    2. Joanne Lothrop; a literal witch who opened her witches shop after leaving the City Council.

    3.Bob Glaze; who's claim to fame is that he was
    Jr. Class President at Marina High or something to that matter.

    4. Mario Polvorosa; shoe shine man and bartender at Maltester's exclusive barbeque's.

    5. Johann Klehs; literal moron who wants to tax everything.

    6. Bill Stephens and Orval Badger; must be included on same line since they're both known for sleeping at meetings.

    7. Surlene Grant; Maltester hack brought up from Redwood City, plunked on Council for no good reason.

    8. Shelia Young; delusional hillbilly unable to discern between her butt and a hole in the ground.

    9. Ellen Corbett; Maltester fluke placed there to keep him out of his hair.

    10. Linda Perry; oh well she's Portuguese.