Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stark Transformation

They say television makes you look ten pounds heavier, but does YouTube add an extra 75? Rep. Pete Stark addressed Congress this week to honor the 75th anniversay of the East Bay Parks District looking puffy and sounding tired. You can hear a slightly audible wheezing in his voice with a periodic gasp of breath. The person in the clip looks more like actor and director Harold Ramis than the irascible East Bay lawmaker.

The video of Stark is the latest in a series of clues regarding the long-time congressman's declining health since last year. Stark has not held a town hall meeting in the East Bay for months and told fellow members of Congress not to be alarmed because he was using an oxygen tube to help his breathing since a long bout with pneumonia. Sources around the East Bay political scene believe Stark condition does not allow him to fly from the nation's capitol to his home district.
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He's bloated and retaining water. I'm sure the idiots in this area will elect a man who is about to die. Give it, Stark!

Stark won't retire. This old Soviet will stay on there just like his idols; Stalin, Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko. Then he'll have a goose stepping funeral.

How sad. Is he even effective anymore?

If that were me, I'd face facts and retire somewhat gracefully. Does he have two more years in him? Is he waiting for Mary Hayashi to be available (even though Castro Valley is not in the 13th District, there's an ace up her sleeve)? Lets hope tax payer dollars don't have to be waisted on a special election because he decides late in the game to give up.

Wow- he looks and sounds really sick.

Hayashi recently moved to Stonebrae Country Club in Hayward. Maybe to prepare for a run??

Oh great, another elistist jackass Democrat moving to a "Country Club". Probably to get in touch with all those illegals lining up on Tennyson Avenue. Stark is too damn selfish to retire. He has no class nor dignity.

A man gives decades of his life to public service, submits himself to voter approval nearly 20 times, votes his conscience as well as meeting the will of the majority of his Congressional District, and a story discussing his ill health draws nasty commenters. Why?

It's possible to have political disagreements with someone without dragging your own characters through the mud in public.

Decades of life to "public service". I'm not afraid to tell you this; Pete Stark is a ranting, raving, Communist. Plain and simple Doug. Just like the simple minded ethnic tards who vote for this jackass. All they want is a free ride off of the government. And that's all Stark has done; leach off the taxpayers for 40 years.

Stark never voted his conscience because he's an atheist and atheists have no conscience. Otherwise he wouldn't have been banging his staff worker while married to Carolyn Wente.

Don't give us any Democrat Party lines about this bastard, there's a special place in hell for Commies like him. He's a stain on this nation.

The will of the majority of his Congressional District???? What a load, this piece of dung gets about 80,000 votes out of a district of 600,000. That tells me that most people are just fed up and don't even bother to care anymore.

I think I'm developing an opinion of Manuel based on statements like these. It's not just that he has quite a bit of racial prejudice. He just plain hates the people who live in San Leandro and the East Bay.

It must be a painful way to go through life. It's certainly painful to read.

Oh, there we go again; can't argue the facts so we have to label the other guy a racist.

Well, Doug, have you read Saturday's Daily Review headline article about that piece of filth Franklin Lynch who brutally killed several elderly women in San Leandro in 1987? This racist beat these women to death for no reason. He is black they were white. Sounds like a hate crime to me. But of course to liberals like you, you ignore these crimes. This filth openly mocked his victims relatives in court. Of course Liberals like Doug make NO mention of that. Now the bastard has avoided the Death Chamber because of stupid appeals, placed in there by Liberals like Pete Stark, Jerry Brown and the 9th Circuit Court. It must be very mentally painful for Doug to go through life in in constant denial of reality.

Manuel, nothing wrong with you being labeled a hateful and bitter man, when in fact you are one. Just read your comments with an open mind, they are filled with venom and hate and a very bitter attitude.

I merely research issues, look at results and come to a conclusion. Nothing bitter there. I'm not the type of guy who goes into a voting booth, run my finger down the list of candidates and only vote the ones with Portuguese last names.

Oh yeah, And I was living in San Leandro in 1987 when that scum was terrorizing elderly women. Unlike these Johnny-come-lately's. There was no outcry from either that crooked Mayor Dave Karp or the incompetent Police Chief Maginnis. Too bad these women weren't trained in the use of handguns to protect themselves from this piece of garbage.

Franklin Lynch is in jail for life, never to see freedom again, and the public is protected from him forever. Good. I find that a proper punishment.

Appeals "are placed in there by Liberals like Pete Stark, Jerry Brown..."? You call that research of issues? Citations, please, of Stark or Brown placing appeals on behalf of Lynch.

Alternatively, stop lying.

Stark and Brown are liberals who are against the Death Penalty. They are the ones who instituted the asinine appeals process in order to allow scum like this to avoid their punishments. This animal was sentenced to die in the Gas Chamber. That is the only proper punishment for this piece of filth. If you see a lie anywhere Doug then go and cite it. You can't therefore you don't.

Pete Stark is for gun control. If anyone of these ladies had a pistol they could have protected themselves from scum like Lynch because Stark, Brown and Maginnis sure as hell didn't.

Cite the case law where Stark or Brown "instituted the...appeals process". You know the appeals process has sometimes ended with a man on Death Row being freed due to discovered evidence that someone else committed the crime, right?

The Judicial Branch is in control of determining the legality of punishments once a verdict has been reached.

The Second Amendment is quite alive and exercised in this country. Cite the case law preventing any of "these ladies" from having a gun. They were all legally capable of buying one. No Police Department is capable of protecting all of all crimes. Lynch was caught and punished; the people are forever protected from him.


Case Law? Hey dingbat, Case law is decided by Judges. bahahahahahahhahahahahaah Stark and Brown are responsible for statuary law. bahahhahahahahah The hell with it. Can't argue with someone who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

Name the statutory law involving Stark or Brown, then, regarding either subject.

It's the California and Federal Death Penalties. What part of "they're against it" don't you understand? What part of all the liberal, soft on crime laws that these two bastards have implemented don't you understand? Oh wait, you don't know the difference between case and statuary law.

"Votes his conscience." Is that what their suppose to be doing?

I called it a while ago that Hayashi would be leaving Castro Valley...the carpet bagging continues. (If you respond to that, make a damn good case as to why that's acceptable, first).

PS. Don't defend a politician who is attacked no matter his/her years of service. They accepted any current or future attacks when they filed to run for office. They live in a glass house (this one lives in a house in another state).

Maybe Mr. Stark will vote his conscience when spending bills come up, because obviously the White House has no conscience when it comes to spending.


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