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Stark's 14-Year-Old Son Pens Spy Novel

Every so often there is a discussion of whom will replace Rep. Pete Stark, if, and when he ever retires from Congress. To be clear, the conversation usually occurs when you turn off the tape recorder and down a few beers, but it happens.

The list of usual suspects are always the same. Sen. Ellen Corbett, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, Stark's wife, Deborah, the perfunctory Republican Lou Filipovich along with various current and former political hanger-ons from the past 20 years. Some even playfully mention Stark's 14-year-old son, Fish. The chronological logistics of positing the young man to one day inherit his father's seat would be difficult, unless his mother were to become its caretaker.

In the meantime, Fish is proving to be the proverbially chip off the block. His local newspaper has this profile of the fledgling novelist's work. He's been working on a spy novel, which the article describes as witty and entertaining. Just like good ol' dad, some would say. That is presuming Stark the Younger does not having any predilections towards describing 30-year congressman telling their constituents their limbs are not worthy of urinating on.

I have heard many accounts of Fish's intellectual acuity from various local politicos over the past year, highlighted by one consultant who joyously described a scene a few years ago at a local school involving Fish and his dad. According to the account, Stark apparently misspoke on one his points and Fish interrupted his dad to correct him, eliciting a bevy of smirks among the onlookers. "The kid is really smart," the consultant added.

According to today's profile, Fish regular blogs on a local Annapolis, Maryland website and his prose is clearly lively, entertaining and delightfully conversational. Instead of being a threat one day to the political aspirations of those in the East Bay, Fish may actuallybe more dangerous to political bloggers on both coast, than anything else.
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Did grandpa, er, dad, teach him to use a sharp tongue to insult his readers?

Pete Stark is still my Congressman?

Good lord; Fortney? Fish? Can't these fools come up with normal names????? Spy novel? Yeah, considering his "father" is an enemy of the America he's probably working on a biography of that aging Communist Bastard.

I read most of it and the book is very good! Give it a shot.

East Bay is likely not interested in the Annapolis drivel. However, here is the link tot he columns on Eye On Annapolis penned by Fish Stark under the name Seth Perry.

The kid is good!

Seth Perry/Fish Stark, From The Classroom Columns.

I am sure California is not interested in the drivel of Annapolis, MD. Here is a direct link to the columns penned by Fish Stark under the name Seth Perry.

The kid is great and has a sharp mind!

Hey Anonymous, or should I say Manuel, I have a few things to say to you.

First of all, nice grammar, shitbrain; "enemy of the America?" Secondly, one would assume that "Fish" is a nickname, as opposed to a given name. I also find it amusing, if not naive, that you judge people based on their names. Interesting. Judging by YOUR name, you're a goddamned illegal alien from Mexico, you're not a real citizen that contributes to society in any way, and you're an "enemy of the America" yourself. Compared to the good old traditional names of American people, "Manuel," is pretty SHITTY. And what the hell's wrong with a spy novel?! Most people who can READ find them entertaining (eg. the Bond series, the Bourne Series, et cetera)! Oh, and he's not Communist, age is a disease no one can stop, and he was born after his parents were married (which is the definition of 'bastard,' you dick).

But wait! I have an answer to your problem! It's simple: cup your hand, reach up your vagina, and scrape all the sand out! That should do the trick.

I hope that your children -God forbid you have any- spit on your grave, saying "Thank God that the old mother-f***ker is dead."

To the author:

Nice article.

Hey Allen, you just proved you're nothing but a racist yourself. So take your Communist crap and go kiss up to that aging Communist Bastard Pete Stark. A disgrace to America. Pete Stark is a Commie you jackass, if you lived in this area as long as I have you'd know that. He's a RED through and through. So take you're vulagarity and learn how to read.

I see that this 14 year old punk is making fun of religious people. Making derogatory remarks about Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sunday. Seems that the piss doesn't run far from Fortney's leg. The kid is a spoiled vulgar litte rich snot like his spoil Communist Dad. The spawn of a spoiled rich Commie and a gold digging hussy.

Are you people proud of yourselves spewing bile at a 14 year old? I get that you don't like his father; but what kind of man or woman are YOU when you verbally attack a kid.

Yes, I'm proud to criticize this spoiled little snot nosed elitist punk. His mind has been polluted by that worthless father of his, another spoiled elitist punk, and gold-digging mother. By his writings it's obvious he hasn't been taught to respect anyone or anything other than what his little selfish mind deems worthy of his arrogance. Oh wow, just like his Communist father.


Yes, I am racist. And I'm sure living here 48 years isn't nearly as long as you, is it?! Also, my name is spelled Allan not Allen. Get it right. And I agree, where do you get off criticizing a kid who has a higher place in society than you at age the of 14. He's a kid! And from his readings it seems like he's more mature than you. If you can't handle a good criticism of what you believe then you obviously don't believe it very well.

Also, it's more Socialistic than Communist, but you don't know the difference anyway. Also, I will not take my vulgarity away, nor will I learn how to read! And America is a disgrace to itself. Look in a mirror.

If you want to continue this argument, it'll be in person and you'll be staring down the barrel of my Remington.

If not, have a nice day, chode-polisher :)

You people need to get a goddamn life, instead of maliciously attacking a child, not to mention one with writing skillls better than all of you.

Barrel of a Remington? Typical liberal hogwash. You'd probably piss your pants at the sight of a pellet gun.

Oh and Fishhead Stark put his name out there with his writings. If the kid can't stand the criticism then keep his mouth shut. Unfortunately, his spoiled DNA from his father won't let him.

Allan acts like he's a big fan of Fortney Stark. Are you on welfare?

Guys, calm down. I know the kid and he is one of the smartest and most respectful kids I have ever met. He just happens to be open about his views. When did that become a bad thing?

You should all be impressed. He's written a full length novel by age 14, could you have done that?

I think he could have minimized the number of political jabs he used in his similes and I don't really like the book, but to each one's own.

He's a cool kid, and you should all stop being so freakin' jealous.

Fish, stop commenting on this article defending yourself. You're just embarrassing yourself


When he enlists at age 18, goes to Iraq, and spends a couple tours of Duty there, then I'll be impressed. Otherwise, he's just another rich spoiled preppy son of a Commie.

The novel is a joke. The idea that any government would train a 13 year old spy, who has never been exposed to television or music is retarded. I mean for a fourteen year old, maybe I can give the concession that its above average, but it definetly is not good. Also, his damn similies piss me off. They're funny the first few times, and after that he's just trying too hard.

Not worth reading the book, but worth keeping an eye out because maybe when he gets older, his writing will be decent.

Fish and Congressman Stark as well as Manuel, Daria, Allan, Alfred, and myself have something called "First Amendment Rights." I know, weird right?
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Yes, we have something called freedom of speech. But guess what we also have. The right to remain silent. SO SHUT THE F*CK UP!

P.S. Writing a full-length novel at 14 is not as easy as your horse of a mother.

The kid probably had a Ghostwriter like your Messiah, Komrade Chairman Maobama.
The Guv

PS Yes I know I misspelled Comrade, it's called satire for Commies which means it will fly over most of your heads. That is all.

At the risk of being out of the mainstream of these comments, I have to simply say that the Stark family is a member of our local community. They have a typical family schedule of school and local events. Pete and Deborah attend their children's events and host and attend local get-togethers. My son recently told me that Fish had written a novel so I bumped into this site while looking for its title so that we can read it. That's all.

Everybody stop being mean! I know Fish personally (and personally love his name, too!) And he's a freaking genius (this coming from a girl who scored 2nd in the state of Florida on SATs... in 7th grade). His books are awesome...and I get to read for free on Facebook! If you haven't read them, do it. I promise it's worth your time.

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