Monday, June 28, 2010

Corbett, Hayashi Co-Author Arizona Boycott Resolution

State Sen. Ellen Corbett and Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi are 2 of 44 California lawmakers to co-author a resolution this past week urging the state, businesses and tourists to boycott Arizona because of its controversial immigration law due to become law at the end of July. If passed, California would be the first state in the nation to rebuke Arizona action.

The resolution put forth by Los Angeles state Sen. Gil Cedillo reads, "The Arizona law undermines fundamental civil rights and civil liberties, and poses a special threat to people of color who live in and travel through Arizona." SCR 113 also recognizes the nation's immigration law need reform, but not one based on fear. "We need humane and workable solutions, not an irrational and irresponsible response, to our broken immigration system."

Cedillo, who some conservative critics call "One-Bill Gil," is known for numerous unsuccessful attempts at passing a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license in the state. Besides Corbett and Hayashi, other East Bay legislators have signed on to the resolution including, assembly members Sandre Swanson (D-Alameda), Alberto Torrico (D-Fremont) and Sen. Loni Hancock (D-Oakland).

Like most politics in California, a liberal view permeates on the coast primarily in and around San Francisco and Los Angeles. Governing bodies in those cities and Oakland have already passed specific resolutions against the immigration law, but support has stalled in the state's more conservative Central counties.

Some Republicans in more red areas of the state are not supporting Cedillo's resolution. State Sen. Jeff Denham (R-Atwater) fully supports the law and told the Modesto Bee, "A 'You boycott me, I'll boycott you' scenario is a risk California cannot afford to take," Denham said. "Arizona has every right to protect its citizens, and I fully support its immigration law." Denham did not elaborate on what Arizona may boycott from California, but it surely will not include advice on balancing budgets.
PHOTO: State Sen. Gil Cedillo representing Los Angeles


  1. I call bull$&it. California has the exact same law as Arizona. This law is needed because these people are here illegally. What definition of "illegally" don't you scum bags understand????

  2. Nicholas E. TerryJune 28, 2010 at 9:37 AM

    Have you called both of these offices to see if they've read the bill? I'd be happy to drop it off to them, it's about 17 pages...I read it while driving one day (I did not read it on my phone though). Boycott Arizona, sure...I hope Arizona shuts off the water & power they supply some of California; wait, wouldn't that be the start of a Civil War? This feel good bulls*it is the continuance of the pussification of this state. It's election season, sure, the liberal progressives in California have to do all they can to waste our money and their time boycotting a State that's enforcing federal law. If it's legal to be here illegally, it should be legal to drive a car illegally, or operate a business and committing tyranny by serving in the California Legislature.

    It's ILLEGAL to be in this country ILLEGALLY...that's all they are saying. We'll continue to let Corbett serve us for four more years, and Hayashi for two...we'll complain but do nothing about it.

    George Bush's IQ is higher then all 44 of these people combined; morons!

  3. Nicholas, I too hope that Arizona secedes from the Union, shuts off the power and water to Southern California, and begins shelling Mexico. Bush's IQ and the collective IQ of Arizona are about the same as the temperature in Tucson. No money, no power and no trade and Arizona and Los Angeles can go back to what it was in the beginning: an alkali desert. There is a reason why Spain and Mexico did not colonize California until the 1770's. There was nothing here then and with your leadership we can soon achieve that exalted position again. Michael

  4. Nicholas E. TerryJune 28, 2010 at 4:56 PM


    Pointless argument against the Arizona law & the ass-hats in Sacramento that are pushing this feel good waste of paper. But you keep on enjoying being one of those fanatics that has a horrible sense of sarcasm.

    No state will secede from the union in our...I mean my life time.

  5. This law does nothing and takes very little legislative time away from other business. It has to be done. Symbols are strong and I'm happy our local leaders have join the group. What I wish though is that Democrats would realize what Arizona is doing is part of the effect of the federal government not doing anything to clean up the borders. Drastic times breed drastic measures, but Obama isn't going to touch this.

  6. O'Mordha, what are you talking about? You made no sense.

  7. What a waste of time, please clean-up the mess in this state CA State Legislators and mind your own business for once.

  8. Nicholas E. TerryJune 29, 2010 at 8:37 AM

    Once again, Arizona is only doing what the Federal government requires.

    When you open a bank account, you need papers. When you get a drivers license, you need papers. When you register for school or t-ball, you need papers. When you travel to a foreign country, you need papers. When you get a DOG or CAT, you need papers. But somehow it's racists and unconstitutional to require an illegal citizen to have papers.

    No profiling. It's forbidden.

    California is doing what the progressive left does; divert attention away from your problem and attack someone else's.

    It's illegal to be here illegally (as stupid as that sounds)...end of argument.

    Here is what the Fed is doing:


  9. This resolution shows the true racism. People die crossing the border every day. Without enforcement, which the feds do not do, more will die. This resolution sends a strong message that we will not try to catch illegals, so more will come, and more will die. The Liberals don't care that people die, only that the ones that survive will vote for them. If they die, well, they can't vote (in most counties). Border enforcement and policing illegals saves lives. Turning a blind eye, or worse yet, amnesty, encourages more illegal crossings, and more deaths.