Monday, June 7, 2010

Do We Really Know Nadia Lockyer?

Aside from slick campaign mailers, A-List Democratic support and her husband's money, do we know really know her? By Nicholas Terry
You know what really grinds my gears? Misleading campaign material. One particular candidate’s campaign and story, are just that…a political fairytale.

Is this all the rage these days or are people just getting sloppy? Is the sloppy work just misleading and are people getting wiser or is the Internet a foe to candidates?

I wrote previously about the expensive mailer Alameda County Supervisor candidate Nadia Lockyer mailed out and how that doesn’t give any candidate creditability. It just proves (as we learned later) that they have BIG BUCKS. Today, I received a fourth piece of mail (I also received a standard mailer with big name support and another asking me to consider Mrs. Lockyer), this time with more pictures.

Something stood out…the locations of the pictures and the key calling out where they were taken.

Picture number one is of Nadia with two young females, looking at a computer; the caption is ‘Nadia, working with staff.’ What kind of staff? Campaign Staff? Because that looks like her A Street campaign headquarters. That’s fine if it’s campaign staff, but say so, otherwise it leads you to believe otherwise. I drove by just to make sure the blue awnings in the reflection are on A Street.

Next is picture number two, Nadia and three unnamed community members and the caption reads ‘A community education event in Union City.’ This looks like a picture outside of Starbucks on one of her first campaign precinct walks (at least it looked familiar with some on her official Facebook page). Again, no big deal if that WAS not a community education event, but, again, it’s misleading. I didn’t think those types of things were held at Starbucks. And if it WAS a campaign event, this is the first time I’ve heard them called “community education event.” Saul Alinsky missed out on that term.

Number three looks legit, we’re told Nadia is ‘reviewing a domestic violence issue…’ she’s an attorney and member of the State Bar since 1997. But this came into play once before and make it appear as she is personally handling a domestic violence case/trial. I may have to eat crow, but I don’t mind saying, “is that REALLY what’s she’s doing in that picture?”

In picture number four (don’t worry only one more) she’s pointing at a map of southern Alameda county and is ‘training interns for community education.’ By that, does she mean, pointing out which areas to hit with campaign materials? After all, she’s wearing the same outfit as picture one and the same two young “interns” are in the picture. I have a serious problem with using the “community education” as a synonym for “campaigning.”

And last, the only picture I CAN’T argue with, is number five. It’s of a younger Nadia Lockyer, President of the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education, who “led efforts to increase college attendance, reduce teen pregnancy rates (that’s a parents job by the way) and improve collaboration between schools and local government.” Since the picture has the SAUSD seal on it, I’ll just refrain from speaking out. Besides repeating the sentiment that it’s not a schools responsibility to teach abstinence. Or manners. Or diets.

The cover page is of Nadia flipping through a copy of West’s California Reporter (law book), and perhaps saying something. The caption includes “ONLY ONE has direct experience working as a county manager inside county government.” I’ll say this, she is the ONLY candidate with a campaign headquarters that displays a JERRY BROWN 2010 poster, while boasting the support of a (former) Republican politician. One could argue she appeals to both sides, but I’d be content in arguing that she’s playing one side.

The continuing problem is the manipulation of words and facts. Mrs. Lockyer’s campaign is not the only one doing so this year. However, Nadia’s is on-going and money is being used to promote her “experience.” Even though a small amount of money has been raised privately and the bulk of it is from her husbands war chest; I’ve always found it ridiculous that that’s even legal or ethical. I mean, on the surface, she IS the perfect candidate; she has known A-list politicians since her youth, she is married to the state Treasurer (and former Top Cop of California), she’s endorsed by the Vice Mayor of Union City, Assemblywoman Hayashi, Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk, a ton of other organization and people outside of her district and of course, the ghost endorsement of state Sen. Corbett.

But in reality, when we look at the fine print, when we stop and take a minute to take away the slick ads, glossy flyers, heavy endorsements, campaign headquarters and spouses own campaign funds, we see an outsider who has decided to run for office (not that she isn’t dedicated) but because someone’s or some group has figured the stars seem to be aligned in her favor. And that maybe she is the ideal, if not perfect candidate for the job.

When we look at the facts and not the printed marketing material or hyped up excuses and spin, and when we consider the opponents, only then do we learn that the one with the biggest bank account and connections, isn’t the truest of them all.

Nicholas Terry is a Hayward resident and former candidate for the 18th Assembly District.


  1. Amen Nicholas!

  2. Cross our fingers this goes to a runoff ... then Ms. Lockyer's accomplishments be vetted

  3. I hope there's a runoff, but Lockyer isn't in it. GO GREEN!

  4. I'm puzzled at the editorial decision here. The premise of this comment doesn't differ much from one published by this same author on The Citizen two months ago.

    It is clearly in a School District's interest to try to reduce pregnancy rates among its students. Pregnant students must drop their classes for some time; students who drop classes cost the District money. In addition, the girl's education is interrupted; for too many, this interruption becomes permanent.

    I am sure the author would agree that it is best for teenage girls to avoid becoming pregnant. A School District can supplement a family's role in this area, and does not usurp it.

  5. Nicholas E. TerryJune 7, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    It's what I do, Doug. Like it or not.

    Typical response. I know MANY teachers and I asked five about that topic. Zero said they want to (suppliment) make up for a parents short comings. I wouldn't want anyone other then my childs mother or myself teaching my child about anything as personal.

    Doug...why not check teen pregnancy rates during her tenure. Seems you like facts. East as pie, brother. Otherwise, enjoy voting tomorrow.

  6. Proudly Nadia's sis-Sabrina I. EversoleJune 8, 2010 at 7:20 PM

    Everything you state here is not based in fact (truthfully, it is misinformed assumption). Neither Nadia, or her husband Bill, have a lot of money. How do I know this? She is my sister. And the very truth is that if she has all this money you claim she does, why is it that she has rarely been able to fly out to see her family here, in So. Cal., because of the expense ? You noticed how she wore the same outfit twice in two separate pictures.That's Nadia for you. She's the kind of person who wouldn't mind wearing the same outfit more than once if it means using that money elsewhere, like in helping out people she loves.
    We grew up in a family of seven kids with parents who both came from nothing (google Wallace R. Davis, our father and actually get to KNOW something about Nadia's roots and who she is) and whom always taught us to live humbly, with gratitude and in service of others (Nadia started very young with this, giving her toys away and literally the sandals off her feet on trips we took with our church to Tijuana orphanages, and donating to / babysitting for Vietnamese refugees we sponsored in the 80's, etc,.).By the way, Nadia worked in organizations OUTSIDE of the school district that helped reduce teen pregnancy by empowering young women (Girls Incorporated, for instance, is one).Don't you have something better to do with your time than sit at your computer and spew lies ?

  7. By the way, the answer to your question is NO! You obviously don't know her at all and instead of studying pictures and making (wrong) assumptions based on the details and passing that off as somehow knowing her, why don't you actually talk to the woman or research ALL that she has done that more than qualifies her for the position ?

  8. Nicholas E. TerryJune 8, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    Mrs. Eversole:

    I do not bring family into any kind of political arguments or discussions unless someone else does. However, to so many, its to personal and they take anything written about family, the wrong way. That being said, if you read my piece as written, you'll see that I am stating obvious facts. The pictures and captions in one particular mailer is misleading. You site that your sister is wearing the same outfit on purpose...is way off track on what I'm saying. That's just a photo-op mishap or on purpose, either way, you're off. I was pointing out the truth, that the captions, again, are misleading. MANY voters will see a mailer and take it for the truth. I find it my role as a concerned citizen to point out these misleading facts. IF Nadia had said she was in her office...I'd ask which office? Are you working with your paid staff at work or your volunteers? There's a difference.

    I am not questioning her love of service, I applaud anyone that gives it a shot. I am questioning the campaign...and that is fair game when it comes to politics. It's a crappy, dirty thing, even for the well intentioned.

    If you read this site, you'll learn that MANY people in the area KNOW Bill Lockyer has money; CAMPAIGN money. Regardless if they live in the Hayward Hills and not the flats or in the flats, they have campaign money. I am not questioning her personal wealth, or his (however, Bill has HAD to make some nice money over his political career). If you say she can't afford a plane ticket to visit her family, I am sorry, again, I dont know her personal wealth and won't give my personal opinion of that bit of information.

    I have a full time job and family, but like I said, I feel like if I have an outlet to speak about something of interest, I am going to do it, as I am doing here. My posts and writings are not nearly as bad as some of the stuff written by some on here. I would have LOVED to talk to your sister, as I said, when I emailed her and called twice, with zero response (this was BEFORE the Citizen wrote about her).

    Again, read what I wrote carefully and look at the mailer pointing out misleading notions. Calling a campaign walk "community education" is very misleading. But moreover, it's what grinds my gears, as stated from the beginning.

    Also...the Lockyer campaign spewed many lies during this campaign. If your sister wins, may all her experience as a leader and experience county manager, work in OUR favor.

  9. This whole scenario is non-sense. Talk about the girl and her views, not a bunch of pictures for crying out loud. This is like a child's discussion. She is UNQUALIFIED to be on the Board of Supervisors. All this gold digger has is that she married that slob Lockyer.

  10. Nicholas E. TerryJune 8, 2010 at 9:49 PM


    I respect what you think, but to ME, its important. It more mature then calling her a gold digger. Her own sister said she's broke. She is winning and probably will win...she'll be able to visit more often. Dont take out your hatred of Bill on her...shes finally a politician.

  11. Broke? Oh please give me a frickin' break. Fatboy is making over $100,000 a year as Treasurer and she's pulling a big wad running that bs "non-profit" and she can't afford a $200 round trip to Orange County on Jet Blue or Southwest? Or get in the car and drive. Driving would be better so she could actually see California. That line may work for the idiots who voted for this fraud, but not for me. As the song goes; (appropriately) Don't cry for me Nadia-tina, You said that you were immortal. I kept my promise, you keep your distance.

  12. How can someone say they're a Mexican with the name....WALLACE DAVIS? WTF?

  13. Nicholas E. TerryJune 8, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Google it.

  14. I did Google it. And like I said; "How can someone say they're a Mexican with the name...WALLACE DAVIS? WTF?"

  15. Nicholas E. TerryJune 8, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    All I found was an elementary school in..wait...Santa Ana? Maybe you'll find more. And I did find out that her son was named after him. And that "Nadia independently authored a handbook and conducted seminars at high schools and colleges throughout California for immigrant students regarding their rights to higher education."

    Hate to post an obit, but found this... http://articles.latimes.com/1994-11-16/local/me-63210_1_memorial-services he was an attorney.


  16. The obituary had the guy as an extreme Left winger.

  17. Nicholas E. TerryJune 9, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    I woke spill ill of him because he's not running for office, but it certainly paints a new picture of Nadia.

  18. Sabrina EversoleJune 9, 2010 at 9:39 AM

    Nicolas, I appreciate your response and I respect your right to your opinions. You're right, there are a lot more ugly things being stated about my sister. I was literally sick to my stomach reading them for the first time last night and had to stop.It is too close to me, and knowing the real Nadia makes me want to jump in and defend her. I will fully admit that my emotions then affect my ability to be fully articulate.Furthermore, there would be so much to respond to that it's overwhelming (there's a lot that doesn't deserve a response too). I can only say that in time people will see that my sister is the real deal and would never purposely mislead anyone. I do hope one day you will have the opportunity to speak with her and have clarity in regard to the issues you present here.
    In response to the totally disrespectful "anonymous" comments about my father and questions about his heritage...his father was Hispanic/Welsh (thus my father's name) and his mother was Mexican (we also are Native American, of the Acjachemem tribe). I feel it's wrong to attach certain names to a race of people (especially as Americans, when so many of us are multicultural). Also, my sister is not a "gold digger", but someone who doesn't know her could easily make such assumptions and jump on the bashing bandwagon (p.s. she did fine as an attorney in her own right,and was not brought up with that mindset (quite the opposite, really...)).

  19. Sabrina EversoleJune 9, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Just to clarify a bit....Nadia DOES drive out when we do see her, I never said she was "broke" in the way "anonymous" refers, but that she does have personal expenses that are not aligned with the extravagant lifestyle some of you seem to believe she lives. She and Bill are really refreshingly simple, non-materialistic (very giving) people. I can't expect anyone who doesn't know them personally to believe so, but this is what I am blessed to know as the truth.

  20. Nadia's first place finish has served more than one good purpose...she has exposed Kevin Dowling as a failed, washed up career politician who could'nt get elected dog catcher outside the City of Hayward. Kevin Dowling, pleeeeese go away.

  21. Nicholas E. TerryJune 9, 2010 at 12:05 PM


    Thanks for the response. As I stated, I wrote about the literature sent, not so much about the person. Unfortunelty, not speaking to Nadia (before I even wrote for this page) when I served on the County Consumer Affairs Commission, upset me, especially after two email attempts and calls. regardless, my opionion on her husband is besides the point; others may feel that he's influenced her. Either way, it doesn't matter. Like I said, all I ask if that people look at what I wrote, and if they care, they will discover what I was talking about.

    My name hardly sounds Italian, Portuguese or Native American...but I am.

    Kevin Dowling's defeat is not because of who he is, it is about money. THIS campaign was about money and who had more. If you disagree, then you don't know a lick about what it takes. The money raised did not bring victory, it brought a run-off. The money USED, has to be historical for this county...historical and repulsive. Instead of saying Dowling is a failure, site the reasons why and what he personally failed at. I don't know if you can. They may be there, but it seems most are only able to type hate instead of facts.

    Again, Mrs. Eversole...thanks for the kinder response, and I hope you can at least see where I was coming from. Politics can't be too personal...you never know who your next colleague may be.

  22. When Kevin Dowling had huge financial and organizational advatages over his rivals in 2002 and 2006, he did'nt complain about it. Now that a well funded, well organized campaign has kicked his fat butt into political oblivion, he's crying about it.

    Memo to Kevin Dowling...look, SUGAR BRITCHES, you are finished, your political career is done.

  23. "Kevin Dowling's defeat is not because of who he is, it is about money."

    Dowling has a track record of being for something until special interests convince him that being against it will be to his career and financial incentive. I doubt that we've seen the last of him, as I'm sure he'll bubble up on someone's staff, behind the scenes, where he can do more damage.

  24. Dowling should lose 75 pounds and try to hook up with Roy Ashburn, I think they would make a cute couple.

  25. Oh great, an old washed up gold digger and the younger version going into the run-off. What a joke. Wiggle her butt and shake her booty while playing old Jennifer Lopez songs. (Side note, Nadia doesn't have that huge Lopez...)

  26. Ms. Eversole,

    I understand you defending your sister. And no doubt your sister has done good for the community. But she and her husband have turned local elections into a sham. They are pouring boatloads of money and now common folks will never be able to be elected to office. Perhaps this is how politics is in OC but not here. More to the point, i think many people are disgusted at how much money is being wasted to get her elected in this difficult economy. The only beneficiaries are campaign consultants. At what cost does she want the seat?

  27. Ms. Eversole-

    Congats to your sister on her first place finish.

    It seems to me that those who backed Liz and Kevin Dowling are poor losers who reveled in their campaigns as well funded incumbents with organizational advantages, but turned into pouters when the shoe went on the other foot. Your sister made a mistake when she was not as forthcoming or clear as she should have been regarding her status with the DA's office, but she's dealt with that issue head on and diffused it as a matter of contention in the runoff.

    Regardless of the losers endorsements of Liz, your sister will win the runoff by 15% or more.

  28. You folks don't understand. Lockyer spent other people's money to get this Valley-girl elected. None is coming out of their pockets. The two of them are milking the public trough for their own financial gain and personal fulfillment. That money came from donations Fatboy sucked from donors to his campaigns. It was never his in the first place.

  29. Anon @June 9, 2010 8:20 PM - So, basically, she acted like any other candidate for public office? Shocking!

    PS - Your EPIDERMIS is showing!

  30. Nicholas E. TerryJune 9, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    Steve...please get rid of the Anonymous option. Its growing pathetic as people hide behind it when saying false and disrespectful things.

    Its so easy to take them not so seriously.

  31. Oh what the hell, like someone couldn't make up a false name and identity instead of signing Anonymous?????

  32. Well I see that Nadia is part and parcel with the entire Leftists Mexican Gang down south. She was part of the Loretta Sanchez crew that stole that election from Bob Dornan. She's a SOW. Maybe a prettier one but a Sow nonetheless.

  33. "Its so easy to take them not so seriously."

    And yet even easier to bait you into replying.

  34. Anon.@June 9, 8:20PM....the fatboy who has REALLY hurt Hayward is Kevin Dowling. His 12 years of negative influence on the Hayward council have come to a end, thank goodness. Dowling and his fairy godmother, Roberta Cooper did more to hurt this town that most people realize. Old lady Bertie hobbled away from power, but it took a swift kick to Dowling's fat ass administered by the voters who rejected his District 2 campaign to send him out of the picture. Kevin Dowling, you're a bottom feeding leech who has drained the Hayward public coffers for 12 years too long. Good riddance to you.

  35. Roberta Cooper? She's wasn't qualified to run a Baskin-Robbins counter let alone a city. What's she doing now?; Selling bra's at Kohls?

  36. Nicholas E. TerryJune 11, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    Easier to bait me? Please. Some of you people are like arguing with a deaf Icelandic child. Yet I keep it going because the humor makes for SOME pleasure in my day.

    Manuel...I still have no idea why you put Anonymous yet write your name. Yes, anyone could make up a name, but...mature adults won't.

  37. Mr. Terry-

    The Bertie Coopers, Kevin Dowlings, Bill Quirks, Paul Frumkins and Jesus Armas of Hayward have placed both the city and HUSD in a terrible position. HPD turned into an unprofessional, laughing stock of a department best known for the sexual harassment of female/gay officers. The City of Hayward has paid out several Million in settlement money because of the Animal House conditions at HPD, conditions that Bertie, Dowling, Quirk and the rest of the council willingly condoned, in exchange for the continued political support of the police union.

    Frumkin and a revolving door's worth of school board members have presided over the gradual loss of professional and fiscal stature of the Hayward school district.

    HUSD is in technical bankruptcy at this very moment, and, in fact, would be best served by a state take over of the Hayward public schools.

    If that mexican moron Francisco Zermeno says that "Hayward has no problems " again, I think I'll throw up.

  38. Nicholas E. TerryJune 11, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    Anonymous 12:37pm-

    There is no doubt truth in what you said. But one MUST stop and think about the type of politician roams the bay area. Hayward had problems before Cooper and Dowling and continue to have it's problems; not just left overs from Coopers term. Poor selections on projects that fail a result of liberal/progressive politics. Make no mistake, I am not a Kevin Dowling defender or 100% supporter; in this election, I felt he was the only candidate right for the job...your opinion is your own, as is mine. Nadia Lockyer is not a proven leader. End of that one.

    If you think these types of politicians are good, continue to elect them and then regret it later. Nadia Lockyer is Bill Lockyer's wife, she was endorsed by the likes of Bill Quirk, Mary Hayashi...these are people that have "our" best intentions in mind but then fail us.

    Don't get me started on the HPD. When you have police cruisers turning on and off their sirens just to get past a red light/traffic (before anyone starts, travel down Winton around 5pm near the police station and all the way to Mission Blvd, this happens), obviously the top brass has no clue what else is going on. When you have officers on FaceBook on their iPhones at a red light, somethings wrong.

    Hayward schools are a mess; politicians have no place on school boards, neither do parents, nor do administration. I'd pick educators over them any-day as THEY alone are the ones that face the problems politicians and administrators create.

    To say Hayward has no problems is a complete lie. One should not be reelected for saying such a thing; this is reality, not a feel good movie where things come to a happy ending in less then two hours.

    Once Hayward stops being the hand-out city of the Bay, MAYBE then it can re-group. But until then, greed and progressive utopia abound.

  39. Nicholas E. TerryJune 11, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    It's my hope that we some day take pride in what elected leaders do, not just support them because they have a D or R next to their name. Taking pride in leaders has become a special interest, local politicians lack courage & boldness. To like them, to be proud of them, is to be naive, one-sided and stubborn. Every one of them should piss you off.

  40. Mr. Terry-

    Thanks for the reply.

    It's nice that this forum exists....after The Daily Review became an edition of the Tribune, and Bay Area News cut down to one full time reporter, the Review lost the local importance and flavor it had for the 27 years that I've lived here.

    Without a real newspaper to keep them honest, the mice in City Hall have had a long string of play days.

  41. Frank Zermeno is an ignorant aging low-rider. Be like Kevin Dowling and just GO AWAY!

  42. Read all the comments above and now I know who NOT to vote for. Wow! And I thought that person with the flashy flyer was a good change from your usual politician. Looks like throwing $$$ into the campaign (like Meg whitman) will win power?? If she lives in Hayward , wonder if her son goes to the public school? Or private/charter school? It's v. telling if someone says something and then it's exempt from her own family.