Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lock and Liz Begin First Day of Runoff Campaigns

Both sides spin Tuesday's results, look toward grueling race By Steven Tavares
Barring a last minute upset, Nadia Lockyer is set to face Liz Figueroa for a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, in one of the area's most highly-anticipated matchup this November.

Tuesday's results are unofficial, but former state Sen. Liz Figueroa leads surprisingly strong finisher Union City Mayor Mark Green by a few hundred votes for second place. Lockyer garnered 38 percent for first place.

"We're thrilled to finish first," said Katie Merrill, a spokesperson for the Lockyer campaign. Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling, who finished a disappointing fourth, congratulated both Lockyer and Figueroa, but, as they say, the day after the primary is just the first day of what may be a very rough general election.

Both campaigns attempted to spin Tuesday's results. "Seventy-six percent of voters said they wanted someone other than Liz," said Merrill. Figueroa countered saying, "Sixty-two percent of voters said they wanted an experienced candidate."
The possibility of intense media coverage focusing on the more gossipy elements of the matchup may crowd out coverage of the issues facing Alameda County voters, both camp say. Headlines in the Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee reported the connection between state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, his wife, Nadia, and Liz Figueroa with The Bee blaring on its widely-read political blog, "Lockyer's wife, ex-girlfriend headed to runoff."

"I would hope the mainstream media will focus on issues of importance when voters are trying to make ends meet and looking for jobs," said Merrill. Figueroa says voters want to talk about jobs, the budget and issues like saving CalWorks. "They all deserve our attention," she says.

Figueroa faces an uphill battle to erase Lockyer's electoral and fund-raising advantage in the next five months. She announced receiving the endorsement of her two former opponents, Green and Dowling and says a slew of fundraisers are already planned for the coming months. Nevertheless, Lockyer's war chest could reach over $1 million with much of it coming from the campaign for treasurer of her husband, Bill, but Figueroa says the money is just obfuscating the issues facing the district.

"They are buying all these signs and sending all these mailers to take the focus away from the issues," said Figueroa. "When push comes to shove, spending over $600,000, didn't get them much."

The big surprise of the night was the late surge of Green, who had invested little money into his campaign, but made up for the deficit with old-fashioned door-to-door retail politics. Dowling praised Green's efforts, while noting his long tenure as mayor of Union City gave him a built-in advantage in name I.D. around his city and Fremont.

With the election of Wilma Chan to the Board of Supervisors replacing Alice Lai-Bitker, the two-woman runoff between Lockyer and Figueroa hoping to take the seat of retiring Supervisor Gail Steele, assures the current gender make-up of the board (three men, two women) remains the same.


It is disgusting that Nadia came in first. And she's supposed to be "empowering young women"??? bahahahahhahaa What a joke; it's called gold digger, get a white sugar daddy to advance your political career, rail against said white man and claim LA RAZA!!! What a load of crap. How any idiot can vote for this nut is beyond me.

$600000 to get 9500+ works out to about $63 a vote. Simply idiotic. Now Hubby & Ms. Lockyer will make double that amount til November. Simply atrocious especially during this economy. Wouldn't this money better spent on services people need instead of political signs & mailers?

Manuel, I suspected all along you were the "bahahahahhahaa" guy too...your alter ego?

As for Nadia Lockyer...the Lockyer name paid off.

Oh, that BITCHY Kevin Dowling....pointing out everyone else's so called advantages, while ignoring the fact that the voters repudiated his candidacy.

Hitch up your panties and be a big girl about this, Kevin.

I'm not a huge Nadia fan, but money and power trump everything else in politics, like it or not. Dowling should think twice before crossing the Lockyers. They own Hayward politics now.

Yea, kevin wont be able to beg a new job off anyone if he keeps messing with Nadia and her old man.

Barry, Don't be silly now. We're talking serious stuff.

Bob Brinker says we have the best government that money can buy.

Hey Tavares....who gives a rat's ass what is the "current" gender make-up of the Board of Supervisors???? Give that crap a rest already.

Oh snap!

Either way, it doesn't represent (and I don't mean in terms of race or sex; there are two African Americans, one older liberal white woman, one moderate one guy and one Asian) Alameda County equally...if you think it does, you have no clue. Haggerty, on a good day will think conservatively, questioning fiscal matters...but it was Steele who came the closest. That's all gone now. The BOS is too often thinking of who they can assist next, whose salary to raise or how to dodge a tricky subject. Attend a few meetings and you'll see hair being pulled from your own head...get appointed to a Commission if you really want frustration.

The inclusion of the BOS gender/race makeup is part of the story. When Lai-Bitker announced she was not running re-election, there was significant talk in the Asian community around Oakland of keeping that seat. I don't see anything inherently wrong with a group hoping to maintain representation. The gender role is also a part of the story from the early going. Many people told me the chances of any male winning those seats were remote and that played itself out when the frontrunners for both seats were females.

Keeping that seat? What does that mean? We're just supposed to vote for someone regardless of ability and merely put someone their just because of their vagina, size of their boobs, slant of their eyes, color of their skin, or inability to talk proper English?

Manuel...it means, there's no way in hell Lai-Bitker was going to be replaced by another nationality other then Asian. However, you can not compare Lockyer to Steele...two TOTALLY different women.

Well, it's that stupid mentality by the Portuguese that we have Tony Santos. "oh Tony brings lots of linquisa to the parties".

Oh and don't forget about Linda Perry. Oh gosh, don't forget about her; every dingbat woman who votes for her; "Oh she's Portuguese, we need a woman in office". Yeah, so she can gulp down her sopas.

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