Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peixoto, Salinas Win Seats on Hayward Council

HAYWARD COUNCIL One-time contender Lamnin unable to make move to second
Change is coming to the Hayward City Council next year.

With 80 percent of precincts reporting, Marvin Peixoto and Mark Salinas are on their way to the replacing outgoing members of the council, Anna May and Kevin Dowling.

Peixoto's 30 percent share of the vote barely fluctuated throughout the evening, while Salinas (25 percent) held the second spot and began to slowly move away from the only real challenger in the six-person race, Sara Lamin who began to slip just below 20 percent.

Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney also easily won re-election against an unknown college student registered as a write-in candidate. The arrival of Peixoto and Salinas will leave the council with a single woman, one Latino and one African-American.


  1. I am excited to know that Mr. Salinas won a city council seat. I know him personally and he I know he'll do great things for the city of Hayward.

  2. Hayward has been taken over by the latino crew led by Francisco "Hayward is perfect" Zermeno. This city is on the verge of financial disater because to the actions/inaction of pols like Kevin Dowling and the Zapata wanna be Zermeno.

  3. Anon,

    Actually the Latinos reflect the city. This is America and democracy at its best. You may not like it. That is ok. You can talk all you like, but it is the vote and the majority, thankfully that rules. Emiliano Zapata was a great man and certainly most would not mind being painted with his legacy. The alternative is ugly.

  4. The latinos DO reflect Hayward....that's the main reason Hayward is in such trouble. In Hayward, taxpayer money goes toward maintaining a day labor service that is 99% utilized by illegal aliens. This, during the worst economic times since the Great Depression. I'm sick of my tax dollars going to support people taking jobs away from American citizens. The Hayward public schools are in financial and professional crisis...the school system is in such bad shape that the district could'nt find a valid candidate to take over for the failed Dale Vigil, they were forced to stick the interim sup. into the job. All this, thanks to the huge number of children of undocumented aliens attending public school in Hayward. HUSD is on the brink of bankruptcy thanks to having to bear the burden of providing services to kids who should be in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatamala or wherever the hell their illegal alien parents came from. The Latino impact on this town is negative. Mike Sweeney should wear a sombero to City Council meetings.

  5. Nicholas E. TerryJune 9, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Wasn't Hayward a prominent Portuguese town, like San Leandro? ie. the Portuguese Hall I use to go to as a kid? Anyways, just because the majority is one thing, doesn't mean the city is just that. I drive by a latino groccery store every day on the way to work, it's known as the WIC Store...very fancy cars coming and going from there. And before you open your mouth, spend some time watching who comes and goes from that store, look at the cars parked on city streets, and the residents sitting out front, on a week day. As a resident, I feel it and see it...as I drive to and from work. But I dont know their story, maybe they are "disabled."

    I sat on the Citizens Advisory Commission, I know the money the city grants to non-profits and who uses those non-profits. The city is not ok. The city needs new leadership all around. The old ways doesn't work anymore.

    Here's to the two newest members of the council fighting for ALL citizens.

    I welcome anyone to attend a council meeting and if you don't fall asleep like the council, sneeze, so they wake up!

    (Can we limit responses to people who actually live in the city where the subject matter takes place?)

  6. Where have all you folks been? Hayward has been a Mexican haven for 40 years.

  7. I wonder how many LEGAL immigrant Mexicans in Hayward actually vote? LEGAL vs. Illegal...HUGE difference when counting a majority.

  8. Well, let's put is this way; Nadia Lockyer was part of that questionable election that put Loretta Sanchez (another gold-digger who married a gringo)into Congress. So I'd say LOTS.