Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Question #2: Figueroa's Honesty and Residency

Liz Figueroa has a two-pronged problem stemming from a single source: her ramshackled home in Sunol more befitting of the more tony areas of the Appalachia Mountains than for a former East Bay legislator running for Alameda County supervisor.

Figueroa stumbled over the question of why she listed her primary residence as the unlivable property on Kilkare Road when asked by the East Bay Express. Nadia Lockyer's campaign has continually asserted Figueroa failing to list her correct voting address amounts to fraud, but as she told the Express today and The Citizen a month ago, she believed the incorrect address was her "official address," not where she actually resides, which is a rental in Sunol.

Controversy arose from the same property earlier this month when Lockyer accused Figueroa of delinquent taxes on the home covering three years and amounting to $12,000, which was found to be true. Figueroa says she has a payment plan with the county to repay the taxes.

Here's question #2: Do you think Figueroa's half-truths about her actually residence and tax problems will be a liability for her this November?

Lockyer has her own problems with keeping a story straight. The San Francisco Chronicle caught her in a similar tip-toeing around the truth when a reporter asked why she had described herself on her web site as a deputy district attorney for the county when she was not. In addition, with tons of money likely to be deposited in Lockyer's campaign account from her husband, Bill, the perception the state treasurer is playing kingmaker (queenmaker?) may not be helpful.


  1. This is all so much hot air....Liz is a liar, Nadia is a liar, but Nadia's fat sugar daddy/husband has put the financial fix in, the runoff is as good as over.

  2. (sigh) Why are people always so critical of pretty women? If they were fat and ugly, perhaps nobody would have a stink...

  3. She didn't pay taxes before and became senator. I don't think this will hurt her.

  4. A dishonest gold digger????? I'm shocked.

  5. Look, fatboy Lockyer pumped BOTH of them....the poor things, Lockyer's beer belly must have crushed em.

  6. What a horrible sight; Lockyer in heat....eewwww nasty

  7. Nicholas E. TerryJune 28, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    Nothing really constructive here, besides comment about her not paying taxes when she ran for Senate.

    Liz should ask if Nadia's ever had to pay for property taxes as an Al.Co. resident. Not Bill, Nadia. Let alone ever paid property tax. If she is on some payment plan, so be it...but until someone brings forth PROOF that she's skipped paying them, well, thats when real trouble happens.

    To think, all I had to do was accuse Mary Hayashi of not paying her Castro Valley or Hayward (depends on where she's living) property taxes, real or not...it's a cheap way out.

  8. Mr. Terry-

    Are you still bitter because your rotund friend Kevin Dowling finished last in the District 2 race?