Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stark to Invest in Ladder Company?

At the same purple-hued backdrop in Fremont that Rep. Pete Stark told a constituent "I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg--I wouldn't waste the urine," he mocked another man, this time a member of a group that strongly favors fortifying the nation's borders with extreme measures.

Stark asked an unidentified member of the Minutemen Saturday morning at a town hall meeting, "Who are you going to kill today?" He continued to engaged the man by asking him how he would defend the border. When the Minuteman said by building a wall along the border, Stark snarkly told him to draw up the plans while he would invest in a ladder company for those who wanted to come over.

When some in the crowd became disapproving of Stark's dismissive antics, the same Minutemen told Stark the issue was not a laughing matter to which the congressman said, "I don't have to make fun of you sir, you do a fine job of it."

Here's video of Stark and the Minuteman Saturday morning in Fremont.


Well here we go again. This old bastard is making fun of patriotic Americans. This no good Communist can go straight to Hell. Stark hasn't done squat in 30 years in Congress except embarass America.

I can not stand Stark, he has done nothing, is not well thought of by his peers and he is a arrogant, mean spirited man that wins because he has been in Congress forever. I am a Democrat, but Stark is horrible.

Stark wins re-election because there is a freeloading loving mindset in this county that puts a welfare check above American ideals and freedom. I always laugh at this jackasses that take "pride" in their work ethic and vote for welfare. Go back to your mudhuts you freeloaders.

Being a Communist Athiest mean spirited jerk is fine; but only in the Bay Area can a federal elected representative thumb his nose at his duty to uphold the Constitution which includes protecting the border.

But given Fortney's ignorance, arrogance, and mean-spriritedness; he's actually the perfect representative for San Leandro.

Maybe that's why elder Santos tries to emulate him--hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Stark is such an @$$hole he had the GALL, the absolute GALL to say that there is a "low incidence of crime" amongst illegal aliens. WHAT A JACKASS!

Knowing the answer, I ask the same question over and over...why do people (on either side) keep electing this man?

He clearly has no respect for anyone, probably even people who vote for him. He clearly has grown very comfortable and in his arrogant way, knows the same people will vote for him time and time again. NO ONE speaks out against him besides those who matter, we voters. But no one like Ellen Corbett or Mary Hayashi, or Mayors, etc. NO ONE of status like that says a thing about him publically. The likes of Mary Hayashi are waiting for him to give-in, no matter how, so they can fill his seat (buying a home in Hayward so she can run for his seat is a hint).

I think THIS may be the year, but I may be wrong.

Just listen to his tone; the arrogance and the cockiness. This man is down right disrespecting his electorate. He can barely sit up straight, he's leaning on a podium...he's useless. How anyone could work WITH this man (or for him) is beyond me; they too are sick.

I think building a fence is the most kookiest thing in the whole video. Pete is clearly getting a kick out of toying with this goofball. He may look a puffy but his mind is still sharp as a tack.

We should invest in a ladder to use to toss this asshole over what little border fence has been built, preferably onto a side that's been mined with Claymores!
Now for you John Vieira, you farking Retard. Keeping Illegal Alien scum out of our country so they can't freeload is not kooky. What farking part of that can't you understand? Is there something in the water in Kalifornication that makes you people so Godd@mn stupid so as to lose all common farking sense? People like YOU should be sent to live in Cuba, or better yet removed from the gene pool!
The Guv

Puffy and dying is more like it. Was that mean? So what.

He is clearly insulting these folks, no matter who they are, Mr. Vieira's intelligence or not...just because they disagree with this fossil doesnt mean you insult them, or as John put it "toying." He shows NO respect and he should be the one showing it in order to get it. BUT he doesn't care. He reminds me of a foul mouth punk who is defying his parents.

I loath him.

Those who err on this pile of garbage's side...should climb over the giant fence and join the party in Mexico.

I don't get it. People always say politicians are fake and you have one here in the Bay Area who clearly doesn't give a fig what others think. He votes his conscience all the time. He stands for something many times very unpopular. After the last time in Fremont when he told the old guy he wouldn't dignify his piss on him, the conservatives went nuts. If it was a conservative who got plastered all over the internet, the fascist bastard would have banned all cameras and reporters from the event. Does Pete care? No! The same yahoos were there to videotape him and he delivered more smack. His 80% percent of supporters clearly love it and so do I. Go Pete!

Pete Stark has no conscience. He always has been and always will be a; spoiled little rich punk. A man-child who bought his way into office. I will repeat; anyone who votes for this Commie is a welfare loving, freeloader looking to get something for nothing from the government. I haven't met one Stark supporter who is worth a bucket of cold, let alone warm piss.

Oh and smcgaels77 you moron, Stark is a fascist bastard. Commies and Fasicsts are one in the same; they want power.


I don't want my Congressman voting his conscience...I want him LISTENING to the voters, respecting them, and voting accordingly. I pitty those who support such a pile of garbage, for they must live a boring and angered life.

This disrespectful and brash old man has had his time in the spotlight. Time for him to retire to his main residence, in Maryland.


Re: your response to Smcgaels77: Birds of a feather...

Stark IS listening to his district. 3/4ths of the district consistently support him. But maybe you're also right. If any of you have ever been to one of his town hall meetings you will find that the voters of this district want him to be MORE liberal than he already is!

smcgaels, you are a fool, 3/4 of his district does NOT support him, he get's barely 100,000 votes out of a District of 600,000. Most people here just don't give a damn because they know the elections are so corrupt in Alameda County. Hell, with a GOP that has the likes of Dale Reed and DICK Spees screwing themselves there's no opposition.

I saw this video and some other videos and comments Pete Stark has made these last few years and I thought he was an obnoxious, arrogant fool too. However, after seeing this one, I think he's seriously got some mental issue like Alzheimer's or dementia. How else could anyone say such ridiculous things and make such innapropriate comments? He should have been out some time back because of his brash and irreverant attitude but now it's a more serious matter of having someone who is mentally incapable of carrying out his duties as an elected official. Time for him to retire with what little dignity he has left.

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