Monday, July 26, 2010

99 Days To Election Day

Election Day is November 2. Listed below are the candidates who have been issued paperwork for their nomination to the ballot through July 26. The deadline to file is Aug. 6.

Stephen Cassidy
Lou Filipovich
Sara Mestas
Tony Santos (I)
Joyce Starosciak

District 1
David Anderson
Michael Gregory (I)

District 3
Diana Souza (I)

District 5
Pauline Cutter
Ted Kai
Corina Lopez

Area 2
Lance James
Victoria Wong

Area 4
Latrina Dumas
Mike Katz (I)

Area 6
Merlinda Morales

Vote 2
Sheila Sims

Short term
Jesus Armas

District 2
Liz Figueroa
Nadia Lockyer


  1. OK, we have five names on the ballot for Mayor. With this new crappy election system, ranked choice, it's going to be quite interesting. Also considering that most of the dopey old women here will split their vote between Sarah Mestes and Joyce Starociak, there's no guarantee what will happen.

    Hey Tavares, do a story on Filipovich, maybe he and Sarah Mestes can do a video together.

  2. Maybe someone with a Portuguese last name should run to siphon votes off of Santos. Most Portuguese only look for a last name anyway. Tavares; hint hint. I'll bring the bacalao, pao doce and linquisa for your first fundraiser. But, please, please! Don't show up with polyester Sansa-belt pants and an open buttoned nylon shirt.

  3. Hey Manuael if people only look for a portugese last name why did you get smoked when you ran for council? Maybe because the majority of people in SL disagree with your views?

  4. Manuel, who do you recommend? I am guessing here but despite his name you and Tony are not on the same page.

  5. Manuel likes Lou Filipovich, two nut jobs

  6. Poor, pathetic Hayward.....the Liberal/Hispanic cabal that runs the place has run off all challengers in the school board race. What a wilted, one horse town.

  7. Anonymous, that is such an unkind thing to say about Lou.

  8. If you hav ever spoken to Lou you would know I am being kind.

  9. I'm voting for Lou! He's the new Manchurian candidate.

  10. O'Mordha, Tony Santos is a disgrace to the Portuguese people. His type are the stereotypical slur against us. PLEASE! PLEASE DO NOT think all Portuguese are like him. The ones who vote for him are the idiots that have John and Jacqueline Kennedy pictures on their walls. We're all not crazy.

    It's pretty sad when the only two candidates who aren't full blown nutjobs are Lou Filipovich and Sara Mestas.

  11. Tony must be feeling spry. Lou makes him look like a spring chicken. I can't wait to see them debate or even fight. It would look like two turtles fighting in slow motion. Seriously though, the more people get in this race, the easier it makes winning for Tony. I would think.

  12. I heard Lou is also running for president of his Intro to the internet 101 class at the adult school.

  13. Actually, the more people in the race the more difficult it is for Santos, with this goof ball instant run off, if Santos can't make 50%, some people may choose Filipovich as their second choice. bahahahhahahahha That would be great to see Santos lose and all those lies would be sent down river.

  14. Let's see Santos has and/or wants to;

    1. Raise taxes
    2. Keep the ban on fireworks.
    3. Increase regulations.
    4. Tells guys at a union meeting he wants to keep Wal-Mart out of San Leandro, when there's TWO Wal-Marts already here.
    5. Spend money.
    6. Increase pay and benefits to Council Members.
    7.Bring more low-income welfare cases to town.
    8.Stop high tech businesses from coming is as they would "increase" traffic.

    and Lou Filipovich is the nutjob?????WTF?

  15. Run for Mayor, Manuel! There's time before the filing deadline. Make sure to mention in your stump speeches that you've been using your pseudonym for your comments on this site. That's sure to win you support.

  16. Lou is no more nuts than Tony Santos. At least Filipovich understands something, while Santos understands nothing.

  17. The more people who enter the race will help Tony Santos more than anyone else, if you already believe he's a shoo-in to win.

  18. Tony Santos is the moron who gets up at a union meeting and tells the crowd; Re-elect me and I will stop Wal-Mart from coming into town. He's too stupid to realize that there are TWO in San Leandro. Then the jackass says; "I tell the Federal Government, 'give me $10 million and I'll show you how to put people to work'". The guy has never met a payroll in his life. What a fool, and people want to re-elect such a senile man????

  19. You want to create jobs, make a plan to do so, that consists of researching successful businessess that people would like to see here in San Leandro. Get on the phone get the ball rolling. Do it quickly and aggressively. Give these companies incentives to hire locally. So we can spend money at home. Also, the businesses that are here just like the residents have contimplated moving......They are not happy, and the sales tax just adds to matters. We need to stop downgrading and start upgraded. We dont need 10 million dollars to create jobs, we need to make a plan and do it. Traffic, thats funny, we rather have a dedicated lane for the bus on east 14th, so we can bus in criminals instead of clean burning transportation, why are we paying consultants?! Thought we were broke. *Sighs* Lets stop asking what we need to get the job done and ask ourselves what we have. Let's spend the tax dollars like the money belongs to the people and not like we are entitled to it. Taxes, are you serious, we are not San Francisco, $1 in planning and prevention saves $60, and thought the State stole 11 million dollars in sales taxes from us, let's raise taxes to give more money to the State, sounds like a great idea. However, if I was the State and I saw a City without strong reccomended Federal and State plans in place I too would take some money back, especially when we are a small town with City manager making more than his fair share. We cannot sustain 100% of employee pensions we must demand a small contribution. Public Safety should get 100% pensions, but i believe in a tiered pension plan for new officers. Please email your thoughts, concerns and comments, to sara@electsaramestas.org

  20. Finally someone telling it like it is...and you are correct Sara, residents and businesses with the ability and income to move are not happy with the state of this city.

  21. Yeah, Sara and Lou are the only viable candidates. The other three baboozes in a barrell, like their supporters, were fed too much bacalao as children. The salt stunted their brain development.

  22. Manuel....gee you're embarrassing!!!! not only that Manuel is not your name, and you sound like Paul Vargas...(maybe thats who you are?!) but all you talk about is bacalao(bacalhau) and linguisa,as if all portuguese people only consume the two mentioned items. What a embarrassing idiot you're ! Filipovich a viable candidate???? man you're a baboso!!!! been drinking to much tea...haven't you?!?! i'm sure you would like to turn SL back to lets...say 1960 ah?

  23. Hey anonymous babooze, you been sipping too much port lately??? You're supposed to marinate pork in it, not your brain.

    Oh, you'd rather have Tony Sand-toes than Lou? At least Lou can read a budget, Tony Sand-toes has to pull out the candles and try to have a seance with Maltester. Talk about embarassing.

  24. I'm tired of Democrats.