Monday, July 19, 2010

Grant Prostesters Outnumber Pro-Mehserle Rally in Walnut Creek

By Steven Tavares

WALNUT CREEK - Pro-Oscar Grant prostesters over-shouted and overwhelmed with numbers a rally Monday afternoon in Walnut Creek meant to support convicted former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle.

A brick retaining wall in front of the courthouse on Ygnacio Valley Road acted as the only barrier between a mob of vocal protesters and the smaller, more sedate group of around 50 Mehserle and law enforcement supporters.

The Pro-Mehserle group was made up of mostly older men and women and almost entirely white. In total, the protest which eventually closed the westbound lanes of the road, numbered close to 300 without any reports of illegal activity, but consistently featured fiery arguments between the two sides at times more vitriolic than the protests held in Oakland July 9 after the verdict.

A few Grant protesters using a bullhorn screamed "Murder is murder is murder" on a loop while a refrain calling Mehserle protesters racist was common, including one man who taunted the group telling them to "Take off their white robes."

The accusations rankled many Mehserle supporters who were far less vocal and chose to hang out far from the commotion on the sidewalk. "It was not racial until people like those down there made it racial," said Stephen Dieves, who made the trip from Moss Beach. "It was a professional decision made during the heat of the moment." Dieves attended the rally holding a sign reading, "Thank you, Arizona."

One older man Walnut Creek who chose not to be identified said the vociferous protesters were actually the real racists. "I worked in Oakland and I know how people like these were given job because of affirmative action who were not qualified over people like me with more experience," he said. I know what racism is." He also believes very few of the protester were from the area, but also agreed having a rally in Walnut Creek brought attention to city.

Included in the smaller group of Mehserle supports was smattering of off-duty police officers including Ken Carlson from nearby Concord who said he was supporting law enforcement but also said he understood the mindset of Mehserle on that fateful Jan. 1, 2009 morning. "As a police officer, I know he had a job to do," Carlson said. "He was a young officer and he probably didn't have more than six months training." He also said Grant may have been resisting arrest and that coupled with the typically rowdy New Year's shift made for a bad situation. "I know if I'm working New Year's night, I don't want to be working any harder than I have to," he said.

While not boisterous many supporters of Mehserle carried signs some said were inappropriate and disrespectful to Grant's memory and the family he left behind. One particular sign reading, "Mehserle is a victim of a spineless system" seemed to irk some protesters who mocked it as profoundly ignorant. "They think they're supporitng something," said an African American man who goes by the moniker Reggie B. "These are what we call good ol' white folks," he said while pointing to the gathering of Mehsele supporters. He later apologized for the stereotype.

An East Bay musician calling himself Waheeb and the Resistance faulted the Mehserle supporters for blindly supporting "white privilege" when the system as he called it shut them out everyday, too. "Some of these people don't see they are going against their best interests just for some bullshit solidarity. I don't get it."


I guess "black privilege" means getting to act the fool in public, openly defy law enforcement and resist arrest; and knowing if the officer so much as looks as you the wrong way, Johnny Cochran Burris will get you a payout sum. It means never getting prosecuted for a hate crime. It means you can riot without the DA pressing charges.

When I look at the two individuals going out the night Oscar Grant lost his life, I see a police officer who was surviving on little sleep due to the birth of his child--a man who was probably trying to get some overtime to support his family and hoped for an uneventful night. I also see a twice-convicted felon with a history from running from the po-lice who was looking to act the fool and start trouble--something he had a lot of experience doing.

If Mehserle had stopped Grant for no reason and then accidentally killed him; I'd be outraged. But the fact is that Grant is a thug who was resisting arrest, and not showing his hands to police. East Bay liberals and black criminal apologists - I'd choose my martyr more carefully. Despite your "large numbers"; this has just reinforced in many minds how crazy the PC world has become and driven the racial divide even further.

DOJ under our Resident Racist in Chump Chairman Maobama has already told Prosecutors there not to go after any Black on White Crime. Then you have a racist Offcial, who has now resigned, at the USDA, who admited at last weeks Black Klan rally (NAACP Meeting) to not helping a White Farmer. http://hotair.com/archives/2010/07/19/usda-official-resigns-over-breitbart-tape-of-naacp-speech/
People are getting fed up with the bullshiat and revolution is coming. It past time to throw aside the ballot box and engage the cartridge box. Phuck all these people!

The Guv

Obama and Eric Holder are two tin pot African dictators; Robert Mugabe.

I'm honored to read the same blog as Glenn Beck. I heard Tony Santos wasn't born in America. Get the birthers on his case.

Hey Tavares, you big babooze, why do you go and say that the Pro-Mehserle protesters were "mostly old and white" but there's no description of the Pro-Grant protesters? So white people have no rights?

This isn't Fox News. I don't have the operating budget to hire creative writers to make up stories for me. Do you want me to start making things up? I saw 50 supporters. All white. Maybe there was three teenage girls. One whose father is a police officer. That's 47 out of 50. I think using the word "most" is fair.

I don't know why you're so worried blacks and immigrants. I don't think their intention is white slavery just equality. Relax, Obama is half-white, too. It's a fact most of the people on unemployment are white. We should thank him for his "charity" for pushing through benefits for 2.5 million Americans without a paycheck.

So who made up the majority of the Pro-Grant protesters???? Little Green Men from outer space?

And it's not "charitible" when Obama wants to extend unemployment indefinetly. It leads to sloth, laziness and idleness. Not to mention it's not his money to be "charitble" with in the first place. Although I did notice he's able to buy off some whores in the Catholic Church by donating to Catholic Charities. Probably the same bastards who supported him going to Notre Dame, the removing of crucifixes when he went to Georgetown and last but not least the same bastards who hid all those sexual perverts.

Hey Stevie, never mind hiring writers. I think the demons in your head who tell it’s a good idea to keep supporting the Communist Chimp in Chief are doing a mighty fine job as it is. And piss on your charity BS. Demon-RATS just love giving people the shirts off other peoples backs. I for one am tired of supporting these people. We should make them uncomfortable in their poverty ASAP. Perhaps if people didn’t have an unemployment check that paid more than what they made working, they’d get off their asses and go find a job. And run off all these illegas that will do jobs “Americans” refuse to do.
Now STFU and GBTW.
The Guv

What's that, you say? A bunch of impotent old white men reduced to screaming insults on a blog because they have no political power? How can BE??

Hey, it's better than some ignorant welfare, coke whore savage looting on Broadway.

Hey Tavares, gives us your definition of "equality" in regards to your above post about blacks and immigrants not wanting white slavery just equality.

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