Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Group to Hold Protest in Favor of Mehserle Next Week

As far as bad ideas go, planning a rally in support of former BART cop Johannes Mehserle seems to be high on the list. Especially after general unrest followed last Thursday's verdict of involuntary manslaughter.

A Facebook page planning a demonstration in support of Mehserle and law enforcement was reported earlier today by the blog Claycord. According to the group, the event is planned for July 19 on the steps of the Walnut Creek Courthouse.

Organizers urge the event will be peaceful and not meant to incite violence or disrespect the family of Oscar Grant, who was killed New Year's Day 2009 by Mehersle on the platform of the Fruitvale BART Station. They group believes their opinions on the case also need to be heard.

"People who support law enforcement and Johannes have just as much right to rally together with other believers to have their voices heard and support one another," the message on Facebook reads.

Such a rally poses the potential for conflict after a series of protest in downtown Oakland and the perception the case forged an even wider split between African Americans and law enforcement and, by extension, whites and blacks.



We live in a democracy with rights - we are not governed by mob rule. But yet many journalists/commentators think that Mershele should be sentenced based on how people feel about him - not the law. And that free speech is a bad when excersized by those with politically incorrect ideas. I would think that a journalist who got arrested trying to exercise his First Amendment rights would be the first to support the right to express one's opinion - even if it's not popular.

As far as driving the perception of a racial divide - black African Americans have done that themselves. When their martyr de jour is a twice-convicted felon; when black men kill an innocent Asian man for no reason; when a black man throws his child into traffic and the mother defends him; when black panthers intimidate voters; when blacks defend the obviously guilty like OJ Simpson, yet call for the blood of a white cop-white people may find this offensive and may think ill of blacks collectively. It's too bad, we're a nation of individuals - there's good and bad in every ethnic race.

I see the NAACP is out there crying about the Tea Party calling them racist.

I did not advocate against people expressing themselves. But you don't think it's odd and a bit unseemly to organize an event supporting a man who killed another? Are you telling me there's an unheard minority saying Mehserle was wrongly convicted? When people make this assertion it is tinged with prejudice since the next sentence usually contains something like what you said, there's bad people in all races. What then happens is a needless debate when the story with Oscar Grant is really about the poor and African American communities getting short shrift by whites clinging go power.

Don't dare question my embrace of freedom of speech when I put my site and my brand on the line everyday while ignorant, juvenile and sometimes criminal comments are begrudgingly allowed and posted by people who represent a very small minority in this area.

So go to your killer party and remember Im not here to protect the rich and well-off who are paranoid on the basis in stupidity or those who subscribe to conservatives principles based on a misguided belief they too will one day be millionaires. I'm here to protect you.

Remember, the same people out there causing all the mayhem over Oscar Grant are the same bastards sporting "Free Mumia" "Free Peltier" and Che Guevara shirts. So it's a little hypocritical on your part Tavares to say that the people in support of Mehserle are "supporting a man who killed another". Not very objective reporting there son.

In 1978 Manteca Nazis spoke in Walnut Creek at Heather Farms. The Tea Party is well in the Creek. Preserve their right to speak. Preserve your right to tell them what you think of them.

Che is a Shining Light of the Left. Tim McVeigh is a hero to some. Tiburcio Vasquez is commenorated by health care in the East Bay. Winston Churchill is a hero in Britain and a War Criminal to Boers of South Africa. Bobby Sands and Tom Clarke are heroes to the Irish. Evita and Juan Peron are venerated in Argentina. It all depends on who wins the war and writes the history.

Manuel, I don't know what you're talking about. None of what you assert was on display at the Oscar Grant protest. The rally in Walnut Creek invites people to attend and support Mehserle and law enforcement. The fact is Mehserle was found to have killed a man. You have no other role model to support other than Mehserle? On the other hand, if you want to support law enforcement, that's fine, but I don't believe putting the two causes together does much justice for police officers.

Why don't you start a conservative political blog. I'll help you. You can cover the movements of Bill Stephens and Lou Filipovich. It would be entralling.

Tavares, did you see the front page picture on the Daily Review of the protest? Some Angus with a big nose ring yelling into the camera. I don't know if it was a male or female of the species, but I know I wouldn't take it's word farther than I can spit.

Why would anyone want to cover Bill Stephens and Lou Filipovich? Maybe follow them with a big net to take them to an insane asylum.

"Why don't you start a conservative political blog. I'll help you. You can cover the movements of Bill Stephens and Lou Filipovich. It would be entralling".

Too funny Steven. Thanks for your blog, I may not always agree with you as a moderate independent, but I love reading your wit,wisdom and ideas and I will take you one million to 1 over the Tea Bag people and their lunatic views~!

Oh, so now people adhering to the Founding Fathers of this nation are "lunatic"???? WTF? Barry.

Johannes Mehserle, don't drop the soap in San Quentin.

There are many black inmates there who would love to make you their Fraulein for the next 14 years or so.

Quote from above;

"So go to your killer party and remember Im not here to protect the rich and well-off who are paranoid on the basis in stupidity or those who subscribe to conservatives principles based on a misguided belief they too will one day be millionaires. I'm here to protect you. "

As opposed to those who subscribe to the
bleeding heart principles on a misguided belief they are all one paycheck away from the poorhouse, unable to take control of their own lives and thus need those who are 'enlightened' in governmnet to make all of thier life decisions????

Manuel...Steven has conservative tendencies...and a blow up Bill Clinton doll, dont let him fool you. Hes a man of his word and conviction; Ive known him for many, many years. While he's the Combs to my Hannity, I admire him more then any journalist, politician and convicted football player.

The Founding Fathers almost all owned slaves, and wrote founding documents which allowed slavery. I don't understand the extreme devotion for people who wrote founding documents with such vile aspects, except for the fact that it covers the admirer's extreme racism and desire to oppress a permanent underclass.

Can't we admit that the Fathers were flawed men, and the original Constitution was a flawed document which has been improved by its Amendments?

It also must be said that "Manuel"'s views are indefensible. What an awful person. His inability to conduct himself decently makes it increasingly difficult to participate in a comment thread on this site.

Doug Jones; get it correct, it's pronounced Man-yule not Man-well. And #2, you are the one who has the inability to conduct oneself in a decent manner. You have a hatred for this country which is indefensible. Why don't you move to Cuba, Venezuela or Iran?

BIG STINKING DEAL IF THE FOUNDING FATHERS OWNED SLAVES! You're too ignornant to know this but it was the Moslem ancestors of Barack Hussein Obama who were the "producers" of the slaves; Africans who refused to convert to Islam. Yes, Doug, your hero Barack Hussein Obama is a descendent of Moslem slave traders. Oh the shock!

Slavery was common throughout the Western Hemisphere. There were more slaves in Brasil where that fat babooze DaSilva rants and raves than there ever were in the American South.

I see you never make any comments about the "slavery" instituted by Stalin, Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao, Castro and all the other Marxists in the world? The Founding Fathers of the United States created a wonderful document which laid the groundwork for the greatest nation this world has ever seen. So Doug Jones, take your hate filled comments and put them in a mason jar.


Protest, Schometest, when will these idiots figure out Guvmint doesn't give a flying fark what any of us thinks! ESPECIALLY these rabid, foaming at the mouth racist anarchists.
Moderate Independent is another way of saying I'm a fence sitting Libtard that leans left, but doesn't have the frikkin' balls to take a stand, much less come out and tell us what he really stands for.
Manuel, You're wasting your time with these America haters. No man or woman is perfect, but the Founding Fathers gave us quite a gift. A gift shiat-heads like this BLog Write have pissed away for years in the name of Progress, AKA Liberalism, Socialism, and now outright Communism. I look forward to Civil War breaking out so we can succeed from the new Soviet Union these people are so hell bent on creating.

This is being posted prior to the Walnut Creek rally.....there will be trouble there, and it will turn very ugly very quickly. I think that's sad, but it will go down that way.

Re. the July 18, 9:53 am comment: "I look forward to Civil War breaking out...". Very patriotic of you, wanting to kill your political enemies.

There is a small but significant portion of the conservative movement which advocates violence. The guy who shot at multiple cops on Highway 580 in Oakland Saturday night was planning on targeting the ACLU before he was pulled over, and his mother said he was angered by liberal organizations and politics.

Unacceptable, and makes the conservative movement look really bad. Could any of the conservatives who comment on this site simply repudiate this violence and violent rhetoric?

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