Wednesday, July 7, 2010

San Leandro Drawing Interest of Local Cannabis Club

By Steven Tavares

An Oakland medical marijuana dispensary is showing interest in expanding its operations in San Leandro, The Citizen has learned, although the city has a moratorium on the clubs in place since 2005.

According to San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, a dispensary currently operating in Oakland is interested in making an investment in upwards of $10 million to place a club possibly in the industrial area of Williams Street. Santos would not disclose the dispensary's name.

Advocates of medical marijuana dispensaries have recently attempted to replicate the success of thriving clubs in Oakland to no avail in neighboring cities. In the past few months, the councils of Hayward and Alameda provided opposition to the clubs in their cities. The possible move to San Leandro almost appeared inevitable.

The impetus for San Leandro's 2005 moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries was borne out of uncertainty stemming from Alameda County's discussion over clubs within its unincorporated areas. At the time, there were no dispensaries in San Leandro. The county eventually limited its ordinance to three clubs. Two currently exist on Lewelling and Mission Boulevards.

The emerging issue of legal marijuana on the state's November ballot is bound to become a hot button issue along with any possible discourse regarding the substance at the city level.

Santos says he does not have a stated position on medical marijuana but recognized its helps some chronically ill patients relieve their pain. Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak, one of Santos' opponents this fall, told The Citizen she supports the council's current moratorium.

Stephen Cassidy says the dispensaries can attract crime, something the city's diminished law enforcement staff cannot currently handle. "Medical marijuana dispensaries operate in Oakland and other nearby areas of Alameda County that San Leandro residents with medical conditions use," said Cassidy. "However, the dispensaries can also serve as a magnet for crime. Tony Santos and Joyce Starosciak have cut our police force by 10 percent in the last two years. We should not risk straining our understaffed police force by ending San Leandro's moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries."


I would think Tony would be for it because one would have to be stoned to vote for him for Mayor. I guess at least it would bring the "green" jobs that he's always talking about bringing to San Leandro.

Funny post above mine, thanks, needed that!!!QUESTION: Why does the article even bother to mention the $10 Million investment by the pot club if the city does not get the $$$, it means nothing good to have a dispensary in SL...no benefit to city just potential crime magnet and extra burden for police, we have enough of the dispensaries close by in unincorporated area's or in Oakland already if needed by someone.

Screw this bull&^^% NO ONE NEEDS marijuana other than to get high.

This is a non story. There is a moratorium and no one on the council is going to overturn it.

Anything to make a buck.

When will they legalize prostitution?

Manuel...you should check it out; so tense.

(PS. getting a building permit in SL is expensive...worse then the rich cities.)

Hey Barry, we have enough dispensaries in other nearby areas? I think you support San Leandro Hospital, by that logic, why don't you just go to other emergency rooms like in CV or Oakland and Hayward. You don't need the hospital here. This isn't about potheads. It's about sick people trying to feel better.

The inclusion of the potential investment price by the medical marijuana group is meant to convey that it is not a small operation looking at Williams Street but one of the big players in Oakland. None have owned up to expanding to San Leandro, but we should know more tomorrow.

Actually I go to Kaiser, but I do support SL Hospital. I know for a fact that the dispensaries can be used by anyone that is willing to pay a doctor for the medical card. My 2 20 something nephews in SF both have the medical marijuana cards,as do their friends and they have no illnesses whatsoever. Until pot is legalized and taxed, which I am in favor of, I say the one on Lewelling and the 2 in Ashland are enough and certainly convenient enough for our area, especially with our challenged city economic situation and our already stretched police force.

Is there any evidence that pot clubs lead to more crime? I have not payed any attention but have no recollection other than a guy from Hayward being followed home and robbed

Prop 19 will provide the opportunity for significant tax revenue for the City, County and State. Crime, Health and Addiction are all terrific scapegoats. Taxing Marijuana to the same levels that gas, guns, alcohol, retail business and new construction/building permits is the source for cities and counties, as well as the state. If a community does not want a dispensary, they need only tax it fully, through permits and zoning. Do not turn down a buck.

Yep, anything for a buck.

So I assume Attorney General Holder will fight this? Oh wait, no. They won't. Forget the whole federal laws against marijuana.

How about jacking up the price of running a red light, using a cell phone...stuff that ACTUALLY can endanger lives? I bet if you got a ticket for $2000, you wouldn't be a dope and use your cell to text your fantasy nerd league buddies that Lebron went to Miami.

Once again...More bullsh*&^ NO ONE needs marijuana for medicinal purposes. It's all a lie concocted by the losers and their sympathizers in society.

Noone is talking about a dispensary; everyone, including the mayor, remains opposed to that. Cassidy hasn't realized yet that the moratorium has expired. Steve, if you're not in jail (Councilmembers said they thought they saw you handcuffed on tv last night) do an update.

Bringing more low-lifes into San Leandro. That's what this would do. We have enough freeloaders, sloths and welfare queens here.

What lowlifes? This is a 100 hundred potential business that could add 5 million in revenue to the city.

What low-lifes??? People who smoke pot and do drugs, they're LOW-LIFES! We can lower taxes, eliminate waste, eliminate regulations and add $5 million in taxes (don't insult us by calling taxes "revenue")

Bahhahahahaaa Manuel, you simpleton, sorry its not that simple. Bringing in new business, making the schools better and investing in making the city look attractive and function well will do the trick to raise property values and our tax base, plus it will make our community desireable to those that pay taxes, rather than the free loading, crime addicted ghetto garbage and welfare queens.

Hey you simpleton asshat, don't call me a simpleton when you offer no concrete way to improve schools, business climate etc. How do you plan on;
1. bringing in new business
2. making schools better
3. Investing in making the city look attractive.
4. Making the City function well.

You have no ideas, you have no clue and you have no brain. You're probably just another ignorant Democrat who thinks that the government is the solution to everything. Take your comments and shove 'em down your pie hole. I bet your last name ends in a vowel.

Great, as if you farking Libtards aren't brain dead enough! Go ahead, get high and jump off the Golden Gate. The less of you around to waster valuable oxygen that my much more deserving Jack Russell gets, the better America is. Good grief people, there is already something in your water, must you inhale more crazy?

And to the brain dead asshat that wrote this:
Bahhahahahaaa Manuel, you simpleton, sorry its not that simple. Bringing in new business, making the schools better and investing in making the city look attractive and function well will do the trick to raise property values and our tax base, plus it will make our community desireable to those that pay taxes, rather than the free loading, crime addicted ghetto garbage and welfare queens.

Really, are you that naive as to think having all that pot around WON'T attract more low lifes? You need a swift kick int he ass anda good beat down with my cluebat.
The Guv

Manuel if you had half a brain you might be dangerous.

This facility is a BUSINESS, they grow pot and distribuit to legal pot clinics in LA to provide relief to cancer and HIV patients.

I repear it is a BUSINESS. It could provide up to 5 MILLION DOLLARS into the city coffers

If this were to go thru the city would propably not put the sales tax initiative up for vote.

The city could balance the budget and rebuild the general fund

You say the city needs/can't attract business yet here we have one that wants to come and you dont understand the business so you stoop to name calling.

If I was cruel I would hope you get cancer so you could see the benefit and relief that pot provides, but I'm too nice a guy.

Hey screw you you pot smoking bastard. This is NOT a business. It's not about helping sick people. There is NO medical proof that marijuana is needed for medicinal purposes. All that crap was thought up by pot heads who just want to get high. Pot provides no benefit; it warps the brain, stunts mental growth, and leads to paranoia. Thereby we have the likes of you, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Hussein Obama.

For your information I do not smoke pot, but I am smart enough and well read and have a college education and understand the benefits to people with serious issues.
I also understand the tax benefits for the city.
Did you even graduate from high school?
Or are you just STUPID

Oh yeah, you're well read and have a college education so that automatically makes you an authority on pot use. bahahahhahahaah I doubt you'd even gotten a GED out of a box of low grade dog food. There is NO PROVEN benefits to smoking pot. It's all heresay; "oh smoking pot gets me high, it makes me feel good". All crap. Obviously you're the STUPID one because you believe any thing that is said in a smoke filled pot den.

I pity you Manuel, you are such a miserable sob, never happy, always looking to ridicule people.

Bahhahhhaahhhhahahhhhhahhhhhha...marijuana is nothing to be scared of and could make this city and state a ton of money. They do not to seem to have problems in Amsterdam afterall. It is a very civil place, pot and all.

I pity anyone who thinks that pot use is legitimate.
Amsterdam? Oh yeah, that's why Amsterdam and the Netherlands is about to be taken over by the Moslems. They see Amsterdan as a bunch of lazy, pot smoking low-lifes.

Civilized, caring and intelligent would be a better description of the people in the Netherland's.

Netherlands; civilized, caring and intelligent?? bahahhahahahahahahahah Only a pothead would say something so ignorant.

The Netherlands economy and standard of living is currently better than the US.

Maybe we NEED to smoke more pot here

The Netherlands has a higher standard of living than the United States? What a laugh. Oh yeah there's dozens of single family homes of over 1500 plus square feet, several cars, big screen televisions. Right??? Oh yeah, there's thousands of medicinal patents coming out of the Netherlands. Where do you idiots get this crap from; an opium den? Or as they call them in Amsterdam; a coffee shop?

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