Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sweeney Calls for Hayward to Raise Its Expectations

By Steven Tavares

Change comes to Hayward City Council Tuesday night with the waning moments of outgoing members Anna May and Kevin Dowling on the dais seated fifth and sixth from the left.

The city of Hayward has taken some hits to its pride recently. Crime is up and a rising number of homicides have taken a toll on the community's sense of safety. The label of being the county's most underperforming school district has also exacted a noticeable loss of prestige. Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney hopes his city is entering a new beginning of sorts as he was sworn-in Tuesday night for a second term and welcomed two new councilmembers.

Sweeney, who ran unopposed last June, delivered a rousing and inspirational address to an overflow crowd at City Hall. The former state assemblyman called for the city to "raise expectations" at every level from students to principals all the way up to his own office. "We need to stop making excuses for our kids," said Sweeney.

He also called talk of the city's underperforming schools "uncomfortable" but said all residents regardless of whether or not they have school-age children have a philosophical and financial interest in improving the school district. "We all have a stake in our schools," said Sweeney.

The council also welcomed two new members to its rank. Marvin Peixoto and Mark Salinas were sworn-in replacing Anna May and Kevin Dowling, both of whom did not seek re-election.
Salinas said he will attempt to engage community leaders who, for whatever reason, have not participated in local government. He said he is not the first Latino to ever serve on the council, but first in another regard. "I am the first Latino [on the council] born, raised and educated in Hayward," he said to wild applause. Salinas became emotion when he spoke of his father and sister, both of whom have passed, while recalling their interest in discussing the political discourse of the day.

Peixoto, who was the top vote-getter in last June's election, in contrast to Salinas' soulful speech, unveiled his goals for the next four years. Peixoto gave forceful hints to his belief in hastening Hayward's economic growth in the future. "We are going to demand more from our precious resources than ever before," he said. "With growth comes responsibility," Peixoto said and declared his realization increased demand for services will also follow.

It remains to be seen whether the council's two newest members will cause any noticeable change in its ideological makeup. Peixoto seems likely to take the mantle of May who was seen as a conservative, pro-business councilmember, while Salinas' comments relating to community outreach mimicked the beliefs of Dowling. Coincidentally, they both Salinas and Dowling graduated from the same high school.

Dowling leaves a 12-year legacy on the council . Sweeney called him a "great advocate for the youth" and lauded his work in increasing Hayward's shopping experience. "You have left a legacy from some of the things you have brought," said Councilwoman Barbara Halliday.

Dowling credited among his accomplishments the retail improvements to Foothill Boulevard, the building of Stonebrae TPC and the construction of the Interstate 880/Highway 92 interchange without significant change to those living in the nearby neighborhood. He also offered the new members of the council some advice culled from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg: "Get along. Get things done."

With the exit of May, the council loses one of its most ardent business leaders along with one of its most colorful politicians. May chose to not seek re-election after fulfilling her two years on the council. She has indicated strong interest in running for a seat on Hayward's downtrodden school board, but says such a move under the cloud of state receivership may be counterproductive. If she indeed runs, former city manager Greg Jones will likely join her on the ballot. The two caused months of speculation and gossip over their romance while he ran the city last year. The two are now engaged. Tuesday night, May made reference to Jones by thanking the city for "the greatest gifts of my life."

Sweeney thanked May for being a staunch supporter of the city alluding to her involvement in enticing film companies to use Hayward as a backdrop for commercials. She called herself a "pest" and urged the council to keep its focus squarely on the city.

The council also elected Councilman Francisco Zermeno to become the next mayor pro tempore. Zermeno, the only remaining member to have not held the position similar to vice mayor in other cities, replaces Councilman Olden Henson for the next year.


  1. I think this is called leadership and accountability.

  2. Nichols E. TerryJuly 14, 2010 at 6:31 PM

    I hate saying it but every time theres a new council or a public opportunity, we hear the same thing. 1 pro business, semi-conservative on a council won't help. We'll see a rise in using "race" as a platform for all kinds of feel good conversation.

    There are no fireworks on the council.

  3. Wait. You mean crime didn't vanish when that pot dispensary on Foothill got shut down three years ago? Well, mercy be!

  4. "A loss of prestige" for Hayward due to low perfoming schools....that is a laughable quote, Hayward has had near zero prestige in the Bay Area and beyond for quite some time. With its horrible and low performing schools per the latest state evaluation, Hayward now falls below zero in prestige.

  5. Hayward had as much prestige as a wart on the butt of Alameda County. bahahhahahahahha

  6. Good riddance Dowling and May, especially sweet cheeks Kevin.

    Dowling is yet another Hayward pol who could'nt get elected to any office outside this cesspool, joke of a city.

  7. Let's help the new city government get things done. Criticizing and tearing people down are so easy to do. It's another thing to roll up one's sleeves and help get things done.

  8. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 15, 2010 at 4:12 PM


    Who is rolling up their sleeves, taking a courages stance and trying something new? It's been the same way for a long time. The priorities are out of whack; they won't "get things done."

    The City Council lost two members...it can not afford to have the same leadership; Peixoto and Salinas need five new colleagues.

  9. Do I see any of you jokers stepping up to run for office? Talk about chicken-shit. Stop bad-mouthing and get off your asses and DO something to serve.

  10. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 16, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    Said from the comfort and safety of...where ever this unknown person is.

    SOME of us HAVE tried to do something...takes more then one or two people that think a lot differently then the majority of progressive types that make decisions for the city. I served on the Citizens Advisory Commission (sir or ma'am, probably an overweight sir living in his mothers basement) and could no longer be associated with something that would fund efforts such as the Matt Jimenez Community Center. Funding a youth center next to a day laborer center in the name of a corrupt City Councilman just made my blood boil. Let alone a run down day laborer center where known illegals wait for work.

    What is it YOU do, sir or ma'am?

    Look at the people who HAVE ran for office in Hayward. If they aren't someone that has been on the planning commission, ethnic, or involved in the city for years, they don't win.

  11. Nicholas E. Terry's postings often display a true hatred for the citizens of his City and region, slandarous claims of corruption without the facts to back them up, and not a small bit of racism.

    Traits to be expected from someone who chose to join the American Independent Party, I suppose.

  12. You must be a fool. N. Terry has no hatred for the citizens of Hayward or the region. WTF are you talking about? He hasn't said nor implied any such thing here nor has he said anything racist. How do you know what party he is registered under? Are you stalking the guy?

  13. Just by Manuel posting to counter the comments about Nicholas shows proof enough of the previous posters claims about Nicholas Terry. Nuff said. Bahahahhaha!

  14. I love being able to tell who people are even though they use Anonymous. Its someone with NO sense of humor.

    Clearly this person who calls me a racist and says I have hatred for this city knows a lot about me. Would that person or persons, care to come forward? No. They wont.

    They do not see the truth in what I write on here. They do not know me. They have never even met me, probably. They are on the inside; probably Bill Quirk or someone from Mary Hayashi's camp...her aide perhaps, living in her hilltop home; say, hows Mary doing? Is she living in Hayward full time or living the Bill Lockyer life up in the 916? Maybe someone from Pete Starks office. Either way, they are grossly misguided in their sharp insults and arrogance. It could be someone with nothing more to do then watch PBS and eat granola.

    Matt Jimenez was a corrupt man. This is not news to anyone. Ask anyone thats been around long enough to know. It started when he was a fire chief and continued on as a council member; this is the very man who once asked me if I wanted to "step outside" of council chambers when I spoke at a council meeting (at the age of 20) calling out the council. My family moved to Hayward in the 1930s...my father, my uncle, my mother, my grandparents all knew what Matt Jimenez was about. He "served" his community while serving himself.

    My party affiliation is "decline to state." Would Anonymous please back up his/her proof of my party status that shows something other then my voter registration card? After all, you claim I show no proof of anything I say.

    You need to proof read your posts, sir or lady. You said there's not a small bit of racism in what I write. Thanks, thats true. Unless you meant to say "and a small bit of racism." Either way, you're wrong, ignorant and incompetent; like so many people leading this area into the future.

    I say, step forward. I will donate to your candidate of choice if you admit who you are and how you know me personally, not based on the rantings of a blog.

    As Ive said before...does a racist volunteer his/her time to help better peoples lives, no matter their color or race? I suppose you think I did it for feel good reasons or political. I would rather argue with my dog; at least he doesnt know who he's taking a sh*t on.

  15. Steven...fix your site.

    I had a great, lengthy response to the two morans who accuse me of something when they don't know me.

    It was actually really good, now its gone.

    To them, all I say is...step up and show us who you are.

    If you do, I'll contribute to the candidate of your choice.

    In the mean time...youre idiots.

    Idiot is not a racist term, yet.

  16. Matt Jimenez was your typical Mediterreanan stock jackass. It doesn't matter if they're Portuguese, Spanish or Italian. They all left some mud floored grass hut in the old country and came here. Most never wore shoes until they were in their mid 20's.

    When they found a land with so much freedom they decided not to keep the freedom they found, but to create their own corrupt cesspool mud hut cave, just like the one they left in the old country.

    I've been around these people all my life and I'm calling them out on it.

  17. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 19, 2010 at 8:16 AM

    By the way, Manuel post some colorful remarks about other races, not me.

    Manuel, my grandparents came from Italy and Portugal, with shoes on and did not leave mud huts. They came here to work, hard. They build the vary homes and schools and commercial buildings many have lived in and used. They were legal citizens, paying taxes and giving back to their new country. Because of this, it's why I have given back to mine since I was a teenager, including the work I did while on the Advisory Commission (which provides aide to many non-Caucasians, Anonymous).

    Dont ever call me a racists or that I have hate for this city. I have hatred for those that continue to abuse it (elected or not).

  18. Mr. Terry-

    I don't agree with everything you say on this blog, but I think you're spot on right about the late Matt Jimenez...he was quite the crook.

    Not only that, but in his last few years on the council, his mind was wandering badly and appeared to be in early stage dementia.

  19. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 19, 2010 at 3:31 PM


    I appreciate your honesty and maturity. No one agrees with anyone 100% and if they do, they are meant to be in a padded cell.

    But yes, Mr. Jimenez WAS fading mentally. However, he was always quick to raise money for his campaigns...even quicker to think local businesses would comp him (personal knowledge of this). The city and fire department is better without his type of politics.

  20. Oh you mean there never was a plate that Matt Jimenez didn't eat off of that wasn't his own, or a lunch that he ever paid for himself? bahahahhahahahha

    N. Terry, you know the type I'm talking about, these big blowhards that like to brag and boast about how hard they work all their lives and then they're hiding assets so they can go onto Medi-Cal when they get old. "Oh I have to leave something for my children". Jack Maltester, Matt Jimenez two mud floored, thatched roofed babooze's who wouldn't even acheive the rank stable boy appprentice in the old country.

  21. That must be true about Jimenez expecting comped meals. I heard that also from a good friend of mine and his both who said it embarassed him when Matt did that. How sad that those kinds of people get elected...

  22. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 20, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    I know for a fact, witnessed first hand, that Jimenez assumed a $5 purchase would be comped because of who he was...he's not the only bay area politician to assume that. Bill Lockyer's the same way. With all the comps, you'd think his wife could afford a plane ticket to visit family in LA (see much earlier post about how the Lockyers arent wealthy).

    The city of Hayward continues to fund the Matt Jimenez center in South Hayward...as if kids these days wanna play ping-pong, let alone have no clue who the man was. It's OK to not dish out that kind of cash on a man who didn't really change Hayward for the better.

  23. You're right about Old Man Jimenez expecting to get comped wherever he dined....I worked at The Ranch for 9 years and I can tell you for a fact Matt would turn green if he thought he was'nt going to get comped there.

  24. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 20, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    Seems like he came around to local businesses, the most, around campaign time.

    True story.

    Most of them do.

  25. Oh yeah, don't forget about that pot bellied pig Bill Lockyer. He and Nadia are sooooooo down to earth, but she has personal expenses that preclude her from going to Los Angeles. Who is going to believe that crap? A freeloader and a gold-digger, what a combo.

  26. Matt Jimenez expecting to be comped? I'm shocked. That is so typical of his kind. Is it any wonder why Pete Stark gets re-elected? When you have that mud floored, Mediterranean stock mentality. Oh yeah, these hard working Portuguese, Spanish, Italians around here, they're the biggest hypocrites around; "oh help the poor, the most vulnerable etc" Yeah, they say that, but they just want to make sure someone other than themselves pays for it. Oh yeah, these hypocrites, they go to Church and act so holy then vote for some Communist like Pete Stark or Barack Obama. They promise you freeloaders more welfare and just like any junkie, once you get a needleful of that free money you're hooked.

  27. Matt Jimenez was an old crook who was treated like royalty in this town because he lived long enough to accumilate power.

    A current example of that sort of person is former Sheriff (no, not "Sheriff Emeritus", there is no such title-the old goat just gave it to himself) Charles Plummer.

    Plummer has wielded much clout around here, but his tenure as AC Sheriff won't pass even a basic smell test, if you know what I mean.

    He's just a bitter old man who did'nt even have the stones to make a endorsement in the District 2 Supervisor's race. His long time butt boy, Kevin Dowling ran, but Charlie was too scared of Lockyer to endorse anyone running against the lovely Nadia.

  28. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 21, 2010 at 3:38 PM


    My grandparents were of Italian and Portuguese decent...and they were hard working, and far from hypocrites. They were immigrants turned citizens... employed many in the area and built a lot of Hayward in the 20s and 30s...

    Why are you attacking my family and many others, that way?

    Manuel...what is your decent...Id like to attack them.

  29. N. Terry I did not attack you personally.

    I mentioned before that I am from Funchal, Madeira. I came to America in the early '60s when I was a little tot. I remember going back to the old country as a teen in the 1970's and couldn't believe the backwardness of those people. It was as though I was transported back to a land that was forever stuck in 1921. There are villages back there that haven't changed in 100 years and probably only recently got electricity or in door plumbing.

    You can go to many a coffee shop there today and still hear ignornant old men sitting around bragging and boasting about "how rich and powerful" Portugal was in the 1600's. I listen to them and wonder; "what the hell is in your coffee? That was 500 years ago!"

    When I go to Church I see these hypocrites for what they are; they talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. They vote for Pete Stark, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and claim to be Roman Catholic.

    These are the same people who will stiff a waitress or leave a 25 cent tip, a gal who is trying to make a living and use they use the excuse; "well she's working".

    N. Terry you're in the 40-45 percent who have a brain but 55-60 percent are mindless.

  30. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 22, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    Ok...I guess. Didn't assume it was personal, just general...

    But, I have only 40% of a working brain probably anyway. Unless being schooled by Professor Doug Jones. Then I'm lucky to be running on .005%

  31. Charlie Plummer is a prima donna jackass pure and simple. There isn't a mirror that he hasn't passed where he had to go and kiss himself in it.

  32. Nicholas E. TerryJuly 23, 2010 at 8:27 AM


  33. Plummer plastered his name everywhere you turned in a Sherriffs building. "Charles C. Plummer" was everywhere. What a fool.