Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Episode 1 of the TnT Podcast is Now Available

Pete Stark’s ladder, Wedding of the Century, Chris Pareja’s audit
A viral video of Rep. Pete Stark’s recent comments at a town hall meeting in Hayward last month is making the rounds. Steven and Nick discuss his assertion the federal government can do as it wishes...Wedding bells are in the air in Hayward. The former city councilwoman and the former city manager are tying the knot and TnT is in charge of the favors...The Tea Party’s independent candidate to challenge Stark needs 9,500 signatures by Friday to qualify for the ballot. We’ll audit the list. 9,499...9,498...

The Weekly TnT Skewer List (people, ideas criticized in this week's podcast)
Pete Stark, God the Father, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Anna May, Greg Jones, Bill Lockyer, Roberta Cooper, Olden Henson, Bill Quirk, Michael Sweeney, Kevin Dowling, Barbara Halliday, Fudge Guy, Mike Katz-Lacabe, Yankees/Red Sox/Indians fans, Phil Bronstein. 

Steven Tavares, reporter for the EastBayCitizen.com, and former Hayward and Alameda County commissioner Nick Terry take a weekly look at the East Bay political scene with a bit of irreverence and smarts. There are many blogs in the Bay Area, but only the EastBayCitizen.com provides “news for those who can’t read.”


T Brothers. I listened to the inaugural blast. Very professional production values. It is a tragedy that you did not get to more promotion of the Chris Pareja candidacy. No questions to him on his positions on immigration, marijuana, abortion, medicare, social security, income tax, nullification, busing, oil drilling, sale of extra state property for private development, prison funding, school funding, birth right citizenship and the war in Afghanistan. Such a shame. His website is very empty on these issues.

Thank you former governor of Calif. I hesitate to put precious resources towards Chris Pareja's campaign just yet since he may not be able to qualify for the ballot. If he does, you can expect details on her various stances. Featuring candidates you most likely will not read about in the mainstream local media is what The Citizen is all about. Thanks for listening, too.

Steven, are you suggesting that Chris Pareja is a transgender candidate? You have both his and her references. I thought you and T were not supporting homosexual candidates like Chris.

No, no, sorry. I believe he is all man. Maybe I was thinking about the race for judge. Good catch, though.

I clicked on it and there was no sound.

Manuel...turn your speakers on.

O'Mordha...you come to this site but don't care for the podcast?

I still can't get anything. It comes on and that's it. It won't start.

nT, I listened to the prodcast and thought it was, well not bad for a first effort between you and Steven. I had hoped for a little more breaking noose like the demise of Frumkin and Dellums to the North.

Gotcha...well, Ron Dellums is a jackass, I can't stand typing his name let alone talking about him. He's another reason Oakland is a mess.

NET, you are defaming the animal. He is not, however, the reason that Oakland is a mess. Oakland has been a mess ever since the Knowlands lost their newspapers and the Key System collapsed along with the ferries to San Francisco. The loss of Jutice Courts, Earl Warren, the Bracero Program, Goody Knight and the pardon of Tom Mooney forestall the end of Oakland and the best parts of California.

O'Mordha...defamation of character would me he has any character; he has none other then what you said, animal.

He's "another" reason Oakland is a mess...if you missed that; not the sole reason. He, like Jerry Brown, did not help Oakland...if they had, Oakland wouldn't be in the shape it's in. And for the record, neither did enough to change it the way they had pledged.

There's a greater problem with Oakland, greater then what you preached, ie Ferries, etc. The people MUST change first. That's probably not going to happen.

Pete Stark is a jackass too. While we're on the subject of defaming animals.

NET, the fact that the guy is a jerk means nothing. He is still going to win because of the minus types he has running against him. The Republican favors an economic model based on Japanese industrialism that brought us the WW2 and the economic system he favors is identical to National Socialism and is even published by the Strasser Press in Germany. Give me a break. The guy is a homegrown Nazi.

The other one, who cannot count well, is barely able to think for himself. Just read the website and you realize he has all the holes in his head that the rest of the tea party types have. That is not to say that there are not good conservatives out there. It is just that most of them are little better than ingrown gene pools.

Economic System out of Nazi Germany??? Are we talking about Barack Hussein Obama?

Manuel, no we are not. This is an exact quote from Forest Baker in an email to me.

"Thank you for the note. Eukariotsu Capitalism describes fully integrated, minimally scaled, sustainable economic and social units in the same way that eukaryotic cells each contain all the fundamental chemistry required for life and similar to the (very much larger) Japanese keiretsu industrial groups that are horizontally and vertically integrated as competitive entities practicing financial capitalism…with their own banks inside. Forest"

This is also an exact example of how National Socialism worked in Germany 1933-1945 and in Japan from 1866-1945. You may be an advocate for this type of industrial development. I am not. You and yours may have come from Portugal to establish Salazar fascism here. But you failed. Americans tolerate your hate but rest assured we will not let you succeed.

Stassen you're a slobbering jackass. You make no sense. You are blubbering around talking about things that make no sense. What was the entire context of the letter that Forest sent you, not some erstwhile piece that has no beginning and no ending.

Manuel, not sure what you meant by my making no sense. I do not blubber. I gave you the entire email. The context was that I asked him what Eukariotsu Capitalism meant. He told me. I looked up his publisher, Srasser Press. You may not know who Gregor and Otto Strasser were. I do. He and his younger brothers were founding Nazis with Hitler. Gregor was killed with Ernst Rohm in 1934. Otto left Germany, lived in Canada and returned to Munich in 1955. He died in 1974 as an unrepentant Nazi, but not a Hitler follower. He and his brother were publishers and advocates of a social system that is fascist and in Germany became known as National Socialism. Forest's economic system is identical to Strasserism with the added part of Japanese fascism. It is integrated corporatism. Now I do not know when your forbears came to the United States from Portugal. Likely you know of Salazar the fascist. From your racist rants and really dumb intemperate comments you are one of them. Keep talking though, you are humorous if only in keeping San Leandro looking pathetic.

Hey jackass. I least I use a real name. Not some name of dumb babooze from Minnesota you asshat.

Secondly, you fool you asked him a question as to what is Eukariotsu Capitalism meant. He gave you the definition. What the hell does that mean in regards to his own views???

Strasser Press? How does that relate to Forest? I suppose everyone who drives a Mercedes, Porshe, Volkswagen and BMW are also Nazi sympathizers?

And I know first hand about Salazar you little smart ass. I was born under his regime and we left there to escape his idiocy. He was just as dictatorial as Tony Santos, Jack Maltester, and all the other jackasses around here. If you can't engage in intelligent debate then go back to watching the Cartoon Network.

Manuel, it is hard to imagine that you are as thick as you are and know as little about Forest as you do. He wrote a book about Eukariotsu Capitalism. He coined the word to describe it. The definition I provided is his definition and are his views. His model for emerging from the economic recession of today is to adopt an economic model that is virtually identical to that in place in Germany and Japan in the thirties and forties of this century.

Strasser press published his book. Yep, same old Strassers. Named after Otto Strasser who in fact returned to Germany in 1955 and continued to push Neo National Socialism. They published Forest's book. Draw your own conclusion.

As for Salazar, it is a shame he did not lock up all your family on the Canary Island. When did your people leave?

Funny though, the people who tossed out Salazar were the Communists and their little carnations. Hmmm, maybe that is what you really front Manuel.

Stassen was the last of the real traditional Republicans, not those of today. I would not expect you, though to understand that. History and truth are not your long suit.

Episode two should feature an online chat battle with these two...it's sure to be a real cat fight!


Manuel versus Harold Stassen. Anyone want to bet on the dead guy. Right, which one.

This babooze who goes by the name Harold Stassen talks out his piehole. He does not know his butt from a hole in the ground. The real Stassen was a lunatic from Minnesota, sort of like Luis Filipovich.

It's funny how this jackass never mentions Fortney's Communist ties and sympathies, but he makes them up about Forest.

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