Friday, August 27, 2010

Episode 2 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

East Bay Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi confounds the local political world with news of her campaign accepted fundraising dollars from Fox News. A mayoral candidate in San Leandro reportedly cries. Pete Stark shocks seniors and Gail Steele has a few highballs. All that and more on the now weekly EastBayCitizen.com TnT Podcast with Steven Tavares and Nick Terry. Click on the logo on the right to go to the podcast page. Note: the TnT Podcast moves to its new day. Check the EastBayCitizen.com every Friday morning for the latest show.

Here is the Hit List for Episode 2, the compendium of people and ideas criticized this week:

Rep. Charlie Rangel, Fox News, Hot Blond news anchors, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Pete Stark, Fmr Sen. Chris Dodd, Mary Hayashi, Fiona Ma, Supervisor Gail Steele, seniors, Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak, Kobe beef, Kobe Bryant, cry babies, driving while talking on the cell phone, Justin Bieber, President Obama, vacations, Bill Lockyer, Weinerschnitzel.


  1. Nice broadcast, funny stuff.

    Maybe if Joyce had listened to the city attorney and kept her nose out of Heron Bays business she wouldnt be crying.

  2. ST NET, most enjoyable broadcast. I was worried that your weekly broadcast was as shortlived as NET's run against the Evil Korean Hayashi. Good to see that you have now had 2 broadcasts in a month. Production values are good. You did not cover Chris Pareja's insurgent campaigning at the Zucchini festival and instead went after Joyce. What about Sara Mestas? She has to be as relevant. She at least made cross walks happen and an ice cream social. Stay a Blog and do not be a real journalist. There is always a need for comic relief. Lord knows that there is nothing funny about San Leandro.

  3. My agent is requesting that we do this once a week.


  4. Thank you! We'll have a new show every Friday like clockwork from now on. In coming weeks, the last section of the show will be a sitdown interview. Mayor Santos and Sara Mestas have already agreed and hopefully we can book all the candidates at some time before November.

    By the way, does anybody know the title of the song that leads into the third segment on Joyce Starosciak? Nick Terry will buy you a steak dinner if you know.

  5. A good topic for discussion would be the vanity license plate on Supervisor Gail Steele's car, which reads "Peh Meh", as in "Pay Me".

  6. When you have Santos on, please ask him the following.: what is the return per boat on the 2 million dollar dredging of the bay?,why is the senior center not open?, as of yesterday at 434pm the lights were on but no one home.....like the city council that goes dark in August. And why does he speak only german and not portuguese?

    Thanks for your enlightenment with Santos

  7. Divide 2 million by the number of boats for your answer. The money came from stimulus funds.

    Senior center never should have been built, blame Sheila Young for ramming that through.

    And probably because his wife is from Germany.

  8. A the money for the dredging where part of federal matching funds. The city had to come up with monies that where matched by the feds.No stimulous was ever used for the bay.As far as the senior center if it start under Young as you claim, Santos voted for the project,and during his time as mayor did nothing to make sure that the senior population could use it.The 2milion dollars
    spent in the Marina for a few boats(very
    few) could have operated the senior center for several years.Tavares maybe you can search the minutes for the dredging deal and post the minutes here.
    His wife is German,but Santos is of descended Portuguese.

  9. Something is brewing for episode three...Nadia Lockyer, I'm coming after you...Bill, you should be ashamed...