Monday, August 2, 2010

Mainstream Media Finally Catches Up with Stark's Latest Comments

Nine days after the fact, conservative bloggers and pundits are all over Rep. Pete Stark's assertion the federal government can do whatever it wants. Of course, there was more to the exchange along with other questioners who pressed him on the statement. Stark later said the federal government can only push rules in line with the Constitution. Here's a snippet from coverage in The Citizen July 25:

Stark may have made news in the coming days for some of America's most popular conservative talking heads when Kemp's cameras captured him saying "the federal government can do anything it wants." The comments drove a few into a uncontrollable rage, but Stark did not flinch as three people pressed him on the comment. Stark eventually clarified his statement arguing citizens are protected by the Constitution. "If the government does something unconstitutional that would be under review," but many in Hayward appear to view the federal government as more a monolith than friend these days.
Here's a clip from Stark's Hayward town hall July 24 where a woman equates health care reform with slavery:



The person equating health care with slavery has a great deal to learn about what the Constitution can and cannot do. Her arguments are simply wrong. Now it may be that the folks behind all of this are talking about Nullification, or the right of the Federal Government to act on behalf of all Americans. That is what the Civil War was all about. If this is what these folks are really talking about, then I guess it is time to decide perhaps once and for all whether this nation will stand or not.

How vulgar is it to compare slavery with anything. Does she have health care? Probably does. The treatment of slaves is more akin to not being able to afford health care than anythig she is saying in this video. When winter comes I'll look forward to the tyranny of a flu shot in my ass.

I would argue that Breitbart and Drudge are not mainstream press,

What's your point Vierra? She's saying that it's a form of slavery to force someone to purchase something that they may not want to purchase on their own. Thereby forcing someone into the service of another against their will.


Manuel, so your point is that the Federal Government cannot force someone to do something against their will? If so, that is the argument of the eleven states involved in the insurgency called the Civil War. They lost the war then. Are you advocating secession?

How in the Hell do you equate mandating socialized medicine with the Civil War?????

Here's another view of Stark's town hall meeting from the Daily Reviews letters to the editor

Robust debate?

I'VE ENJOYED Rep. Pete Stark's town
halls. He'd give information about Congress then call on audience members selected through a lottery. Those selected voiced questions and opinions resulting in a robust exchange of views; an exercise in democracy. The last town hall was different.

Stark was shouted down and threatened by audience members. When attempting to discuss the estate tax, scheduled to be reinstated next year, he joked that if your heirs were unscrupulous, it might be a good idea to get a food taster. Someone yelled, "Is that how we can get rid of you?" After shouting down Stark, the same people complained that he wasn't answering their questions.

These people weren't interested in the robust exchange of views emblematic of democracy. Their behavior undermined democracy by stifling the free exchange of ideas. I was prevented from hearing from my congressional representative, and I was intimidated from addressing him. What if I expressed a view different from the shouters? If they can threaten an elected official, what might they do to me?

I hope Congressman Stark continues to hold town halls and that they again become a vehicle for robust debate. However, this cannot happen when mob intimidation runs roughshod over democracy.

Mary Reno

San Lorenzo

Oh, poor Mary. She was just mad because the "robust" debate didn't include how to mooch off of the government like all past Stark meetings entailed.

Mary Reno is the typical Stark voter; ignorant, lazy and looking for an avenue to get something for nothing. All that people like her want is a crying session where they can whine and moan and beg for a government check. She obviously is incapable of intelligent talk concerning the estate tax. Stark is the same way for matter. I'm sure Stark has some nice trust funds set up to keep millions away from the government so that his gold-digging hussy wife from San Lorenzo and his spawns from mulitple women can continue to live in luxury.

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