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Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Debate for Stark; Pareja Settles for Rodeo?

The Tea Party write-in challenger to Rep. Pete Stark will not get a chance to debate the long-time congressman. Chris Pareja offered Stark a three-way debate with himself and Forest Baker, if "we can find the rock he is hiding under," Pareja said of their Republican challenger. "Not a chance," Stark bluntly said this week. "Why would I debate you?"

Pareja, who garnered only half of the over 9,000 signatures needed to gain a spot on the November ballot as an independent, will rely on a write-in campaign to best a congressman whose opponents have won over 30 percent of the vote just once since 1980.

 But, the real question is, can the 78-year-old East Bay legislator ride a mechanical bull? Huh? Depending on your view of the video below, Pareja is not very good at riding a bucking bronco or very adept at falling off one.



  1. Are you kidding me? Pete can't even take a dump without Jason Teramoto helping him on the can.

  2. Pete won't debate because he's so senile and foolish he'd continue to look like an idiot. That and the low-lifes whom he usually packs at his debates are getting drowned out by REAL Amerians.

  3. Manuel, if it was not for you and the Amerians I am not sure where we would be. As for Chris Pareja's skills, he did get 4,000 verified signatures, not even half of the required 9,000 or 1 per cent. As a bull rider, limp wristed Pareja needs a lot of work, he cannot ride even when it is easy. So much for limp slow pitch.

  4. At least the guy is agile enough to get on that bull. Fortney needs Depends to get out of the room.