Monday, August 9, 2010

November Ballot Nears Completion

Election Day is November 2. Listed below are the candidates who have completed the filing process through Aug 9. Where noted the deadline to file for races for which an incumbent did not run has been extended to Wednesday, Aug. 11. Names in boldface indicate new candidates who have filed in the past week.

California, District 13
Forest Baker (R)
Pete Stark (D) (I)

District 2
Liz Figueroa
Nadia Lockyer

Stephen Cassidy
Sara Mestas
John Palau
Tony Santos (I)
Joyce Starosciak

District 1
David Anderson
Michael Gregory (I)

District 3
Diana Souza (I)

District 5
Pauline Cutter
Corina Lopez

Area 2 Extended
Lance James
Victoria Wong

Area 4
Latrina Dumas
Mike Katz (I)

Area 6 Extended
Merlinda Morales

Vote 2 Extended
Sabrina Becerra
Audie Bock
Lisa Brunner
Gabriel Jimenez
William McGee
Sheila Sims (I)

Short term
Jesus Armas (I)
Lawrence Fitzpatrick
Annette Walker

Board of Directors (Vote 3) Extended
Lester Friedman
Susan Reisz
Carole Rogers (I)
Jeff Rosier
William West (I)


Could it be that there is just no real support for the Tea Party and Chris Pareja, or should we believe that requirements were set up after the Tea Party started. Oh, is there no third party movement?

I'm voting for John Simao.

"his name is Palau".

Yeah, John Simao. I'm voting for him. I think his son plays for the 49ers; Jr. Simao.


FYI: The Chris Pareja for Congress team has submitted about 4000 signatures and requested an extension from the Secretary of State. Since the Dems and Repubs only need 40 signatures to get on the ballot vs. 9260 for Chris, it would be premature to say there is no support for his campaign. He is actually getting support from around the country. The question is whether he will be allowed on the ballot or forced to run as a write-in.

Poor Pitiful Pareja. He has to prove that he has at least 1 per cent of the electorate in order to run. He got almost half the way to being on the ballot. What does that tell us? Get your stuff together if you want to represent the people. So far he has nothing to show other than empty rhetoric. These are the official rules for getting on the ballot.
There are two methods by which political parties can qualify for official status which enables them to place candidates on a primary election ballot. The qualification deadline for each method is 135 days before a statewide primary in an even-numbered year, based on the registration totals as of the 154th day before that election.
1. Registration. No later than 135 days before the primary election, a party must have obtained registrations equal in number to 1% of the total vote cast in the last gubernatorial election. The current registration requirement is 88,991 [1% of 8,899,059 (Elections Code section 5100(b))].
2. Petition. No later than 135 days before the primary election, a party must have collected petition signatures of registered voters of any party equal in number to 10% of the total votes cast in the last gubernatorial election. The current signature requirement is 889,906 [10% of 8,899,059 (Elections Code section 5100(c))].
To retain its official status, a political party must maintain a registration level equal to 1/15 of 1% (0.00067) of the total registration of the state at all times [Elections Code section 5101]. In addition,
after each gubernatorial election, each party’s qualifications are reviewed. To retain its official status after
the election, each party must:
1. Maintain a registration level equal to at least 1% of the entire vote of the state at the last
gubernatorial election [Elections Code section 5100(b)]; or
2. Have a candidate for statewide office (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, or United States Senator)receive at least 2% of the vote for that office [Elections Code section 5100(a)].

Pareja isn't running with a party. He is running as an Independent. The Tea Party isn't a party. It's a frame of mind. Free markets, constitutional government, lower federal spending.

His frame of mind has to produce one half of one per cent of the population in order to run and use up the tax payers money on an election. Not likely he will make it, since he is less than one half of one per cent of the folks who voted last time. Read his platform, he wants regulation and lower spending. He wants to regulate interstate commerce and expand federal services for anti-abortion education. The guy is a meat sack nut job.

Pareja is probably more conservative than anyone in the legislature and he wants to run for congress in one of the most liberal areas of the country. May he should move to Texas and run on with the Lone Star Party.

If Pareja travels anywhere near Arizona or Texas he will likely get snagged by the Minutemen who want to be led by Forest Baker's troops and carded and deported all in the space of an hour or so.

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