Monday, August 23, 2010

Third Time A Charm For Harmer?


Will congressional candidate David Harmer
go down in a "Blaze of Glory"?
Does David Harmer belong to the state of Utah where he once ran for Congress in 1996, California's Central Valley where he lost the special election for the 10th District to Rep. John Garamendi or incumbent Rep. Jerry McNerney's 11th District? As Jon Bon Jovi once sang, "I never drew first but I drew first blood/I'm no one's son, call me young gun."

In fact, the Republican Party named Harmer one of its own "Young Guns" last June--conservative candidates deemed to have a shot at unseating incumbent congressional Democrats this fall. Forty of these candidates stand gain handsomely from support and fundraising from the national party apparatus.

To get those precious dollars needed to unseat the two-term McNerney, Harmer had to travel last Friday to Utah for a fundraising event, according to the Mormon-owned Deseret News. Harmer, who was born in California, is Mormon and attended Brigham Young. His father, John Harmer, was lieutenant governor under Ronald Reagan. In another article published recently by the Deseret News, Harmer was featured as one of a handful of possible Mormons on November ballots across the nation, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Critics of Harmer have pointed to his past candidacies for the House in Utah and the 10th District as proof he is a political opportunist. Harmer lost to Garamendi in 2009 for Ellen Tauscher's seat and a year later has set his sights on McNerney's neighboring seat. One of Harmer's opponents in the open primary election in June 2009 for Tauscher's seat, Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan is also facing the same criticism after she quickly entered the race for re-election of her assembly seat after finishing a disappointing fourth in the 10th District's primary.

Polls show Harmer running nearly 10 points behind McNerney, who himself once benefited with help from Democrats to defeat long-time congressman Richard Pombo in 2006. Pombo was famously nicknamed "Cowboy" by former president George W. Bush. Recently, Harmer has publicly challenged McNerney to a series of debates throughout the valley, but the incumbent has yet to respond. With a somewhat comfortable lead heading towards Labor Day, McNerney may not want to give his challenger an opportunity to gain ground.


McNerny doesn't want to debate because he lacks the intelligence to engage in thoughtful debate let alonge deal with the major issues. He'll keep quiet and I'd be wary of the election.

I'm a democrat and I don't even know what McNerney has done other than finally beat the Cowboy. I disagree with Manuel, if he's really winning by that much, then there's no reason to stand next to Harmer and give him some spotlight. It's lose-lose for any incumbent.

If you are opposed to abortion and same sex marriage, elimination of capital gains taxes, documentation of suspected illegals, Repeal of the Fourteenth Amendment and state's right of Nullification then you have a clear choice with Harmer.

Anonymous ... It sounds like Harmer is pretty focused on eliminating lots of the freedoms and liberties we enjoy as Americans and creating more government meddling in our lives. Sounds like a pretty scary platform.

What the hell are you jackasses talking about? Eliminating lots of the freedoms and liberties we enjoy as Americans??? Freedom of sodomy? Freedom to kill an unborn baby? No, the scary platform is you jackasses thinking that such crap is "American". Just what the hell do you fools smoke?

freedom to live with mom and dad like manuel

The government should not be making moral choices for me. This clown supports the rights of unviable, pea-sized 3-week old fetuses, but not people who are born gay or Mexican. Yes, that seems very backward to me. So much for reducing government regulation and intervention. He doesn't want less government regulation, just different government regulation.

I assume since Harmer is a young gun he's also in the pocket of the NRA.

Oh yeah, you insane jackass, "an unviable pea sized 3 week old fetus"??? That child has a more promising future than some degenerate like you who wants to mooch off of society. The only thing "pea-sized" is that mold that is found between your ears.

"the rights of people born gay or Mexican"??? WTF is that about? What rights are being denied to either?, and why are both grouped together you psychopath?

The only thing backwards is your view of civilization; behave in any irresponsible way and have society foot the bill.

Manuel, Harmon is a Mormon. That is all that needs to be said. You are Catholic. Also enough said. Hate and lack of tolerance are the hallmarks of both and of you.

It says a lot that he's down ten points in a district that has more Repubs than Dems.

Damn right I'm a Roman Catholic. You don't like it? Then pucker up, put on some lip gloss and kiss my pale white portagee ass.

Manuel, good to see that you are just like the rest of deviants in the Church. Line up, get the little boys. Butter them up. Hide behind the Pope and the defenders of your right to hate and bugger little boys. They should have left you in prison in the Canaries with the rest of your relatives.

Hey jackass above, the perverted priests are the same people whom you defend...homosexuals! They purposely infiltrated the Church in order to bring them down. You jackasses like to attack the institution but not the individuals. In this case the individuals are homosexuals. So go take your idiocy and blow it out a pea shooter.

Once you get through all the snide, ignorant comments - the bottom line is that Harmer believes in traditional marriage - doesn't mean he's against civil unions. Harmer also believes in family and the right of life. I think what people today seem to forget is that too often abortion is used as a form of birth control and has become a part of of our transition into a disposible society. Whether it is the elimination of a fetus or disgarding our seniors into the nearest nursing home (death's waiting room) - it still is a display of insensitivity, apathy, and lack of conscience or morals. If Harmer believes in the value of life - is that so wrong? The main thing is.....Harmer believes in lower taxes, less government, a balanced budget, control of our borders, repeal of Obamacare with reasonable reforms that allow citizens to choose the medical providers, health plans, and level of care that make sense for them and most importantly - Harmer believes in the Constitution. So, whether he is down 10 points or not - there is a clear choice. You can vote for the policies of Pelosi with McNerney or you can vote for someone who will represent and listen to you - and that is Harmer!

Oh, I didn't realize our Manny was in league with the child molesters. Yet more proof that Internet Tough Guys are morally corrupt perverts.

Hey babooze above, WTF are you talking about? Internet Tough Guys? Is that what you and your pals in pink call yourselves?

Harmer called public schools "socialism in education." He's a member of the Tea Party yet doesn't advertise that fact. Harmer supports privatization of Social Security and Medicare. What would happen to Social Security or Medicare if it was privatized? Have you looked at your 401k lately? He is opposed to a women's right to choose, even in cases of incest or rape.
Harmer is a hypocrite and a political opportunist. Harmer claims to be an outsider to Washington. He's not. He worked as a staff lawyer for Congress and his father was Lieutenant Governor of California. Some outsider.
This is the third time Harmer has run for Congress. And, he doesn't even live in our congressional district! Harmer can't even vote for himself.
Congressman McNerney has done more for our vets during his 4 years in Congress than Richard Pombo did in 14 years. McNerney has brought a Veterans health care facility to the San Joaquin Valley, and 900 permanent jobs for the Stockton area. Congressman McNerney has voted against raising the pay of Congress, and he has donated any raises to charity.

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