Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Traffic Headaches, Tardies On Tap for First Day of School?

The median just south of East 14th Street and 136th Avenue under construction to beautify the area leading into San Leandro High School. The roadwork, extending two blocks south could pose traffic headaches for parents and students traveling Wednesday morning to the first day of school. The area is already notorious for traffic jams on most school days

The work to add landscaping to the median parallel to the new Fred Korematsu Ninth Grade campus was approved last fall by the San Leandro City Council. It also runs along the same path as AC Transit's proposed bus bus line. Last year, The Citizen was told any work to by AC Transit to extend the controversial bus line through East 14th would result in the transit agency footing the bill to dismantle the work currently being done.


Not too surprising the city council approved it. Either one of many acts of contempt against SL public schools, or some more of Tony Santos' outstanding planning skills.

Frank Lynn

Nobody seems to know why this was the time to rip up the median. Construction will cost roughly $600k, according the council minutes from last fall.

There really isn't an alternate route to the high school that helps much. I also learned there will be an influx of freshman students who will have to cross the street from their new campus across the street from the high school to get their class schedules for the first day.

Frank, blaming Mayor Santos for poor Construction Planning sounds like the rantings of Manuel. Santos may or may not be able to plan and appoint stupid people. But the blame or responsibility lies with the City Council and the Planning Commissioners as well as the School Board for not being really involved like you are. So, live with it. San Leandro students should be able to negotiate this. If they can't it will provide for a thinning of the genetic herd and a boon for lawyers and bloggers.

Frank is not involved, he was going to run for council vs Gregory but decided to put his tail between his legs and leave town rather than see if his views were the same as the electorate in town.
He now lives elsewhere but still chooses to blame everything that has gone wrong in his live on the city council.
Manuel ran twice for council and was trounced both times. He continues to live with mom and dad and post inane comments here because he probably can't find a date.

Pleasanton is better off with Frank there than with him here. As for Manuel, he makes a fourth with his Mom, his Dad and Ewe his sheep.

I ran for council and withdrew because I made the mistake of buying property in San Leandro a second time, and that house happened to be outside of the district.

I only spent $100 on my campaign vs. $3,000 for Michael Gregory, and it was publicly announced in the paper that I withdrew my candidacy; yet I still received 35% of the vote.

Nothing has gone wrong in my life because of the San Leandro (sh)city council; I was fortunate that I was able to leave town. Leaving San Leandro was one of the best decisions I ever made. No more getting harassed by panhandlers, no more worrying about takeover robberies when eating out, no more ghetto movie theaters, no more worrying about my house getting broken into, no more having to drive out of town for decent retail or Trader Joe's, no more worrying about the school district I live in. The only thing I really miss are my neighbors and Tim Holmes' coffee shop.

I have a vested stake in San Leandro bettering itself because I still own property there. Also, I think that there are still a lot of good people in San Leandro who deserve better than the current fools running the town. But anonymous is right, San Leandro deserves the leadership it has, and it deserves the consequences of electing corrupt, incompetents.

Frank Lynn

Recieving 35% is no big deal. Thats your voter, the folks that are never happy and piss and moan about everything.
Those people would vote for a rock.

Frank is right, this city has become an embarassment. Just look at our school test scores and recent passing socre levels for math and reading - near the bottom once again. Truly embarassing, pathetic and nothing to be proud of. If my house was not upside down, I would leave to. This city is a rapidly plunging pit with nothing that makes it a really nice place to live. If mediocrity and boring is your measurement of a good city, then this town is perfect for you. SL leaders and government - continue to keep your heads in the sand and pretend it is not on a major decline. SL has a growing "rough edge" that is becoming intolerable and fast. Sad that this has happened to what was once a very proud, clean, safe town with good schools - it was a working class/middle class success of a town at one time.


It's very easy to do. Sure this section is a mess, like most main roads in San Leandro, but as long as you pay attention and drive accordingly, we'll all be ok.

BAN big rigs on East 14th...that's my two cents...someone get me Ellen Corbett.

I just looked at SL school ratings on greatschools.net; Roosevelt slipped down to a 6 from a 7, and prettymuch every school in San Leandro has lower test scores this year. Meanwhile Pleasanton has a thriving business community and schools are all rated 9 and 10. Why is that? Could it be because Pleasanton city council and school board makes better decisions? Could it be because a better educated populace doesn't put up with corruption and stupidity? These are questions San Leandreans ought to be asking themselves.

Frank Lynn

Could it be that Pleasanton has plenty of land to build modern executive housing?
Something San Leandro ran out of many years ago.
Also if you think the San Leandro Schools suck why do you insist on trying to blame the city council? They have zero input into school board activities, the council has on many occasions attempted to help the school district, even offering to refurbish the high school pool, something that is now in the 50 million dollar bond measure.
The council also attempted to upgrade sports fields years ago, only to be rebuffed.

Back to the issue of the roads that need to be fixed ASAP, I just got off the phone with Project Development Division with the city of San Leandro. He first apoligized to me about what a mess it is down there. (It always has been, but it is now 10 times worse). I told him it took me 20 minutes from San Leandro Blvd to drop off my teenager in front of the school and back to San Leandro Blvd. Today It only took 15 minutes. How ridiculous!!!! Of course he said that they were waiting for permits for over a year, and its hard to co-ordinate with the State and construction company. (Common sense.. summer was 2 & 1/2 months long people!!) They started on this section of E 14th about a month ago, and it's going to take about another month before they move on to another section of the street. He was suggesting I take another route to school in the mean time... DUH I lived in San Leandro my whole life, don't you think I would of thought that??!! Can't wait for the month to be over....

"Could it be that Pleasanton has plenty of land to build modern executive housing?
Something San Leandro ran out of many years ago".

Hmm, so lets build more low income housing by BART when this towns housing is already over supplied with low and moderate income type housng and challenged students. Really smart city we have here.

Just because you repeat a statement over and over doesnt make it true. The project next to BART was 700 units of which 600 were to be market rate, not low income for you yahoos.100 were going to be subsidized, not low income, subsidized. That means people with jobs and familys that need a little help in this housing market catch a break. In this economy you might be surprised who would qualify.
So 600 market rate units are low income? The only thing low here is the iq of the people who believe the project was geared towards poor people

Anonymous (who posted the last comment),

See, you blindly believe what the city tells you, without having attended the meeting and asking BRIDGE direct questions. You're the type of uneducated voter the city council loves - they want more people like you living in San Leandro! Or else you're part of the machine the spreads lies on the city's behalf - the fact that you're afraid to post your name makes me think it could be the later.

The San Leandro Crossings projects will definitely be low, and "very-low" income housing - and according to Lydia Tan of BRIDGE housing, they cannot discriminate against Section 8.

It's true that the San Mateo developer wanted to create market rate units on the BART overflow parking lot. But now that's not looking looking very economically prudent, so they're trying to back-peddle out of that. Additionally, in terms of what the project was "supposed" to be - the original project was *supposed* to be market-rate condos, and when the developer figured out that wouldn't work in San Leandro's bad housing market, it switched to apartments.

Frank Lynn

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