Friday, September 3, 2010

Episode 3 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

Election season is entering high gear. Who won this week’s senate debate in Moraga? It depends on who you support. In this week’s program, Steven Tavares and Nick Terry discuss the two candidates for Alameda County supervisor along with a smoking gun in the Sutter Health/California Nurses Association discrimination lawsuit. Also, did San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos tell Jerry Brown he was in favor of pension reform. All this and more on the East Bay’s only political talk show.

Here is this week's Hit List of people and idea criticized on this week's program:

Sutter Health and its CEO Pat Fry, discrimination, state Sen. Ellen Corbett, balding tires, Predator, Sen. Barbara Boxer, Carly Fiorina, excessive executive pay, shaving your head, Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Nadia Lockyer, houses covered in tarps, Sunol schools, San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, Jerry Brown, public relations workers, Mad Men, Emmys, Los Angeles Times, orange blouses, Carla Marinucci, La Opinion, San Francisco Chronicle, Phil Matier, talking trash and more on the EastBayCitizen.com TnT Podcast.


Confirmed: Nicholas Terry is as dumb as a rock. Barbara Boxer voted AGAINST the war. Check your facts, blowhard!

Steven and Nick, another week another podcast. Nice Show. Looking forward to your live coverage of the debate on Wednesday. Are you going to provide for call in to the podcast?

Can someone ask which candidate has violated section 81000 of the fair political practices commission?

Wow, one mistake and I'm dumb.

I guess I should have said she voted to use force against anyone who harbored terrorists. But that didn't help my point. Time to verbally attack you next week...ghost writer.

Steve isn't dumb for correcting me? Nah.

I thought the Senate debate was a very clear picture of each candidate's positions. The moderator was great- made them answer the questions. But Carly's makeup-- so yesterday! Easy on the blush girl!

Haha ... that's hilarious the Lockyers don't even send their kids to the local school district but out of district!

If I were a Hayward teacher or administrator, I would be making a phone call to these elitist. What does it say when a resident puts their child in an out of district school? Says they have power & connections.

I wouldnt put my kids in Hayward schools if I lived there. They have been run by the state more than the locals because of fiscaL mismanagement.

Heron Bay Boy,

Section 81000 of the California Government Code states, "This title shall be known and may be cited as the "Political Reform Act of 1974."

So which candidate violated this and how?

Hayward schools are in trouble! but if you are a well-off politician or spouse and you are running to represent "the people", then pulling your kid out of the local school into another better-off community (school-wise) doesn't look good. Add to her limited ties to the community, her political & campaign warchest built on outside the district and it makes it look she is trying to buy a seat she doesn't have much history with.

Shut up about sending kids to private school. Many moderate families are doing the same thing, making sacrifices for what's best for their kids. NOBODY should have to defend their decision to do what's best for their children.

The Lockyer's have to defend their decisions because Bill Lockyer is responsible for the sorry state of California's finances. Perhaps it's that pot bellied pig Lockyer who needs to shut up.

What did this gal, Nadia, do when she was down in Santa Ana?

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