Friday, September 24, 2010

Episode 6 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

Jerry Brown is against Prop. 23, so is Meg Whitman. San Leandro is seemingly against it, but should local council’s weigh-in? Rep. Pete Stark is safe because he has the best medical insurance in the world, but this week he again took on insurance providers. And Yo’ mama is so ugly she ran for mayor just to use the toilet paper! Mayor Santos and Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak take the personal politics to a new level on the East Bay’s only political program--The TnT Podcast on the East Bay Citizen.com.

Here's the Hit List of people and ideas criticized in this week's program:

Vegans, Prop. 23, Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown, stuffy talking heads, the ladies, Pete Stark, insurance companies, c-blockers, paying bills, Mayor Tony Santos, running suits, smack talking, yo mama jokes, pie eating, Daily Review, San Leandro Times, Stephen Cassidy, calling legislation "landmarks", Bill Lockyer, caper sauce.


What is so "BIG" about being a Alameda County "commissioner"???? (with a little c no doubt)

I can't wait until the GOP takes Congress in November and repeals ObamaCare right in front of that ranting raving kook Pete Stark. He and all the other losers in this area who support this jackass will probably have a coronary.

Tavares where do you come up with this crap about "the richest man standing up for the poorest"???? WTF? Stark is a Communist plain and simple, he's been on the wrong side of history and a disgrace. But the bigger disgrace is these morons who vote for this jackass.

Wow! What grown adult still does "c" (attempts) jokes.

And it's "an" not "a Alameda County."


I don't think there are very many communists who have made themselves rich by starting a successful bank.
Manuel if tour mom allows you to remove the child safety firewalls on the computer you might want to google communist, I don't think you understand the word.

Excuse me Heron Bay Boy, but the World Wide Communist Movement was always funded by wealthy individuals who accumlated wealth in order to fund their cause/ideas. Maybe you should pull you head of your @$$, I don't think you understand the Communist Movement or any movement other than that of your bowels.

Yeah, really what is with the "Former Alameda County commissioner" title? Under some government structures a "County Commissioner" is elected and oversees a service; hospital, garbage, Police, Fire, Social Services etc. etc. Then that individual is responsible for the entire department. We don't have that in Alameda County. It seems as though Nicholas Terry is attempting to portray himself as something he's not or at least attempting to portray himself as having more responsibility than he had. It's called resume padding.

You are right about the padding, but mostly it is Nicky's banana because he is short on that side. Just listen to him. That is why he dropped out last year in his feeble attempt to unseat Mary Hayashi. Remember his support of Forest Baker. Finally he realized that Forest is strange. Mel

Melanie...when did I support Baker?

Idiots...what is an appointed Commissioner called then? You bafoons have no sense of humor or common sense. As I told Mel' Diner, get a hobby, nimrods. Furthermore, Mel-idiot, it was 2010...not 2009! Wake up!

Tavares introduces me that way...it's not my fault you quacks can't get the attention of anyone but your cat or flea ridden dog. As for "resume padding," you lose. It's not on my resume, jackasses.

I shall hold back from any more posts on the topic until they have meaningful substance and aren't attacks from bored home bodies having insult orgasms.

Could be a while.

Nicholas Terry is a portagee, what did you expect? Everyone knows those people are known for their BIG story telling. Of course he's going to attempt to make some meaningless membership appear BIG. But not as big as his ego.

Gee Nicky, I knew you were a welsh and afraid of criticism and whiny and afraid of exposure by that Korean hack, but it is not nice to bring disgrace upon the Portugese. Get a rooster. Mel

Steven Episode 6 was a little weak. I was hoping for snappier writing and better production values equal to your first two. Gee, I am a fan and you are getting dull. Why not do a call in or bring back Craig. He was a lot more fun to listen to.


You should refer to your membership, past or current, on a County Commission as "Commission Member" then state what the Commission was named. To say that you were a "County Commissioner" implies that you held an elective office with responsibility. You did not hold any such office and it is rather disturbing that you would imply such in your "title".

Geez, in Nick's defense, anyone who pays have a mind to local politics knows there isn't an elected seat called county commissioner.

Stop nit picking

If someone like Manuel, who twice got his ass handed to him when he ran for city council in San Leandro, was on the show, I bet he would introduced as such.

I continue to hear a child weep. Or is it a scalded dog whimper.

Scalded dogs cannot sound much worse than the voice of Nicky. Perhaps Manuel will raise the discussion to the level of bile presently showing here.

Folks...address the problem with Steve, not me...if you listen clearly, you'll notice that it's Steve, NOT ME, that introduces me. I cant wait for call-ins!

Mel, since you're the only person that calls me Nicky, I'm glad my voice pleases your dreams.

There is a lot of nit picking. Tavares calls him a Plum Smuggler. Proof, he has some big balls, so cut some slack.

Love the opening bit. Few on this board probably don't get it. It's great.

Good stuff.

Plum Smuggler??????????? bahahahhaahhahahahahahahahhaa

OK. Tavares, why do you keep calling Nicholas "County Commissioner"?

Some of you people are bored...if this is all you want to talk about, a has been appointed to a useless Commission.

Why do you call Nicholas Terry a "has been"???

Because he's been there done that, he's no body but a pundit now.

I never even heard of the guy. Why is everyone picking on Nicholas?


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