Thursday, September 9, 2010

Figueroa Faults Lockyer for Fundraiser Hosted by Alleged Child Abuser

Mario Juarez was accused
 of hitting his child over 30 times,
 according to reports.
By Steven Tavares

Nadia Lockyer has consistently dedicated her campaign for a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to protecting children, but her opponent says she is cavorting with an alleged domestic abuser in the name of fundraising dollars.

Former state Sen. Liz Figueroa lashed out Thursday at Lockyer's scheduled fundraiser tonight held by the controverisal former Oakland city council candidate Mario Juarez. According to a profile two years ago in the East Bay Express, Juarez who eventually was defeated by incumbent Ignacio De La Fuente, was accused by his wife Araceli Juarez of hitting their young son over 30 times.

"Shame on you Ms. Lockyer! Shame on you, there is no excuse for this camaraderie" Figueroa said late Thursday afternoon, just hours before the $1,000 fundraiser at Juarez's real estate office in Oakland.

A spokesperson for the Lockyer campaign could not be reached Thursday for comment.

Figueroa faulted Lockyer for failing to do her job as the executive director of the Alameda County Family Justice Center to promote the safety of victims of domestic violence. "Holding lavish parties with their abusers is not only a violation of public trust but a clear betrayal of those she claims to protect," said Figueroa.

The location of fundraiser spotlighting Latino businesses in Oakland is outside of the boundaries of the district Lockyer hopes to represent. During the primary campaign, Lockyer's opponents made issue of this after a review of Lockyer's campaign finance documents showed less than one percent of her war chest was raised in the district. Furthermore, Lockyer has received over $550,000 in donations from the campaign of her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, in the past year leading to an overwhelming money advantage over Figueroa.

Juarez was also arrested for domestic abuse against his wife and a complaint was filed in Alameda County Superior Court in 1999. The Oakland businessman has also been in-and-out of bankruptcy over the past decades along with numerous lawsuit filed against him for non-payment. The perception of a candidate who could not manage his own finances campaigning to fix Oakland's ailing budget situation went a long way towards his defeat for city council two years ago.



  1. The interesting thing about the East Bay Express is their archive section:



  2. I can see a link between Liz Figueroa and the fellow on this article. But if you see the link below you will see that Liz Figueroa does not like to pay her taxes. Are you going to be reporting on this fact?


  3. Liz Figueroa appear not like to pay her mortgage as well. The link for the County Recorders office shows her not paying her house in 1999 and getting into foreclosure:


  4. I have know Liz for 12 years. She is NOT a tax cheat and she certainly does not lie about her residency. She has always lived in Sunol. When she was in the Assembly and Senate she had a second home in Sacramento, when she was out of office, she had a summer home.
    Stick to the issues and recognize the differences in this campaign.
    Experience, knowledge and no-how on how to get things done vs. using someone's name and $'s.

  5. The San Mateo County Tax Collector filed a lien for lack of payment by Liz Figueroa in Alameda County. Weird:


  6. It appears in fact that is a TAX CHEAT:

    The links above appear to be valid. The tax collector of San Mateo County is collecting for not getting her taxes paid!

    The State of California is trying to collect and she appears to not be paid on that.

    Back when foreclosures were rare she was having issues with her home.

    She appears to have been caught in a lie when the reporter question her.

    All signs point to Liz Figueroa being a liar, a tax cheat!

  7. Yes, the Figueroa tax/mortgage story was covered extensively in The Citizen when it broke earlier this year.

  8. Did you notice that none of the tax liens have been resolved or cleared?

    Has anyone requested a formal investigation to the Alameda County District Attorney against Liz Figueroa since she does not live in the county!?

  9. She claims she lives in this place?


  10. Liz Figueroa was in foreclosure in 1999!? Maybe that is the reason she no longer lives in the County of Alameda and that is why she moved to San Mateo County. Just saying.

  11. Who cares if the guy hit his kid 30 times? The kid was probably being a brat. I got my butt whooped a lot as a kid. Sure made me a better adult!

  12. Choosing between Liz an Nadia is distasteful. One is a carpetbagger, liar and thief. The other one is a carpet bagger, liar and thief. The question is do you want one who just lies about her credentials and tags along with her husband or do you want one who steals, lies and does not live here. I guess I am stuck with choosing Nadia. Where is Manuel when we need him to run as a candidate representing his Mom and Dad?

  13. Man ... Nadia's paid staff spends alot of time on here!

  14. Nadia must have alot of money but it does not change the facts:
    1. Liz Figueroa got into foreclosure in 1999 because she could not paid/afford her house.
    2. The State of California is collecting from her because she has not paid her taxes.
    3. The County of SAN MATEO not Alameda is collecting from her because she did not paid her taxes to them.
    4. She got caught in a lie when confronted on whether or not she lived where she claims. Have you seen the pictures of the house?

    and it begs the question why she is not being prosecuted for voter fraud. We see it happening in other counties like San Francisco. Alameda District Attorney needs to be aware of this.

  15. What a tragedy that there was not an honest person out there to run in District 2 against these two criminals. Neither one is worthy of our respect. Steve, it is a tragedy that you were not able to find a single person to stand up against these two.

  16. Looks like Bill's wife has hired hands on here. Why don't they just ask Liz...I have. She's easy to reach unlike Bill's wife. Nadia. Yeah that's her name. They've been caught s now they attack with bullshit. Gloves...off.

    Come on use your name cowards.

  17. My name is Mark Curiel. I read the links and I read the article. I saw the pictures of the house without the water, without the electrical service and the lack of a roof where Liz Figueroa said she lived.

    My friends - this are serious claims and abuse by our former State Senator. She maybe guilty of voter fraud.

    There is no bullshit in not paying your taxes to the State of California, The County of San Mateo and the County of Alameda. Is that what you call bullshit?

    What is there to ask Liz? When is she going to pay her taxes?

    I am not a pay consultant.

  18. "I am not a pay consultant" ... i can see why you are not :)

  19. Hi Mark,

    As you might have heard ... a ton of people face foreclosure and/or have trouble paying taxes. My understanding is that Figueroa has worked out payment with all the aforementioned government entities.

    And as far as her not living in Sunol, why is that over 100 elected and long-time community leaders are standing with Liz and against the Lockyer big pocketed machine? May be it's because Liz has a long-term commitment to this area. More and more community leaders seem to be signing up with Liz as they get to know both candidates. I think that speaks volumes.

    All this despite the Lockyer campaign with their negative push campaign calls.

    What is more disturbing is a candidate with little substance to her slick, over-funded campaign that pushes the envelope of the truth and further makes public office inaccessible to the common person.

    1) Local offices should be not be bought. This is Sacramento nor DC. Campaigns should not cost $1 million to win. I think the Lockyers should ask themselves at what cost they think the seat is worth? Bill thinks its at least worth half a million of his campaign funds plus the money he's given to the local Demo party. He knows his wife is not known around here and the only way to overcome that is to bombard the voters with phone calls & slick mailers.
    2) What is exactly Nadia's experience that makes her more qualified than an ex-State Senator? And this is where she has been fibbing. She's not a county head of an agency. Her semantics makes it seem like she is. My understanding is she oversees a staff of 5 or 6. She said she could be used as a DA but the grapevine says she hasn't practiced law in quite awhile and the County DA already stated Nadia isn't a lawyer in her office.
    3) Nadia's support is clearly from outside the district. Just look up
    district. Plus she just recently held a fundraiser in Oakland. That's not in District 2. But at least it's Alameda County. Getting closer to the district.

    My prediction to this election .. may be Nadia wins, but only because she makes running for the Board inaccessible to grassroots candidates by spending a gazillion dollars. I hope the first county ordinance she pushes for is campaign limits for County Sup races. It would be hypocritical of her to do it. But that would be the only way to clean up the mess her clan has made.

  20. Look at the hypocrisy between these two gold diggers. Too bad none of the posters is man enough to put his name up there.

  21. Are you looking for a date with Manuel?

  22. Mark Curiel has not asked Liz if she's paying her taxes, has he?

    I, just like Liz, am paying payments to the State...it's unfortunate but sometimes you've got to take the option (I may add that I am done this month). At any rate, all Lockyer can do is manipulate words and stories. Mrs. Lockyer can't even respond to simple questions that I've been asking her since the start of her campaign.

    Get the facts first, then open your mouth. If this is ALL you've got on Liz, misconceptions and half truths, please don't vote because it will take you a life time to understand the mess that is the Lockyer for Supervisor campaign.

    When it comes down to the facts that matter, WE ALL know who should be elected for this job. If, IF Nadia wins, she'll have four years to learn on the job before her re-election.

    I guess this also means she needs to stay married to Bill a while longer. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!

  23. Nick, do you really think that Liz is an improvement over Nadia? Neither of them is desirable. This is the best example of Morton's fork that I have seen in years.

  24. Nadia's far from perfect and her pot bellied husband is doing his best to buy her the election, but still....Liz should have faced criminal charges by now for voter fraud. It's been documented in more than one publication, and still the Alameda County DA has taken no action. Liz lied about her residence, Liz is facing all sorts of financial problems...how can anyone portray her as a solid candidate for ANY political office?

  25. Neither of these two is worth a vote. Better to vote for Lou Filipovich, Chris Pareja or Manuel.

  26. Mark Green should have gotten into the run-off. He missed it by such a small margin.

  27. Has any one of you sexist men read Nadia Lockyer's biographies - I dare you know - go on line and google her name both married and when she was not married (Nadia Davis). You will soon discover why thousands, soon millions, in the bay area are thrilled that her hubby met her and brought her to us - she is a genuine, passionate, strong, and amazing leader in all ways!!!

  28. Soooooooooooooo ironic again!!! Yet typlically hypocritical and stupid of Liz Figueroa - Mario Juarez is actually a hero for victims of child abuse - having been molested by a cub scout leader for years as a child, he had the guts to take on that entity and his lawsuit became the legal precedent victory that enabled hundreds of other victims to achieve justice. If you were a true advocate against child and spousal abuse, like Nadia Lockyer is, you would have known that.