Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Large Crowd Hears Candidate's First Salvos

Over 350 pack Marina Community Center Wednesday for Candidates Forum
Cassidy Calls Out Starosciak for Alleged Flip-Flop on Pension Reform

Santos: 'Your Employees Have Given a Great Deal'

Starosciak says 'Good Pay Should Equal Good Results'

Lopez Touts Poor, Working-Class Background; Says 'We Can No Longer Claim Victim to the Economy'

Council Candidate Backs Cannabis Farm to Increase Revenue

Mayoral Candidate Palau Wants to Clear San Leandro, Plant Cherry Trees

FULL COVERAGE OF WEDNESDAY'S FORUM TO COME...Along with coverage of Tuesday's council meeting.


  1. Well, Tony Santos was a blubbering fool as always. He claims that the City Employees took $43 million a year in cuts to wages. What the hell is this idiot talking about? Then the fool has the audacity, the FRICKING AUDACITY to say that "the pensions are reasonable". What a jackass. Then this nut has the nerve to say that the sales tax increase in necessary in order to preserve all out services.

    Tavares you may make fun of Palau but he makes a hell of lot more sense than that old big mouth. And no, Santos doesn't have a quick wit because he's Portuguese, he's got a big mouth that doesn't know when to shut up.

    If Palau makes Filipovich look like Winston Churchill then Santos makes Palau look like Thomas Aquinas.


  2. Manuel

    I think its great that mom and dad drove you to the event last night!

  3. Manuel, Palau made as much sense as Lou ever does. Without Lou and you there would not be much to laugh at in this grim season. Keep up the good work, you make your Mom proud. You also bolster the spirits of those who consider the morality of infanticide: your child may grow up to be like you.

  4. What a tease you are Steve - but I understand an article like this takes time; and given some of the people involved, you're probably questioning whether people really said what you heard they said.

    It sounds like Santos opened his mouth and removed all doubt.

    Frank Lynn

  5. Manuel, Paratransit operates that late???

  6. Hey baboozes above, can't argue with the facts????; Santos made a slobbering fool of himself. He sat there with his head down, staring at his chest while dribble leaked out of his mouth. He made no sense whatsoever; "oh the pay and pensions are reasonable. we have to remember that City Employees work hard". He's a fool and a shill for the parasite who infest City Hall.

    At least Palau talked intelligently about pensions. Pensions should be tied to years of work, NOT the last years pay and absolutely no more of this 30 years and out crap. Oh sure, you dumbasses who are milking the system think it's great, but those of us who are paying the bill aren't going to bail your laziness anymore.

  7. Your parents pay not you, they have a house with property tax.
    Your just suckling om mommies tit still.

  8. I hear a child weeping.