Monday, September 13, 2010

Mayoral Forum Quote Sheet

A compendium of quotes from the Sept. 8 San Leandro mayoral forum:

  • Said he was "black sheep" from a family of salespeople. "They tell jokes. Have stories. I don't have those qualities." Later says, "I have analytical skills."
  • Said to restore police force to full-strength. 
  • "Strong schools create strong cities."
  • "Only candidate with a plan to solve the budget crisis without a 10 percent sales tax."
  • Took jab at senior center contrasting it with 9th grade campus 
  • Said we should "look for businesses we think will thrive in the next 50 years.
  • "We must define our values."
  • On Measure Z: "We need to raise taxes for now."
  • "I will put my two-cents aside and side with the majority of citizens."
  • On pensions: "They are unsustainable right now."
  • Called for "Green Marina."
  • Said youth can help keep E. 14th Street clean.
  • "I want to eliminate new taxes." 
  • "I want to restore honest government for the people, by the people.
  • Review system of pensions to locate "obvious abuse."
  • On Marina: "We are going to continue what we've been doing. We need to make that marina self-sustaining. We need to make it more productive."
  • On pensions: "Your employees are working hard."
  • "I'm here to protect your public safety."
  • "People from foreign countries come up to me and say our streets are so clean."
  • How she differentiates herself "through experience and energy."
  • Would hire a full-time finance director
  • "Spend within our means."
  • "The marina has always been a destination. We should build and sustain a good marina that will make us proud San Leandrans." "We should not rush into it."
  • "We need to focus on more business."


  1. I'll keep Starosciak's words in mind when I get a building permit today..."we need to focus on more business."

    I think SL is the most expensive city to pull a permit in the Bay Area...for me so far. $560 comes to mind for a smaller roof then the $180 I paid in Pleasanton.

  2. Palau may have provided comic relief, but the joke is on San Leandro if they re-elect the incompetent, bumbling, and senile mayor for a second term.

  3. *How* would Joyce attract Whole Foods and Trader Joe's? A nice letter on city stationery that states the city really wants them to come to town, despite the fact their demographic studies have shown they would fail in San Leandro?

    Worse yet, she wants to solve the budget debt buy hiring an additional city employee with a full pension? How does she figure she'll reduce crime - but cutting cops?

    I wish I could say that I'm astounded by the level of moronity in city leadership; but unfortunately I lived their for eight years and witnessed it firsthand.

    Frank Lynn

  4. The "right" want more gun stores and less sales tax dollars from Oakland shoppers.Their solution is to move to Idaho. They should put up a candidate , we all need a good laugh.

  5. The obvious choice for San Leandrans is to choose from 4 who want to increase services and reduce benefits from Unions and one who thinks that Oakland is a foreign country. Given the tradition of high scholarship in San Leandro it is clear that the future is as bright as the continued blight at Bayfair.

  6. Who the hell would think of something 50 years down the road...these days, you're lucky to get something in a 10 year time frame. Has Cassidy ever ran a business? No, seriously, I wanna know, I don't know. Get real, WAKE UP!

  7. Palau is the only one who makes sense. The others are in the pockets of the City Employees whose greed has bankrupted the town.

  8. Nicholas Terry;
    San Leandro had low permit fees until a couple years ago when the idiots in this town voted to increase building fees and business license fees in order to give John Jermanis a big fat pension for doing squat. Now we have these same jackasses who voted to drive businesses out of San Leandro now crying about businesses leaving. Unfortunately, many are old, hard headed Portuguese, Italian and Spanish decendents who think money grows on trees, although they themselves bury their money in coffee cans behind the kitchen door.

  9. How do you know where I keep my money Manuel?