Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lockyer Chose Not to Attend Controversial Fundraiser

By Steven Tavares

Alameda County supervisor candidate Nadia Lockyer said Tuesday night she chose not to attend a $1,000 fund-raiser hosted by an alleged child abuser last week. The change of plans were a response to a press release sent late Thursday afternoon, just hours before the event, from the campaign of her opponent, former state Sen. Liz Figueroa.
Nadia Lockyer

In the statement, Figueroa was highly critical of Lockyer's attendance at the office of former Oakland city council candidate and real estate agent Mario Juarez. Court papers allege Juarez hit his young son over 30 times. He was also arrested on domestic abuse charges filed by his then-wife.

After a somewhat tense candidates forum with Figueroa Tuesday night at Hayward City Hall, Lockyer said both she and her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, decided not to attend the event held in Oakland. She did not answer any questions pertaining to knowledge of Juarez's background beforehand, but faulted Figueroa for initiating campaign mudslinging, calling it "puke politics."

"I want to say it is unfortunate my opponent started the campaign in this way," said Lockyer. "I work with victims of domestic violence everyday. I take this very seriously." Lockyer has repeatedly spotlighted the importance of protecting children and families throughout her campaign.

Figueroa says she recognized the name of Mario Juarez last week along with his spotty background and criticized Lockyer for not knowing her own backyard "This shows she doesn't know what's going on in her own community," said Figueroa.

The campaign for Figueroa sent the press release late last Thursday, just before the scheduled event leaving and leaving Lockyer scrambling. "We were doing a lot of running around," Lockyer said in response to a previous query the same day that went unanswered. "When did her and Bill decide not to go?" asked Figueroa. "On the car ride over there?"

The two-term state senator, who represented nearly the same imprint as the county seat she hopes to win, lost the June primary to Lockyer and barely won a chance to face off in the November general election. Lockyer has parlayed an enormous money advantage over Figueroa on the back of over $550,000 in donations from the campaign of her husband (as of the last filing period) making her the prohibitive favorite to replace the retiring Gail Steele on the board of supervisors this November.




    Contact Information: KATHY NEAL, Outreach Coordinator 510-430-1252

    Liz Figueroa, Alameda County Supervisor Candidate Stoops To Low and Desperate Campaign Tactic

    Oakland, CA September 11, 2010

    On Thursday September 9, 2010, Alameda County Supervisor hopeful Liz Figueroa issued a deceitful press release falsely accusing her competitor, Nadia Lockyer, of violating the public trust by holding a lavish party with a child and domestic abuser. The Oakland Latino Merchants Association, National Womens Political Caucus and Oakland businessman Mario Juarez were hosts of the event in question and Mario Juarez was the target of Ms. Figueroas malicious and untruthful allegations.

    To set the record straight, in 1999, Mario Juarez was dealing with a contentious divorce and child custody battle when his then wife accused him of physically abusing her and his son. Along with these charges, she sought a restraining order. Mario refused to be victimized by these accusations, went to trial and at 3 PM on 08/27/1999 was found by the court to be NOT GUILTY on all charges. Further, on 11/29/07 at 8:30 AM, the San Joaquin County Superior Court dismissed the civil restrainer order and child abuse accusation. Interestingly, Mr. Juarez, who as a boy was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his Boy Scout Master and successfully filed charges that went all the way to the Supreme Court (Juarez v. Boy Scouts of America, Inc.), has been a staunch advocate of protecting children.

    Although Liz Figueroa proclaimed Shame on Nadia Lockyer, the shame truly belongs to Liz Figueroa for resorting to such a slimy and underhanded deception. Not only did she attempt to smear Ms. Lockyer, but she engaged in unwarranted character assassination of someone whose only crime was serving as a co-host for one fundraiser for her opponent.

    When asked about his reaction, Mario Juarez stated I do not know Ms. Figueroa and have no idea why she would attack me in this manner. I am on record for fighting for protection of children from abusive predators. I fought for this cause all the way to the Supreme Court and today the Boy Scouts of America have a legally mandated duty to safeguard its members because of me.

    Cuauhtemoc Jimenez, President of the Oakland Latino Merchants Association stated that Oaklands Fruitvale Business District has benefited greatly from the presence of Mario and operation of his company. He has been such a generous contributor to our area and residents - from annual toy give-aways for children to neighborhood clean-ups to currently serving on Oaklands Budget Advisory Committee. His local leadership has resulted in a more vibrant and prosperous neighborhood, particularly for our Latino population. I understand that politics can be rough, but I cannot imagine why he would be subjected to such an attack. Perhaps Ms. Figueroa is trying to deflect attention away from all of the publicity I have read about whether she resides in the district and her past tax and foreclosure problems.

    At a minimum, Liz Figueroa owes apologies to the Oakland Latino Merchants Association, National Womens Political Caucus, Nadia Lockyer and Mario Juarez. She was sufficiently bold to put forth untruthful accusations. Now, in the face of verifiable fact, lets see if she has the character to acknowledge this wrongdoing.


  2. I guess a blogger is not required to check the facts. like if the accusations are truthfull or not.

  3. if you read what Tavares wrote ... it said "accused" ... thanks kathy neal for remaining anonymous there

  4. Lockyer's campaign should be transparent...why use anonymous? I mean, I know you could post any name, but seriously, this is "puke politics." This is a horrible press release...that was paid for. Yikes.

    Lockyer started the mud slinging long ago...

    Lockyer won't SAY why she and Billy Boy opted out of the fundraiser. She ALSO won't say if she'll return the money raised in her benefit either. If this cat is not guilty of the words Liz stated, why did Lockyer opt out of the event after promoting it? I mean, she was set, this came out, then she backed out only to say he's not guilty. Did she jump the gun? Will she do that as Supervisor...jump the gun and make excuses and be defensive? Isn't she a prosecutor, not a defender...oh wait, neither. She's a "County Manger."

    What's a shame is that Mrs. Lockyer's intentions were probably good at one point. I respect and admire her dedication. But she fell into a machine that has probably changed her. She is running with big dogs and it's not prime time she do that. Now she has to keep up.

    So if Liz is to say sorry, Nadia is to come clean and tell us why she backed out and if she'll return the money.

    Steak dinner for anyone...and the only one that WILL call me, is Liz.

  5. By the way, she can't answer a lot of questions on the spot...they don't have an ear piece for her paid consultants to talk to her.


  6. This is a terrific example of the lousy choices available between Liz and Nadia. The choice is not much better than that between Manuel and Lou. Neither of them are appealing. Mel

  7. check out oaklandcitycrook.wordpress.com

    How come I cant cut and paste?
    anyway this guy may be not guilty of the abuse charges but it sure looks like he was a predatory lender, taking advantage of poor people. if the oakland latino merchants assoc thinks its ok to take advantage of its own kind then God bless em and their support of Lockyer.

  8. I am sorry but I got to say somenthing.

    On this race there is a diference between the two candidates.

    1. One candidate appears to not pay her house. Liz Figueroa was in foreclosure. See the link:


    2. One Candidate owes the State of California back taxes. Liz Figueroa has a unclear lien recorded with the county for taxes:


    3. One candidate does not pay her Alameda County Taxes. Liz Figueroa tax lien to the county:


    4. One Candidate does not pay the taxes for HER REAL HOME in SAN MATEO COUNTY. Liz Figueroa has a tax lien filed in Alameda County by the Tax Collector of San Mateo County where she lives:


    5. One Candidate does not live in the County in violation of law. Liz Figueroa is a liar!:


    and do not miss Liz Figueroa is a tax cheat:


    So, it appears to me that we have a choice in our next Supervisor. It will not be the tax cheat, liar Liz Figueroa.


  9. Dominique, Nadia is an improvement? Tell me how that is? She is easily as unappealing from what I have seen. Mel

  10. Mel,

    She is not Liz Figueroa.


  11. Hey everyone, welcome to middle school...

    "She is not Liz Figueroa."

    Really? As they say, OMG.

    Dominique says "foreclosure," yet records show "default." Would an expert like to step in on this? AND what is wrong with someone being in foreclosure? Are you insisting that a person who is unfortunate enough to be in foreclosure shouldn't be a Supervisor? Unlike Nadia, who lives on a hill paid for by tax payers and her fat cat husband...Nadia probably is out of tune with the folks voting for her. Whereas Liz can relate to hard working folks just trying to make it.

    None the less, records show default, yet the Lockyer camp attacks Liz with being in foreclosure. Which is it? Oh and, WHO CARES? Its not my business. It doesn't make her a bad person, or unfit for the job. Nadia has only voted in the bay area since 2008...she probably needs a GPS to get around...oh wait, she has a driver. How nice.

    A tax lien and default notice from 1992 and 1999 and from what I understand, Liz is making payments...is there something wrong with that? Has any PRESS asked her this? She gladly proved it to me.

    Liz lives in Sunol and anyone is welcome to visit her in her home there. Ask the residents. Give it a try...you'll end up eating crow. Gail Steele has been to her home recently...give up Lockyer aides.

    Folks, this is what Lockyer's paid staff has got on Liz...some personal financial issues. They are going to attack her with it because it's all they have. The East Bay Express does a story and they go with it, without checking it out themselves.

    Liz has not lied to me, nor has she pulled the wool over my eyes. She's not dumb enough to lie about not paying taxes. She has arrangements made and its not news. These are horrible lies. She was a Senator in 1999 and not in foreclosure. Sweeney tried this and it hurt him.

    They are attacking with something petty. I find it repulsive yet glad that this is the only thing these numskulls can do. Nadia is fragile, she can't speak for herself. She's waisting her money on a staff that can't even attack with anything worth while.

    Keep it up Liz...we may differ on a lot of issues, but at least we won't worry about you learning on the job or sounding pathetic during a meeting.

  12. I vote for Liz Figueroa because she can't pay her taxes!

    I vote for Liz Figueroa because she lied about her residency.

    You do not need to prove it to me. Voters know how dirty Liz Figueroa is. What a liar and a cheat she is.

  13. How about Schwarzenegger’s appointment of Nadia to the the California Community Colleges Board of Governors? Why is this ok with the left? This was simple politics; Lockyer backed Schwarzenegger’s effort in the 2003 (the year she married Bill and got pregnant) recall...where are you on this one Democrats? The pay off is Nadia getting this appointment.

    Why is it ok for Nadia to lie and say she's a deputy district attorney? Apparently she had to lie in her school board campaign (and of course she lost her re-election...O.C. was the most screwed up counties in the United States).

    No one questions why she got the top job at the Alameda County Domestic Violence Center...we just accept that its due to her hard work...and accept its because of her connections.

    Here's one I'll mention on Friday's podcast...


    How revolting that Nadia received the first scholarship in her fathers name...perhaps this is normal, but if someone did such an honor in my fathers name, I'd be arrogant & ignorant to receive the first check.

  14. Anonymous: so Liz is the ONLY dirty politician in the bay area huh? Wow...you're standards are as goofy as your post:

    "I vote for Liz Figueroa because she can't pay her taxes!

    I vote for Liz Figueroa because she lied about her residency."

  15. Why is it ok for Nadia & Billy Boy to send their kid to a Sunol school? Is there a program offered there that's not offered in the district they live in? Oh, no, wait, its just politics.

    And this is accepted. Arrogance. Ignorance. Incompetence. She didn't even stay for the School Board Forum Monday night...she left with three morons. THATS RIGHT I SAID IT!

    And I'm not even paid to say this shit!

  16. Nick, your chauvinism in support of Liz is as heroic as would be any toadie's support for their bossappointee. The truth is that neither candidate is much of an example of someone worthy of our vote. That being said we get to choose the one we like more than the other. One is a crook and immoral and the other is immoral and a crook. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Mel

  17. Mel:

    Ya' lost me (also, not sure if you're a man or woman).

    bossappointee? Explain so I can call you an idiot properly. Yes, I will if I see fit. Six of one and you know the rest. I could eat crow but I prefer cow.

    chauvinism? See above.

    And get ready. I like being...harsh.

  18. PS.

    And please site why both candidates are liars and crooks.

    At least I spew out stuff and not just names.

  19. I know Liz Figueroa does not live at the house she said on her voter registration.

  20. Please site your source no name. You can start by adding SOME credit with a name.

  21. She's just another Orange County airhead.

  22. I also know for a fact that Liz F. does not live and has not lived at the property at 2373 Kilkare Rd in Sunol.

  23. You wanna prove anything you say? That's not the address I have. Bullshit till you prove otherwise.

  24. Who is/are the Oakland Latino Merchants Association? And why are they interested in the District 2 race when they already have representation from the majority of the Board of Supes?

    well if you do a quick google search, you find no website. But a familiar name pops up as the "spokesperson", guess who .. Mario Juarez!

    So again, why is Mario & his Merchants Association interested in the District 2 race? And why is Kathy Neal the new Outreach Coordinator?

    Let's first tackle the 2nd question: Another quick google search and you'll find Kathy Neal is a Dem political hack and consultant. And guess who is one of her clients ... Mario Juarez!!!! So one can surmise, Mario couldn't well write his own press release, could he? So did he hire his political consultant to be the Merchants Association Outreach coordinator or maybe she's just doing Pro Bono work? Either way they need a website ... get on it Kathy!

    Back to the first question... why they interested in the District 2 race? Both of these aspiring political hacks are just doing the bidding of one influential dude and hubby of Ms. Lockyer.

    Why else would a Merchants Association who's own city has its problems and many elections to influence, choose to hold a $1000 a plate fundraiser? Keep that money in Oakland!

  25. 2373 Kilkare in Sunol is the address she used on her voter registration. Ask the District Attorneys office. They know about it.

  26. Nadia can & probably asked her boss. no charges .. old news. next!

  27. Ok, no-name since you can't respond with sources, here's the truth.

    Liz NEVER said that she lived at that address. That is was a primary residence address but she has never been able to live there, for various reasons; a tree falling on it is good enough for me and proven.

    I have HER address in Sunol...you do not have the correct address of where she lives. Sorry to say. The voter registration form on the back states that if you move within the county.... You do NOT need to re- register. Certainly any paid political consultant should know that, if not, lower your rate.

    Her voter registration shows her current residence. In Sunol. And I imagine she'd be HAPPY to prove that to you.

    When the Lockyer campaign SUED Liz, where did the attorney serve the papers? SUNOL!

    This is so typical of a hurting campaign. I mean, come on...it's Alinsky style attacks...bullshit bullshit bullshit. You can't even use a name when you post this crap.

    As for me, I have had my own voice since before this campaign. I have a history of saying what I feel long before Liz and Bill's fortunate wife came along. You may not like it, you may think I'm stupid...I could care less. But some folks think I am some paid consultant for Liz, or I'm hoping I get some kind of appointment. Gail Steele appointed me to a Commission, not Liz. I wouldnt trust Nadia Lockyer or Bill Lockyer with anything...the folks that endorse her, can't vote for her, and a majority of them are the reason California is in crisis...as Lockyer said herself, she's a new voice...the Dem party wants new voices...she wants you NOT to vote for her husband, or Jerry Brown or Mary Hayashi...or Pete Stark...yeah, she said it...imagine what else she'd say.

    And Ms. Neal, as far as I can read, Liz did not attack the Oakland Latino Merchants Association & the National Womens Political Caucus...she went after Nadia and her shady fundraiser.

    I wonder what Bill did in order for Nate "Elmer Gantry" Miley to endorse her.

  28. For what I understand Miley got tired with Liz bullshit and extra thick excuse book. I lived there but I moved within the county so I was not required to register again. Excuses excuses.

  29. Liz Figueroa equals a book of bullshit excuses.

  30. Bottom line. Liz Figueroa is a old political hack. Appointed to the Unemployment board with a high salary.

    She sleep with half of the Senate for favors and that includes Bill Lockyer. Yes, she sleep with Bill Lockyer.

    Got a cozzy appointment to a board with high salary. The board appointment is bein pulled from her. She will not have a high cozzy job anylonger. She will note be able to pay the tax liens to the State it appears. To the County of San Mateo and to the County of Alameda.

    Sorry it needed to be said. Liz Figueroa was a slut during her time in Sacramento.

  31. I think regardless of guilt or not saying someone is alleged of doing something in court papers is fair. I wonder if anyone sent the press release above to Tavares? Wouldn't you want him to write up a story on it or is this some weird way around going through the press. Oh, yeah, the same poster doesn't think he's the press but they read and respond to it. I haven't read this story anywhere else, so maybe a blogger does their job better than "reporters". This Juarez is creep, anyway. I'm surprise anyone would want to come to his defense.

  32. Why anyone would sleep with Bill Lockyer is beyond me. I was in Sacramento during those days and Liz was pretty loose.

  33. There is no proof that Senator Figueroa was a slut. ALL of this is bullshit. I know Liz and she would never sleep with Bill Lockyer. I live in Union City.


  34. Now you shift to name calling.

    Grow up. You aren't helping your cause. Looks like I have new material for October.

    One of you morons says she uses excuses...yet, I say I have her home address and you can too...yet the petty diaretic nonsense continues.

    None of you care HOW this stranger to the bay area hooked up with a powerful Attorney General, gets a high paying job that many more are qualified for, gets an appointment from a Republican Gov that Lockyer backed...lies about her job...sends her kid to a school out of her district...has a driver...spends money on a Private Investigator...lies...can hardly speak spanish....lies...gets money from her life long politician husband...lies...is endorsed by more out of district morons responsible for this state mess...lies...gets the first scholarship in her fathers name...is given a high paying job from a D.A. that is pals with the then A.G. and used unethical ways to secure that job...and you just stand by her.

    Before you say Liz is getting a high paid salary...you may want to triple check all the facts.

    You call Liz names but if I were to say Nadia holds her breath every time she has to kiss that old fart of a husband...youd tear me apart.

    You people are pathetic morons.

    That's right, I said it.

    Liz is a skirt with brains and guts, Nadia is a skirt...(crickets chirp).

  35. I support Liz because she sleep with Bill Lockyer. If she dealt with Bill in bed she can deal with anyone or anything.

  36. Do your homework like I am on the ACFJC...Nadia is a horrible director...imagine what she'd do with more money & power...what a joke...the D.A. may want to be embarrassed by helping Bill out.

  37. Question to Liz? Did you really sleep with Bill Lockyer?

  38. I do. I want to know the real reason why people do what they do.

  39. Can someone tell me why she has not paid her taxes?

  40. Yeah, who cares?

    Who cares who anyone sleeps with? Asking her this is personal, revolting and unnecessary. You're not asking Nadia this question.

  41. I would ASK her. She responds, unlike Nadia.

  42. Why can she pay her taxes? Why do she owes taxes to the County of San Mateo?

  43. Why did she sleep with Bill? These are serious accusations that she sleep with half of the Senate for political favors. This is a fair question.

  44. Wow, you people are unreal. When you start asking semi-serious questions...then I'll respond but you're making accusitions & not asking HER her personal tax quesitons.

    Why don't you question Nadia...she married a very powerful politician, she let a shady character raise money for her, she accepted most of her campaign money from her husband...she put her kid in a Sunol school and not Hayward, she did not care to stick around for the School Board candidates forum...you people think this Lockyer woman is a saint.

    Have some respect, if you "adults" can manage it.

    Accusations that are based on rumor and with NO proof.

  45. Liz is a dingbat anyway. Always was a hypocritical moron. Mike Sweeney proved that when he ran against her saggin butt for State Senate. What a choice!

  46. Her personal tax question are a real and valid issue. We do not need a dead beat who cannot pay her taxes.

    If she does not pay then the message is that no one pays.


  47. And who won the Senate race, Manuel?

    Julie...I assume you feel that way about every single politician, even the ones that are still in office, even the one that run our Treasury Department. It's interesting to see a party divided and supporting the real dingbat whose husband has some heavy power...it just ignores one persons years of service for someone who has only been voting in this district for two years. If only Liz had donated $50,000 to the Dem party for "mailers."

    You're fine with her misleading voters into thinking she's a "County Manager," and never mind that "Nancy O'Malley, has said that Lockyer is not employed by her office as an attorney..."

    You people are something else. You should CALL Liz yourself and talk to her about her tax situation...you ignore that she's paying monthly installments...that's just not good enough for you. Well, I did it at one time.

    You act as if she has hundreds of thousands of dollars unpaid...you just don't care for the facts, rather, let a paid consultant spin something and you drink from the troth of lies.

    My only hope is if she wins this election, she'll serve as long on the BOS as she did the Santa Ana Unified School District Board.

    Liz ran campaigns for Assembly & Senate...she has worked hard for this community. Nadia Lockyer marries a powerful politician and is given a job, thru corrupt means, as an Executive Director...with little oversight from anyone that ISN'T her husbands friend or ally...AND THAT'S OK?

    Corrupt job appointments are a real and valid issue too and I suggest you question the Lockyer camp on her career assistance.

  48. Nick, she put her kid in Sunol Elementary because the the Hayward Unified School District scores are so sad. It was legal then and it is legal now. If you had any kids you could do that too. Spare us the invective. You like Liz because she does not pay her taxes and lives in San Mateo. I live in Hayward, own my home, pay my taxes and there is nothing Liz offers. That being said there is nothing appealing about Nadia either, though I do prefer a liar to a cheat, but not by much. I would hope that soon there will be recall to have a new election with a candidate that is not as foul as are these two. Mel

  49. Mel:

    How is Liz foul? How is Nadia foul? I just ask because you don't say why.

    As for Nadia not approving of the Hayward schools...can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? She is slapping EVERY teacher, parent and student in the face, in Hayward. She is saying, based on 'scores' that it's not good enough for her son. And you're wrong about me doing the same with my kid. I am repulsed by folks who do that. TO MANY people get away with putting their child in another district...it should stop. I know plenty of hard working Hayward teachers, my nephew went to East Avenue...the Lockyer's used power to get their way and Nadia does not want to lead by example. Clearly they do not believe in the school system in their own backyard. You say it's "legal," and I am not sure, so please provide proof.

    As for liking Liz because she doesnt pay her taxes and lives in San Mateo...well, you're a dunderhead for even waisting the key strokes on that one. So spare yourself the invective.

    Your conviction leads me to believe you know Nadia and the truth behind why she put her son in a Sunol school. Then again, you say she offers nothing so I am lead to really believe you don't know what the hell you're saying.

    Until then...get me some truth with proof.

  50. By the way, there are a couple well rated elementary schools in Hayward. Since you live here, and own your own home and all that other bloviating crap you said...you should know this. Unless you just judge everything without taking time to even look things up.

    You also did not explain your comment, "bossappointee." Why don't you, please.

  51. Have you forgotten that Mrs. Lockyer's son was in a Pleasanton school, that had great scores? Don't you see the move to Sunol as a political move?

    Also, why doesn't a FORMER School Board President care about a school district with such poor scores? Lead by example that you believe in schools in your own backyard, help out, but instead, she turns her back to them by not attending the School Board Forum and putting her kid in a Sunol school.

  52. It's not news that Bill likes kinky stuff, including cross dressing in the bedroom...Nadia's a champ!

  53. Nicholas Terry; Liz won the race against Sweeney because people thought he was picking on poor little Miss Muffett who sat on her tuffet.

  54. Cool, good strategy.

  55. Not really a good strategy. It's just that women like her want it both ways; to be portrayed as both the victim and the "I am woman hear me roar".

  56. how could such a attractive young woman marry such an old ugly man???
    No wonder she found in hotel rooms. Reminds me of the Eagle song "Lying eyes".