Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PG&E to Address San Leandro on Gas Lines

PG&E says the closest high-risk
 gas lines is in Fremont
By Steven Tavares

Long-time Mulford Gardens resident Audrey Albers remembers the explosion of a jet fuel line on the corner of Fairway and Doolittle Drives as excavators nicked the pipeline running to the Oakland Airport.

Although, PG&E's much-anticipated list of the Top 100 high-risk gas lines in the state placed none in San Leandro, Hayward or the vicinity, residents everywhere are understandably concerned with another accident similar to the explosion earlier this month in San Bruno.

San Leandro City Manager Stephen Hollister said Monday the city has invited PG&E to address either the Facilities and Transportation Committee or the entire council, but noted,"We are not in the danger zone."

Albers addressed the city council to impress upon them many pipelines do not show up on various maps making them susceptible to damage. Hollister agreed saying there have been problems in the past with a few lines uncovered by accident, mostly feeder lines running from the main line. "Sometimes there has been a problem with the markings," said Hollister.

The nearest area of concern in proximity to San Leandro and Hayward, according to PG&E's report, lies in the pipelines running from Sunol to Livermore and a segment located in Fremont. A year ago, the California Public Utilities Commission recommended both lines be replaced by 2014.

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  1. For those of you that worry about gas lines, just look at what happened this morning at Cal State East Bay. The well permitted and qualified workers in coordination with PG and E managed to light up a 3" line. Think what will happen when idiots hit a big line. The actual ability of local agencies and PG and E to respond is the real issue. Do not bet on PG and E to be working in your best interest.