Monday, September 20, 2010

San Leandro City Council to Oppose Prop. 23

Protesters at a Valero gas
 station in Los Angeles.
By Steven Tavares

San Leandro Councilman Jim Prola and his wife School Trustee Diana Prola are Cal alumni and big Golden Bear fans. After Cal's season opening 52-3 thrashing of UC Davis Sept 4, the Prola came across picketers surrounding a Valero gas station on the stroll back from Memorial Stadium. The protesters were upset over the Texas-based oil company funding opposition to Proposition 23, the attempt to unravel the landmark clean air legislation signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and due to come into effect in 2012.

Prola said he and his wife grabbed a picket sign and marched with the group. "It's what we do," said Prola during a recent city council meeting. Jim Prola is known as the council's leader on the left with a noticeable sensitivity to labor unions causes.

The council will weigh in on the issue during tonight's meeting. Among the agenda items posted Friday is a vote in opposition to Prop. 23. The initiative has raised the ire of many lefty groups who believe the laws within AB 32 allow California to be a leader in environmental causes. The bill calls for greenhouse gas emissions in the state to be reduced to 1990 levels by 2020.

Critics of the bill, including Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, say it is a job killer. Prop. 23 would block AB 32 until unemployment in California falls below 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters, something that has happened only 3 times in the last 30 years. With the state unemployment currently at 12.4 percent, reaching such a threshold is unlikely for years to come.


Off topic but in story..."thrashing" UC Davis isn't that difficult; even a bad high school football team could thrash them.

Go Bruins!

I'm Nicholas Terry and I oppose Prop. 23...

Although, beating a good high school team like Nevada is difficult for da Bears.

What a load of crap. This toothless moron can't think of anything substantive to talk about. I hope Prop. 23 passes. We need it to create jobs. Screw U.C. Berkeley that cess pool of filth.

Manuel, depois que as crianças estão todas feitas, você tem certeza que você quer falar mal da Universidade da Califórnia. Concordo estes socialistas estão a tentar fazer algo contra Deus, mas UC Berkeley é muito mais do que um bando de crianças mal educadas. Temos sempre teve a Terra em sinal de reverência e que o Senhor sempre nos abençoou para o nosso trabalho duro. Esse bastardo comunista na Venezuela, não vou usar o seu nome, é um grande apoiador da gasolina Valero. movimento contra os bastardos é do nosso interesse. Diga-me quais as questões que você tem aqui. Não gostando da Prola e sua prostituta é uma coisa, mas destruindo o ar é outra completamente diferente. Eu não sou ambientalista, mas esta é realmente a ajudar quem realmente comunistas banca Valero e não vou fazê-lo. Chop.

It's interesting they are talking about a state issue technically outside of San Leandro. By contrast, the Hayward City Council and Mayor Michael Sweeney frowns upon it. If you remember, that was the complaint a few months ago when some members wanted to issue a complaint to Arizona's immigration law.

Good ole Prola - wants to hone his San Leandro job killing skills on a statewide basis. Too bad he had a gub'mint job his whole life and never had to do any real work.

If the theory that climate change is a hoax is proven wrong then the conservatives will have to revise their theory.Of course it might be too late to reverse climate change by then .
The jobs are pretty much long gone, too many out of pocket expensises for buisness and consummers.Too capitalistic to attract capitalists.The manufacuring mistress in in China.The flag waving conservative corporate elites are patriotic toward the Peoples Rebublic of China.


Climate change we are on the last decade of our plan to reduce green house emmissions by 2020. In other words if you want to go all the way back to 1990 we are 2/3rds the way there. So investing money oppossing prop 23, is well spent since we are already invested as a City. We have spent a tremendous amount of money becoming green. Not only that Craig is right prop 23 is the dirty energy bill to protect dirty energy companies like Valero.

Craig, are you suggesting that the folks who support foreign owned products, foreign owned businesses and who do not Buy American are in fact agents acting in favor of these foreigners? Can it be that you are alledging that a lack of American buying is in fact akin to treason? Bill.

Steve, I noticed that you said that Mayor Sweeney frowns on discussions outside of the scope of responsibility in the city. Are you saying that local government should concern itself only with local issues? Please clarify, either here on Friday in the TnT podcast. Bill

I only mentioned Hayward because it recently dealt with an issue outside of the city to show the difference between the two cities. I personally believe there should be a certain threshold for an issue to pass so everything under the sun is not debated. I also sense having guidelines against taking council stands against issues allows those without guts to take a stand an easy out.

The Arizona law is a civil rights issue of grave importance. It passes the test. AB 32 is a landmark in environmental legislation and confronts health issues for all. It also dovetails easily with work on the issue already done by this council.

I think Councilman Prola should be applauded regardless of his position merely for the ferocity of which he is taking on Prop. 23.

Prola is a jackass. If Craig and the other fools think that businesses are moving to chase profits, you are smoking way too much pot. It's people like Craig and Prola that want to regulate businesses to death then try to convine the gullible that when businesses move it's all for profits. Don't fall for these lies. Prola sat on his butt working for the government. He hasn't the slightest clue how the world operates.


Eu entendo que você não querer ajudar aquele porco Chavez. Mas, não é Valero que está sob seu controle. Você tem Valero confundida com gasolina Citgo, que é Venezuelean propriedade. Ninguém está defendendo a destruição da Terra, mas a mudança climática "é um embuste.

A Terra é muito forte para destruir. Na Madeira, que queimou a ilha inteira séculos atrás, e ainda assim as pessoas continuam a viver lá, nós madeirenses não terão perecido.

Essas leis são demasiado pesadas para os empregadores e muito desnecessário nesta economia. California estava perseguindo os empregadores a esquerda e direita antes dessas leis, essa proposição vai facilitar a carga regulamentar e manter os empregadores de querer mudar para outro lugar.

A indústria petrolífera é paga $ 35 trabalhadores de uma hora mais benefícios. O que fazer estes trabalhos "verdes" que as pessoas têm igual ao salário?


Hey Craig, it's not a "theory" that climate change is a hoax it's the truth buddy. And you pot smoking socialists aren't going to get your way. People aren't buying your snake oil.

I don't smoke pot, at least not more than a few times a year. Our wonderful capitalists have drained the possibility of domestic prosperity. The disinvestment in domestic industry during the 70's was in the 38 million job range.Not exactly un American like what conservatives claim progressives are on foriegn policy but very anti-American as investors.Then Wall Street is squezzing every penny they can in whatever scam they can get away with.Other countries have usury laws. Then there is the natural tendency to invest in technology instead of employing more people.The theory that we will maintain our prosperity while shipping manufacturing over seas is a theory that hasn't proven correct in practice and no one seriously believes we can just revise the theory. The cat is out of the bag.
Also,the message that was laid on Americans over and over again , the average American saw it easily over a 100 times was by Chevron "there's talk about the environment."By a wide ,wide margin they said more about climate change than anyone else and their message was "trust us," it's only talk.Climate scientists believe we need to reduce emmisions be 80 percent by 2050, Chevron thinks it should be 10 to 20 percent at best.Shareholders before planet, profits before planet.They abruptly stop running the ads, I wonder why?


Chevron and the other oil companies pay big wages and benefits to their employees. They are in a huge growth industry. There's almost never any layoffs. Yet the Left wants to destroy them? Why? Could it because their employees aren't dependent on the Left for the livihood? You bet your sweet bippy that's the reason. The Left wants to destroy any and all growth industries and use government subsidies for their ignorant theories.

I don't think any "greenhouse" emissions should be reduced. Except the unwanted breath smell of "climate change" fanatics.

Chevron has had huge layoffs over the years especially when they acquire another oil company . Very common in every industry.

Ut oh, will the tide shift...Meg Whitman opposes Prop 23!

So what are businesses supposed to do Craig? Keep everyone on regardless of efficiency until the whole operation goes bankrupt?

Whitman is witless if she opposes 23.

Busineses buy other companies because the market is soft and they need to spend their money on something. Plus they get tax breakes and it reduces competition.
Regulators are ususally "captured" by the industry they are regulating. That's the conclusion of conservative Nobel Prize economist George Stigler.Good regulation is rare.
Manuel was the one praising Chevron for not laying off workers and was suggesting that Oil and Chemical workers were anti- left. I was at a MLK Oil and Chemical workers rally where they gave my collegue ,who was definetely a leftist a loud standing ovation. He wasn't praising Chevron nor do their employees from what I saw.

What is MLK oil?

Wow! What a novel concept in business; buying other companies, eliminating competition and growing. (Sarcasm) I'm SHOCKED! BIG DEAL Craig, that's called life; get over it, there are no guarantees. That's why dolts like Mr. and Mrs. Prola work for the government, they want to get up in the morning, get a paycheck and go home at night and loaf on the taxpayers expense.


Eight hours work, eight rest and eight to do as you please. Got a problem with that ,Manuel?What you probably long for is some type of caste or slavery.
Yea , the big get bigger in the buisness world and the small get crushed, it's called "creative destruction."All big companies do it. Wall Street giants like Sandy Weil merged and acquired companies making billions and laying off hundreds of thousands of people. Then when he was able to merge Citi group and Travelers Insurance , the system went into a totally corupt mode costing taxpayers trillions and destroying the home values for millions of families and maybe making us a much weaker country with permanent high employment.
Big Oil can't except climate change . We will all burn up before they move on to safer more competitive industries.
Your version of free enterprise is a foolish fantasy . From Portugesse dictators to corporate criminals . A sick right wing fantasy.Say an "Our Father" and drop in your favorite breif case gansters insted of God.

MLK is Martin Luther King as in a" MLK Oil and Chemical Workers rally."

Martin Luther King had an oil company? WTF?

Obviously you've got a problem with someone doing an honest days work. These government workers aren't producing anything, they're sitting on their butts and DEMANDING not a retirement after a being "employed", but a LIFETIME FULL WAGE when they reach a certain age.

The "home values crushed" that you apparently give such a damn about were artificially inflated and they needed to crash. All these idiots who demand "green jobs, open green spaces" etc, who limit the supply of homes, thus keeping the prices artificially high is what resulted in the real estate bust. I say GOOD! now people will have to actually think before they jump on some Leftists bandwagon about "global warming, climate change, open space", and all other bull$&it belched and farted by the likes of Leftists. People will have to actually think before they sign an Adjustable Rate Mortgage.

Oh and that tired nonsense of "we'll all burn up" is just another paranoid comment by a pot smoking nut.

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