Monday, October 25, 2010

Dirty Politics, Dirty Car

Alameda County voters in District 2 last weekend received this mailer from the campaign of Nadia Lockyer telling her opponent to "Sell the Mercedes. Pay your taxes."

By Steven Tavares

There's negative campaign mailers and then there's dirty campaign mailers. Conventionally wisdom sometimes bunches the two together under the rubric voters dislike such mudslinging. Don Perata sending a mailer saying to vote for anyone but Oakland Councilwoman Jean Quan for mayor is negative, but hardly dirty. A hit piece detailing various candidates in Alameda accepting $250 from the controversial developer in the middle of the biggest story on the island is getting closer. Sending a mailer to voters telling your opponent to sell her automobile to pay her taxes is potentially the stuff of local campaign legend.

With a week until election day, Nadia Lockyer, the District 2 candidate for Alameda County supervisor, hatched the latest variation on what has become the campaign sole discussion against former state senator Liz Figueroa--her taxes. "Our advice to Liz Figueroa...Sell the Mercedes. Pay your taxes" read the mailer below a large Mercedes-Benz logo.

The Lockyer campaign, which has strength in numbers and highly paid is employing a huge gamble with this piece, said one observer of both campaigns. For one, the previous image put out by Lockyer showing Figueroa's dilapidated shack somewhere in the middle of nowhere strikes a sad, pitiful chord. Three months later, Figueroa is now the rich, fat cat, driving around town in her Mercedes sports car without paying her share of taxes. Which is it?

The current hit piece follows another three weeks ago that is shocking in the historical precedent it seems to ignore. Former county tax assessor Robert Knox, who now lives in Utah and dabbles in the bond market, put his name on a mailer designed to look like a county tax bill detailing Figueroa's tax troubles. Knox's mailer is nearly an exact replica of current Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney's blunder against Figueroa for state senate in 1998. The main difference: Sweeney's campaign used the exact copy of the tax bill replete with Figueroa's social security number. To this day, the normally affable Sweeney can hardly be nudged to speak about the ill-fated race. The inclusion of the social security number was the county record's fault, he maintains, but local lore still points to the error, made late in the campaign while he was reportedly leading, the reason he lost to Figueroa. Ironically, you won't see Sweeney endorsing Lockyer against his former rival. That is because sources in Hayward say Sweeney is also quite peeved at Bill Lockyer for his hand in getting Figueroa elected in 1998 while they were an item Sacramento.

There seems to be no recollection of Figueroa's previous escape of the tax issue by the Lockyer campaign. Figueroa, many in the area say, is quite adept at the fostering sympathy. Will voters make the connection between the surprising, oblivious cockiness of the Lockyer campaign. It is Lockyer who is virtually fully-funded by Bill Lockyer to the tune of over $1.1 million in campaign donations from her husband. That figure, sources say, will likely ended up being closer to $2 million once the book is closed on this election. Many believe the race has tightened greatly since the primary. After the Knox ad hit mailboxes, it brought the current holder of the supervisorial seat, Gail Steele, to endorse Figueroa. It will be interesting to see if this latest ad stokes a similar reaction from others in Hayward who privately grumble about the Lockyer's experience and obvious connections.


Mercedes Benz' is the car of choice of strippers and gold diggers. No surprise here. So much for her supporting "union" labor.

I was going to point out some other things the Lockyers are doing. Go on Wikipedia and look at Bill's Bio, then try to edit it. They have "locked" it after information on Nadia was posted.
The "Figueroa does not live here" story, I was told, has been debunked at a large local newspaper, and so, it appears it was a lie designed to hurt Figueroa. Although her boss, Nancy O'Malley, has not endorsed the claim, she has referred it over to Steve Wagstaffe in San Mateo County. If the large newspaper is right, and Figueroa lives here as she says she does, then Nancy O'Malley must be able to find that out, and therefore is just playing along with the complaint to make Figueroa look bad. That is highly unethical on the part of O'Malley. If the complaint could be confirmed as untrue, O'Malley has a duty to clear Figueroa as faat as possible, not sling inuendo until after the election. This looks VERY dirty.
O'Malley and Nadia Lockyer very likely carefully PLANNED the complaint together. For god's sake, O'Malley is her boss, instrumental in hiring her. It's not ethical for a prosecutor to play these games with any question of criminal conduct within her purview. Handing it away to Steve Wagstaffe does not absolve her, even IF Steve Wagstaffe's kid did not work for O'Malley, (Tim Wagstaffe). The deal seems to be, O'Malley will say "I referred it away, I did nothing wrong" and Wagstaffe will say "The case was referrred to me, not my choice to take it, and we found nothing wrong" But all that will be said AFTER THE ELECTION, BECUAUSE WAGSTAFFE HAS SAID HIS REPORT WILL NOT COME OUT BEFORE. (Why is it necessary to set any date, when you find clear evidence of residency you announce it ASAP so as not to allow Figueroa to be harmed by the falas accusation. But they all have some excuse that will be good enough that they can't get in trouble for it.
The Lockyers, Nancy O'Malley and Steve Wagstaffe - all suspect at this point.

First and foremost, check into Liz's car...year, etc...Lockyer camp...you are garbage. You should have fired your consultant long ago...and learned to drive your own car, no matter how much you paid for it.

Second, this is pathetic and I hope it bites Bill and Nadia in their uppity butts. Give me a break. WHO CARES WHAT CAR SHE DRIVES...AT LEAST SHE DRIVES HERSELF.

Liz and Bill and item? Not true. I asked Liz this over and over and over and over and the story was consistent. No one can prove they were an "item." That's...as Bill would say, "bull%#@!"

The large local paper referenced above is the San Francisco Chronicle. For whatever reason, they chose not to cover the San Mateo DA story. My guess, is they thought it is really a recycled version of the allegation during the primary.


You guess wrong, the newspaper you write for, the eastbayexpress.com did not endorse your friend Liz because she is a liar and did not live in the county of Alameda.

A dingbat as the District Attorney of Alameda County? Of course this woman is inept. All Affirmative Action plugs are inept. She is a buffoon of the lowest order.

No name...prove that Liz does not live in Alameda County...post it, prove it...do it or shut up.

Is that the official reason the eastbayexpress did not endorse Liz and instead, took orders from Lockyer, who they love, and endorsed the airhead-dingbat Nadia?

‎(sing it in the tune of the Janis Joplin song, "Mercedes Benz")

Oh Bill, won't you buy me, a County Supervisor job...the right candidate can beat me, YOU must make it end...she's worked hard all her life, so call all your friends, oh Bill, thanks for trying, to get me on in!

If you Google Steve Wagstaffe of the San Mateo County DA's office, you will find a quote from a sitting judge in San Mateo who called Wagstaffe "dishonest" and "unethical" for his dealings in a criminal case. He'll protect Liz because she has had positions of power in the past. If Liz' name were Jane Doe, she would be facing felony charges of voter registration fraud.

You have to ask yourself why it took so long for someone to take this alleged wrongdoing to Alameda County Da in the first place? That story broke back in the primary season. It took 5 months for someone (and that someone is an endorser of Nadia) to file the complaint. Why so long?

Maybe cuz the Lockyer campaign wanted to keep this chip in their pocket for the runoff. And they thought getting press about in October would lead them to an easy victory.

But if you see the number of campaign material coming out from the Lockyers, you know they known this campaign is too close for comfort.

One more week to see if their $1.5 million gamble into a buying a Supervisor's seat pans out.

Why didn't Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner run?

Can we all just get along?

F$%# NO!

Lizzard deserves jail for her crime!

Skippy...I'm working behind the scenes to get an easier job, duh. Pay attention. Short bus.

Anonymous 10:13pm...prove why Liz is guilty and of what crime. Step up.

In the last 5 years, two Alameda County politicians have faced voter registration fraud charges. Both plead No Contest to Felony charges, one of them got weekends in jail, the other got a year in county custody.

Liz is using her status and friends in high places to avoid facing charges and likely jail time.

Dude or dudette Anonymous,

Nadia works for the Alameda Count DA. Big Bill use to be the top cop of the state and is currently a statewide office holder. Talk about friends in high places. If there was any merit to the allegations against Liz, don't you think these two could have talked to the right folks to get charges filed?

You been drinking the Lockyer Kool Aid!

Lockyer just wants to win....hey, he pumped Liz for quite some time, so he's probably still got some feeling for her.

People in high places DO influence judicial matters in Alameda County, that's why Liz has not faced felony voter registration charges and those 2 guys who did earlier this decade now have felony records. The other people did'nt have enough juice to fend off the charges, Liz does.

No Name with No Proof:

State a case, WITH PROOF on how the Senator broke the law...otherwise shut up, you sound as mindless as me. Dont tell us about some idiots that were caught, tell us how the law can go after Liz. So far, nothing is happening. You come on this board and you vomit lies but can't back it up. You believe what you say, you believe what you are told but you dont look into anything. You dont question the Lockyers greater connections either.

How come Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner is back to being Nicholas, not N. Edward with that dufus avatar?


You live a boring life.

I'm back, just for you, Mrs. Behar.

"The Senator" was a whoopie cushion for fat boy Lockyer for years...."The Senator" was willing to put out for a 300 pound slob old enough to be her father, just to advance her political career, in THAT REGARD, "The Senator" and Nadia have something in common..."The Senator" got caught in multiple lies about her true residence, but due to her friends in high places, has THUSFAR avoided a criminal FELONY indictment..."The Senator" has benified greatly from the great discression the DA's has in filing FELONY cases, the politicans who got busted for voter registration fraud in Berkeley and Hayward did'nt have the juice that "The Senator" does, so they got locked up while "The Senator" has not, SO FAR...

N. Edward Terry-

You are so invested in "The Senator" that you can't face the grim facts surrounding her candidacy...

N. Edward Terry-

Get your nose out of "The Senator"'s taco and smell the coffee...Liz is a liar

Says the paid $10 an hour Nadia staffer "Liz is a liar"

Yes, I am invested in candidates that make sense...guilty as charge.

I'll believe otherwise when you present facts and proof.

Until then, thanks for the admiration.

it was in a newspaper so it must be true. or a blog. i really don't remember.

A public official, like any of us, can have financial problems. The State's tax laws provide protections and procedures for resolving delinquent taxes without draconian penalties. It is correct to say that Ms. Figueroa should not be singled out because she has financial problems. However, the record, in her case, shows something darker.

Liz Figueroa is not only delinquent over many years on her taxes on three properties in two different counties, she has also failed over many years to pay her State and Federal taxes. Her behavior is systematic and, consequently, is fair fodder for assessing her as a suitable candidate for public office.

Moreover, Ms. Figueroa has never offered an explanation of why she has had over 30 tax liens filed against her and why she has not paid her property taxes for several years. Rather, she has deflected the heart of the issue by crying political foul.

Elected official are supposed to live by a standard that is at least equal to the people who voted them into office--if not higher. Why should Ms. Figueroa be excused for violating laws that she expects her constituents to abide?

Again if there were merits to the allegations against Figueroa which came out months ago. wWouldn't the County DA and/or state officials have done something? And don't say Figueroa has better connections than Big Bill!

Clearly your campaign can't win on experience or issues, so you go negative. We'll see how that turns out!

Yes, Ms. Figueroa has more experience as an elected official than Ms. Lockyer. But isn't "experience" just another word for jaded? Shouldn't we be encouraging those other than career politicians to seek elected office? Don't we need new ideas. . . new blood?

Ms. Figueroa's tax problems show us that her experience has taught her how to use--and abuse--the system. The Lockyer campaign has in their files for anyone to see public documents confirming over 30 Federal and State tax liens filed against Ms. Figueroa. Both Alameda and San Mateo County's website show that Ms. Figueroa is delinquent for several years on her property taxes.

As a society, we believe that paying one's taxes is an obligation that we take seriously. By comparison, the French believe otherwise and have a economic system to prove it. In the U. S., less than 1% of Federal tax returns are audited, because the honor system works. If our elected officials, whose examples we are expected to follow, ignore a system that is the very fabric of our society are we not in serious trouble?

You can dismiss the Lockyer campaign claims as political chicanery, but you are at risk of encouraging the very behavior in politicians that we all abhor. I, for one, want my elected officials to set the example of high standards. Ms. Figueroa, I am sure, is a nice person, but her example as a leader of our State or County falls short.

Please share with us the information you have on her 30 tax liens.

As for new blood...I assume then you arent voting for Bill Lockyer or Jerry Brown or Ellen Corbett or Mary Hayashi...anyone with an (i) next to their name on the ballot.

Liz Figueroa = Experience NOT paying her taxes. But who can blame her. I hate paying for clean water, good roads, police services, ambulances, hospitals, and the other needless things we use that money for. And I almost forgot what about the pay for those public elected officials....

i am voting for Meg! she is cuter than Jerry!

With only a few days until election day, Lockyer's fools will surely talk trash...it's all they have.

Nice commercials...talk about scripted non-sense. "saving hope," what is that crap?

At the time Liz filed her voter registration and filed to run for Supervisor, She did not live at the address Liz gave. And she signed
under penalty of perjury. She did live there.
It dose not matter if she lived somewhere else.
She lied at the time, and never changed her address to correct her lie. Ed Jew lost his
seat for this very thing. Lets not elect Liz
and have to have another election, while She
goes to prison. Facts not fiction, Terry.

that's all Lockyer's got. 1.6 million and that's they got. they have no issues and accomplishments to run on.

How do you know she did not live where she said she lived...you're going off the "journalist" that didnt bother to fully investigate the facts?

I find it very hard to believe that you wont vote for someone based on something that wasn't proven...but if you did, you're argument is weak. You out to trash Liz for Lockyer...which is a trashy and shameful campaign.

You say she should go to prison...for what? You post words and share no truth facts/links. Teach us something, teach us those, "facts."

You seem ok with Nadia using her husbands campaign money, donated by others for him, not her...you seem ok with Nadia lying about being a "County Manager," you seem ok with Nadia, last minute, putting her son in a Sunol school while they live in Hayward, you seem ok with Nadia's campaign trashing Liz personally and making up lies, just like you're believing, you're ok with Nadia having absolutely no experience serving this county or district until her husband landed her a job or sitting on a board appointed by a Governor most Democrats hate and her husband supported...its as if this new comer with no experience and really knowledge of the area she lives in...is absolutely perfect.

Wake up. Take voting seriously and stop being a sheep to what others believe is the truth.

Let's see Big Bill likes to use his campaign warchest as his 2nd bank account http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-treasurer-20101029,0,148235.story

Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner, why weren't you supporting Mayor Green instead of that flake Dowling? Your major support as a "county commissioner" could have swayed at least 200 votes to Mr. Green and then he would have had a cake walk against this Valley Girl.

Also, Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner, why do you call yourself a "former talent agent"? When you have no talent when it comes to picking political candidates?

what is wrong about selling your Mercedes Benz to pay your taxes?

I do not think that is a mad piece and frankly very good advise, penalties and interest at 10%/ Liz for real, sell the car and pay your taxes.


Mayor Green wouldn't have beaten Lockyer.

Also, you're kinda an idiot to compare actors to politicians; sure, they are both needy and narcissistic, but I never claimed to have a talent for picking political candidates. So, that was a stupid attack, you can do better.

As for Liz selling her car to pay her taxes...once, you folks are taking a campaigns lies and believing them without asking her yourself about her car.

N. Edward Terry-

What promises has Liz, oh excuse me.... "The Senator"... made you in exchange for your aggressive defense of her in this forum??

What you are doing is quite transparent and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Green would have beaten Lockyer in a heart beat. He doesn't have all the baggage of Figueroa.

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