Saturday, October 23, 2010

Episode 10 of the TnT Podcast Now Available


The other “T” in TnT is back! With just over a week before the November 2 election, Steven Tavares and Nicholas Terry discuss the growing controversy with mayoral candidate Stephen Cassidy and how he can avoid it becoming an even bigger issue. Nick also has a critique of Nadia Lockyer’s campaign commercial and it’s totally tubular! It’s all on the East Bay’s only political chatfest--The EastBayCitizen.com TnT Podcast.


Steven, in your podcast Terry Nicholas alleges that Mike Katz's (my husband's) campaign handed out fliers & information during the Roosevelt Festival. You both make a huge deal out of this fact, suggesting that it broke some law and suggesting that Mike apologize. The allegation, however, is false. Not only did Mike not hand out any flier or information at the Roosevelt festival, but at the time he actually had not printed any fliers or other campaign material for this election. A fact that you would have known had you had the integrity to call or e-mail Mike and ask him about it. Journalism 101, remember?

Instead you went on repeating false information and slandering a person you dislike. You don't have to worry about Mike going after you legally, your lies hurt you and any possibility for a career (even as a lowlife pundit) much more than they hurt Mike. But you should, indeed, worry about that potential career of yours. Not only are you guaranteeing by your unethical behavior that nobody (but Santos) will talk to you, but you will eventually find that newspapers don't want to hire people who are not only liars, but bad liars.

So perhaps you should take your own advice, apologize sincerely (if you can manage that), move on and try to behave more ethically in the future.

My biggest regret is, by far, is standing still while you won a seat on the county Democratic Committee. You are a far left zealot and my work is to shed light on down ballot candidates like yourself. Shame on me. Sue me and grow up.

Your alleged bipolar personality is gettig to you. I don't know what you heard on this podcast, but you're not listening carefully. Is your computer made of compostible microchips?

How indignities for someone of your political stature to attack journalists when they say something bad about you. I suppose this happens when you're a native of a military dictatorship.

Oh, come off it already. Sarcasm, punditry, jokes, are not SLANDER! Will all these would be/wanna be lawyers please....SHUT THE HELL UP!

Hey Tavares, I tried to find a Facebook page for San Leandro Rumors and didn't find anything.

Steve, I sure was hoping for a bit more dirt than what you and the Commissioner provided. When you were talking about the Cassidy and Katz frolics in the Roosevelt Pond, I was imagining the sheep and Kevin Dowling from year's past. What gives? Harvey

Why is Cassidy looking like a Buddha on that Rumors page?

I saw Nadia Lockyer's ads on You Tube. Like wow, totally hot babe. What a narly concept to like, get to vote, like for a Valley Girl, for County Supervisor, like how cool can that be?

Bahahaha ... her commercial is just like her campaign .. no substance!

I don't think Tavares wants to be a journalist, he wants to be a political consultant. Maybe he was inspired by Chip Johnson, but at least Chip goes after the inept mayor, not his opponents.

After Santos loses the election, I'll bet he goes back to ditch-digging or whatever it is he did before this blog. Btw, poor form with the personal insults against Marga. Personal insults are a way of saying, "I'm too stupid to fight against your intellect."

It looks like Santos' @$$ will be handed to him on a platter. I can't wait. His arrongance and condensation will come to a crashing end. The whole funny part of this is that all those idiots up in Estudillo and Broadmoor who overwhelming voted for him during the passed 10 years are now running from him like a scalded dog.

If am getting upset because a bunch of morons in this blog actually believe the hype of Steven Tavares as a journalist. This dude is a bigot an a dumb ass bigot at best. Propaganda 101. He does not have a REAL job and could not get one... A looser. Now the truth will hurt his tiny puny little head. So, in closing, Steve Tavares before you start attacking folks who you may think wrote this, it was not any of those folks because i am new at this blog. Being new gives me the perspective of knowing what a bofund you are. Another think excuse my typos. Its my fingers fault.

And what's the big deal if Cassidy paid some kids $9 an hour to hand out fliers???? Sounds like pettiness to me. What did you mooches want?; a tomato plant also?

Just because Steve does not have a clue or a real job and just pretends to be a journalist is no reason to paint him as a martyr for the bigotry of San Leandro. All you really need to know is that Steve is doing his best with what little he has to work with. Mel.

*If* Cassidy did pay a handful of teenagers $9/hour to distribute campaign propaganda; then he's already created more private sector jobs in San Leandro than Santos. I think Santos is negative 300-400 with all the businesses he's managed to chase out of town.

Manuel, meu amigo. O que você está dizendo? Você desistiu de seu apoio de Palau João? Eu nunca pensei que ouviria esse apoio tácito para esta semente de uma mulher boa e nobre português. Tavares e que alfinetada Terry não são nada mais do que o mais barato comprado valentões do pedaço de merda santos e suas prostitutas. Esses vagabundos não saberia um bacalhau decente se sua vida dependesse disso. Chop.


Eu não estou apoiando Tavares. Mas, eu não entendo por que alguém iria chamá-lo e um fanático. Eu estou cansado de todos esses comunistas vir aqui e nos chamando de fanáticos. Se esta cidade era tão ruim no passado, então por que os negros querem morar aqui? Correto?

Eu ainda estou apoiando João Palau, mas se alguém vai atacar irlandês que, em seguida, fazê-lo em substância, não em algo tão pouco como pagar os rapazes para distribuir panfletos. Se qualquer coisa que eu estava sendo sarcástico. Aproveitando o dia de chuva?

Os negros e os mexicanos e os merda de Oakland viver aqui, porque nós os deixamos. Tavares é uma desculpa muito triste para um jornalista. Ele vira as costas para seu patrimônio e não entende o que é sangue. Ele não tem respeito e vive sua vida sem honra.

A chuva é bom hoje e me faz pensar da época para vir. É um bom dia para parar e refletir sobre as bênçãos trazidas a nós por Deus e nosso trabalho duro e devoção a Ela. Chop.


Tavares, Santos e esse idiota de Merced, Tony Coelho só querem ser aceitos pelos comunistas extrema na região. Eles não têm orgulho em si próprios ou aos seus antepassados. Eles vão vender a sua honra mais rápido do que uma prostituta na Avenida São Paulo e Broadway.

Eu ainda estou votando para Palau, ele está a única honrosa do grupo.


Chop said 3:48 PM (translated): The blacks and the Mexicans and the Oakland shit live here because we let them. Tavares is a very sad excuse for a journalist. He turns his back on his heritage and does not understand what is blood. He has no respect and lives his life without honor.

Manuel said to Chop at 5:05 PM (translated:
Tavares, Santos and that fool from Merced, Tony Coelho just want to be accepted by the Communists in this extreme region. They have no pride in themselves or their ancestors. They will sell his honor faster than a prostitute in St. Paul Avenue and Broadway.

Marga is on the dank. Way off point and the truth.

Terry doesn't bring it up. He responds to the allegations that you're saying are false. Feeling guilty or stupid, Mrs. K?

so, Tavares is a bigot and so are most of the folks in this blog it appears.... see above.

That's stupid.

How are they bigots? How is Steve?

Stupid and baseless.

If Tavares isn't a journalist then who is? I'll say all of the people saying this are Cassidy supporters who would rather not know their candidate is a creepy guy trying to scare the entire city into voting for him. Do you people even read the newspaper? I think that's the reason why they are on the verge of bankruptcy is because you don't. Cassidy is a dick and thank you for putting it out in writing.

Marga is busy (fill in the blank).

Good show.

Hey Marga, why don't you give it a listen again. I don't allege anything...Tavares asks me a question based on information that many know and witnessed...I responded with my opinion; if you listen with a clear mind, you'll hear me say all your spouse and Cassidy should do is say they were sorry and take blame and move on; are you saying they were not at this event in campaign mode and they did not hand out campaign material? Lying will make it worse.

Don't stark talking that same old blogger bullshit about threats and talking garbage about one of the few decent journalists left...no one gives a crap about what you spew.

Who did we slander that hasnt already done it with their own effort? You yourself can be called on the slander...Mrs. Katz.

I will not say sorry for speaking my mind. You maybe should consider it...actually, dont...we all know you are sorry now.

Tavares isnt a bigot, neither am I...if you listen, I tell you why.

We're glad you folks listen but its apparent you do it with wax filled ears.

Nicholas, let's see if I can be more clear. In the podcast you suggested that Mike had handed out campaign literature at the Roosevelt Festival and that he should apologize for having done so. Mike, however, did not hand out any campaign literature at the festival. As I said above, it would have been impossible for him to do so, as such campaign material does not exist. If you or Tavares have any evidence whatsoever that Mike or Cassidy or anyone handed out campaign material, then you should present it. If not, you should apologize for slandering Mike & Cassidy.

Now, if you are now denying that you suggested that Mike handed out campaign material, then what do you think he should apologize for? For having attended an event at his daughter's school? For having participated in a fund-raising activity for the PTA?

Why is your daughter attending Roosevelt and not your neighborhood school? That is the interesting story.
And did Mike pull strings or use his position to get your daughter in there?
Especially when kids in that district have been forced into attending another school

Our daughters are @ Roosevelt because after trying McKinley for 3 years, I realized that they would receive a significantly better education @ Roosevelt. Kids @ Roosevelt are challenged more, are subjects of greater expectations and have the "luxury" of being able to spend more time studying social sciences & sciences as Roosevelt is not a low-performing school.

There were no strings of any kind pulled to get my kids transferred to Roosevelt. Roosevelt is a naturally under-enrolled school, though for some grades they get more transfer requests that they can accommodate. McKinley, meanwhile, is a naturally impacted schools - some kids have to be transferred out of McKinley ever year. This year as far as I know every kindergardener who applied for a transfer to Roosevelt by the spring deadline got it, and I think that's true of 3rd graders as well. I know one of my daughter's McKinley's classmates from last year is in class with her this year as well.

Unfortunately for anyone who would like to make a political issue out of this, Latrina Dumas, Mike's opponent on the School Board race, also had her children transferred to Roosevelt.

Oh yeah, no strings were pulled. RIGHT! Give us a break. We don't believe you or your husband, Mrs. Lacabe-Katz

Ok, Marga...

Give it a THIRD, FOURTH and FIFTH listen, please.

I ask if the candidates have said "we shouldn't have been doing this," or what are people saying exactly and I note that there was no campaigning at the League of Women Voters, and 99% of the candidates obliged.

I said "if you're a candidate" and you're handing out...I did not say your husband was handing out...I am speculating if a candidate does it at this type of event. It is VERY clear that your husband is wearing a campaign t-shirt. He didn't or shouldn't have worn it; I said, people know who he is. "Them showing up is campaigning enough, and is a smart move." Violates NOTHING. A flyer shows that they will be there, and shows their name and title. It shows 2 candidates, but does not list your husband as one, fine. I do not say that they handed our flyers or were "passing out a bag of cookies," I said it would be silly. The idea of a candidate campaigning at this type of event is silly and a bad move.

I do not say specifically that they passed out flyers, although, maybe someone other then your husband could have; unless you know specifically that all three candidates have nothing existing.

A shirt with your name on it is campaign material.

You and your husband say nothing wrong went on. But that is wrong. They were there in campaign mode, they showed up for that reason, as well as any other reason.

Fine, they were there and they shouldn't have worn the shirts; it was in poor taste. Yet, you think its ok. Steve notes that maybe they didn't know what they were doing, or that its possibly free speech. But he and I discussed that their appearance was one of a person campaigning.

I WILL admit that you understood me wrong about passing out flyers. But, I will not apologize for calling out that candidates wore campaign t-shirts to a school function.

I for one believe strongly that you and your husband had an advantage in putting your children in a different school; either way, way to believe in the school system and consider it "low-performing," that's classy. If it's easy to get into the school, folks, step up and defend her.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA and WTF? That fat, greasy, ponytail wearing, smelly, slimeball Mike Katz doesn't send his kids to McKinley? That flaming liberal. That roaring atheist. THAT PROUD "HISPANIC" (YEAH RIGHT) THE NO GOOD MOT%$#N F*#%ING HYPOCRITE sends his kids across town? Screw this lousy S.O.B. Any bets that when he gets his fat@$$ kicked off the School Board his house goes up on the market before Easter?

His kids also want to take after the father and be a clown. That's right, his kids go to clown school. His instructor is Bozo the Cassidy and Mr. Greenjeans Santos.

Being on the School Board, Katz should be working to improve all the schools in the District, especially McKinley. However, fatboy isn't interested in improving schools, he's more interested in furthering his atheist/communist agenda, while moving his "precious" to schools with less minorities under the racist guise of calling McKinley "underperforming". What a jackass.

Katz seems to not give a damn about McKinley, or just let someone elses kids go there.

If he wanted them in the best school that would be Madison,according to test scores, but probaby too many asians and minorities for the Katz Lacabes

Exactly. These two atheists are pond scum pure and simple. She was on this board a while back talking about Tavares and called him "a native born white" while blubberboy is supposedly "latino", while there are probably more Tavares' in any phonebook in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Caracas then you'll ever find "Katz'". bahhahahahahaha

Yeah, McKinley is fine for other minorities, but not their kids. HYPOCRITES! Hell, even Corvallis School in Washington Manor (San Lorenzo District) has the same or higher scores than Roosevelt. I hope an PRAY, yes, you atheist moron, PRAY! than Katz is kicked off the Board and Tuesday, and they move out of town before Easter.

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