Friday, October 1, 2010

Episode 7 of the TnT Podcast Now Available


With the November election just a month away, San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos sits down with EastBayCitizen.com reporter Steven Tavares. Santos lays out his plan for re-election, the city’s economy, pension and, of course, takes pointed jabs at two of his opponents for mayor. All on the only political podcast in the East Bay--The East Bay Citizen TnT Podcast.


Steve, good show with Mayor Santos. Informative and pleasant to listen to. Shame you did not ask any tough questions. Hope to see you with continued balanced shows.

OK Tavares what's with this crap this week? You do an opening lampooning Filipovich and then go after Santos with kid gloves. Your head was so up his butt I could hear you tickling Santos' tonsils.

Santos has once again demonstrated his absolute ineptitude and Tavares let him go with a soft patting on the back.

Santos had the nerve to defend his comment that 10% unemployment in San Leandro was acceptable. Then later on in this "interview" Santos had the gall! the absolute gall! to defend City Salaries and say that 1/3 of City Employees making over $100,000 a year was acceptable! The man is a jackass pure and simple

He then went on to say that "if you cut City Employees salaries you'll be taking money out of the economy". What a fool, an absolute fool. Hey Santos you BIG DUMB IDIOT! where the hell do you think that money came from to pay those lazy good for nothings??? IT CAME FROM THE ECONOMY! Hey Santos you STUPID BABOOZE WHERE DO YOU THINK THE MONEY COMES TO PAY ALL THE TAXES YOU RAISED???? FROM THE ECONOMY!

One of Santos' more laughable comments was that "San Leandro has one of the finest Accounting Systems" Yeah, they do a good job of hiding money and "investing it" by way of their buddies.

I couldn't believe that Santos said that Joyce and Steve were "bullies". When Santos is the biggest bully around, who thinks he has to make a law prohibiting everything he doesn't like. WHAT A JACKASS!

Finally Santos defends the low-income housing project at BART, attacks Frank Lynn and misrepresents the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) meetings, in which the low income housing was ramrodded through and any opposition to it was silenced AT THE MEETINGS. Santos may think most people are as stupid as the ones who put his signs on their laws, but he's in for a rude awakening this Novmember.


Manuel, Dude get a grip. You are a freak! You need a good F*** or something! You are so distorted..You poor, poor thing. No Love in your life. I'm so sorry!! I will pray for you..You need all the help you can get.

Santos for Ex-Mayor, now that would be nice!

WOW Manuel, I do not know what podcast you were listening too, but it certainly was not this one. While Tavares questions were too restrained and easy on Santos, Santos certainly came across as sensible and calm...you however sound like a "manic" man in your rant. Chill a bit and people might hear you better.

WTF! Joyce is a bad CATHOLIC! What does that even mean? Those are literally fighting words.

She is rude and mean! She has chosen to ignore Mayor Santos during council meetings and she was told to apologize to him and as of yesterday still had not. She is a bad example of a leader.

Are there members of The Sentinels posting here?

Anonymous must mean Joyce forgot to bow to Santos, kiss his ring, and recuse herself from the election.

I have to agree with Manuel. Santos came across as ignorant and out of touch. I think that despite his advanced age he has very little knowledge of economics. It's time for him to go. There was no need for him to attack Starosciak like he did, nor Frank Lynn for that matter.

The only person ignorant and out of touch is mr f sousa.

Seriously, make phone call to the police chief. In Manuel, we have Stuart Alexander 2.0 about go crazy.

It's interesting that the "ghost" postee's do not attempt to defend Tony Santos' ignorance.

Manuel, you have no clue.
I love having a guy who still lives with his mom and dad who lost 2 elections for council calling a college educated person who has served 18 years in public office and owns his own house ignorant.

Oh I hear the dog whimpering again.

It's a very telling and tragic state of the Santos Candidacy when his supporters do not use their names, (not even an initial), are unable to defend or support anything about him and resort to using childish pranks and innuendo against those who are supporting another candidate. It is really unseemly. I think it's time some civility is employed on this board.

I'm back from Los Angeles...I swear, the East Bay jungle is worse then LA...I know only Mel and a few Anonymous he/she's missed me. Steve, brother, I am sad I missed this one; Santos would have ran from me like he did before.

Nick, I am sure that Mayor Santos would have ran from you right back to grade school in Castro Valley. Mel.

Tavares...your Filipovich sounds like an intelligent & wise President Obama, half of him at least (yes, I said it, and thats for the old timer who called me racist because I said I disagreed with the President)...but alas, we don't have an intelligent or wise President. Maybe Sweet Lou can fill that void.

Are you going to interview Nadia Lockyer?

Tavares will have to set that up, since January I've been trying to ask her simple questions and apparently she doesn't know how to use email.

Keep up the diversity in the podcasts. It makes for more interesting stuff. How about interviewing Hayashi?

Good idea, Anonymous, however, I am not sure if Tavares and I want to travel to Sacramento to interview her; maybe the next time she's in town to dedicate a tree or pick up a check!

Santos was seen going door to door Saturday morning in Estudillo Estates along Joaquin Avenue and Bancroft Avenue. He too was dressed very fashionable; grey t-shirt and dungaree jeans.

Has anyone checkdc to see if the bacalhao sales have increased lately? That would indicate that Santos is confident he will win. Quick let's call Luso Mercado.

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