Friday, October 15, 2010

Episode 9 of the TnT Podcast Now Available

It is safe to say a San Leaandro mayoral candidate has never had a hip-hop campaign song. Rapper turned local advocate Sara Mestas visits the EastBayCitizen’s TnT Podcast to shed light on her campaign as it heads down the final stretch with the premiere of her song “Where Da Money Go.” It’s all on the East Bay’s only political podcast--The TnT Podcast.

Also, don’t forget to register to vote. The last day is this Monday, Oct. 18.


How is she a "public official, a sworn, public official"?

I am an appointed sworn official on the Rent Review Board.

At least she doesn't call herself a "City Commissioner" like dufus does.

Steve you and the Saucy Sara sure sounded slick today. What a set of soft balls served.

She was probably wearing a leather micro mini.

Oh where was Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner this week? MIA AGAIN!!!! What's the matter Big Mouth, cat got your tongue?

Rumor has it that the Commissioner and Candidates Cassidy and Figueroa are in the tub that Katz bought. Mel

I had respect from Miss Mestas till she said Tony Santos was her mentor. Kind of sounds like the writer of this blog and Mestas have been paid by Santos to promote him.

No, but Mayor Santos has supported all of my efforts. This is about you electing me not Santos and if he gets elected I will work closely by him. You should hear and see the corruption with the other candidates. I put myself in this race and am playing to win.

Hmm...it was a rumor you were a plant by Santos to siphon off votes against Joyce. And here you are badmouthing all the other candidates but him, calling him your mentor, and using the same lines he does to attack other candidates. Interesting.

Yep, Yep, Fox News paid me, Sara and Mary Hayashi.

Again, this podcast is not 60 Minutes! It's a talk show. Watch Oprah and read a magazine a little more though-provoking than Entertainment Weekly. The type of interviews some of you want would force me to put sources in jeopardy for myself. This is how journalism works, so you can't condemn my interview without understanding the calculations I have to make for the future.

Stephen Cassidy never responded to an interview, by the way.

Of course Sara is a plant by Santos to siphon votes off of Joyce. Anyone see the latest flier by Joyce where she claims she's getting chauvanist comments about women??? What a joke. All the dingbats who fall for Joyce's cry tablet are the ones who may vote for Sara by mistake.

I don't call myself a City Commissioner. You idiots need to pay attention; Steve introduces me when I sit in. And when he does introduce me, it's County Commissioner and something else. Apparently you morons do think I am a resident bonvivant, because he says that too. WAKE UP and get a better hobby. And just because I respond, doesn't mean you hit a nerve, it just means your parents did a shitty job pointing out your flaws & failures.

Steve, good job, keep the seat warm, I'll be back.

*Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commissioner. You dunderheads would have a field day at these meetings, people actually address one another as "Commissioner," even when they see each other on the street; I for one never did...I am not as elite as you all.

Nick, I sure would hate to see what you sound and act like when one of us does hit a responsive part of your body. Look, we all know that you are proud of your service to Gail, God, Liz, Steve, Stephen and Mike and your goal of protecting your family from the evil Korean Mary. We support your efforts at imitating a pundit. Keep up your efforts. Mel

I am not a plant for Tony, although I am not comfortable with Joyce or Stephen as Mayor. I do think I can handle the job. I think Tony mentors me in a way that is encouraging efforts that are good for people. Not to give up or give in to quite frankley what is the BS. To do what I believe in. Tony and I see a different San Leandro. But you are entitled to your opinion, it is Steve Tavares who discovered my political aspirations, I must admit......wrap your head around that anonymous.


No one would miss you if you just left us.

Pretty obvious Tony is trying to play the Maltester game of rigging elections. I wonder how many are on the secret payroll?

How is he rigging an election? Like being Mayor of a little shit hole like San Leandro is that important?
Most people that post here do not have a clue.

Hey, don't talk about our city like that! We love our city of San Leandro, that is why this election is so important. We need the best leaders to turn vision into action to improve our city!!!

We have one candidate Joyce who lies like a rug
One candidate Cassidy who has been charged with election shenanigans by the fppc in 2006 and appears to be breaking election law again.
Choice seems simple

Come on Tony/Sentinels, at least have the balls to post your names to your anonymous comments!

Welcome to the internet world, anonymous tells anonymous to post his/her name.

So Cynthia Paschen...Just curious, based on your love for our city, who would you recommend for Mayor of our city?

Sara Mestas! She is not one of the jaded candidates accepting the special interests funding offers.

Ms. Paschen,

Joyce = developers
Tony = unions

Who are Palau and Cassidy receiving special interest funding from?

Well I haven't received as much as a favor from Mayor Santos so that is out. I am running because I think that I can impact local politics for the good of the people.

Lol, people are being chauvanist. That is such a cop out. People treat you how you demand to be treated. Maybe Joyce isn't the man for the job.

The call yourself what you are you moron; Consumer Affairs Commissioner, not ALAMEDA COUNTY COMMISSIONER!

The choice has always been clear; John Palau. He's the only honest and trustworthy candidate out there.

Dimwit Anonymous...again, catch the short bus because you're still missing the truth...take it up with Steve...NOT ME. Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commissioner...geez, how have you lived this long?

Why do you conveniently leave out the "Consumer Affairs" part?????

Should be "Consumer of mindless information"

Mindless Information...I like it...we'll use it. Thanks.

Coward at 3:52PM...you're still asleep...try again, skippy.

I think it is important to remember that any sworn official sworn to hold up the constitution is a public servant at large. So titles, not so important when you look at it in that regard.

Thanks Sara...get ready for a bunch of unintelligent, unfunny bullshit ;)

Oh Mr. Big Shot County Commissioner, are you sad?? boo hoo hoo Why don't you describe to us in detail what you did while you had such an esteemed title?


I mainly showed up for the free food and photo ops.

-Big Shot

For the serious and not the idiots, on the Consumer Affairs Commission, I worked with District Attorney O'Malley's office and the State Consumer Affairs office and hosted a workshop in Berkeley with KTVU Consumer Editor Tom Vacar, Nancy O'Malley and the State; we also put on a Senior Scam workshop for seniors, also hosted a fraud workshop as well as established a toll free number for consumers to call with questions & concerns.

While at the Hayward Advisory Commission, I was a liaison for a battered womans shelter in Hayward and we also recommended to the council which non-profits should receive Community Development funds from a grant.

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