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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Express: Bill Lockyer's Million Dollar Baby

By Steven Tavares
The race for Alameda County supervisor comes down to one donor: Bill Lockyer. The state treasurer, himself up for re-election this fall, has contributed more than $1 million to the campaign of his wife, Nadia Lockyer, in what has become the most expensive supervisorial race in Alameda County history. The cash haul has largely overshadowed anything of substance in the candidate's race against former state Senator Liz Figueroa to replace the retiring Gail Steele.

County supervisor elections do not have fund-raising limits, which has allowed the Lockyers to almost fully fund a campaign relying on large outlays to political consultants and staff. Financial disclosure forms filed last week showed that Bill Lockyer's campaign for treasurer pumped an additional $450,000 in donations to his wife's campaign, pushing the total amount of cash over $1 million. And this doesn't include in-kind contributions such as web site construction, child care, and staff...

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  1. haha @ Larry Tramatola saying in the Chron that the Gail Steele endorsement isn't a big thing. Maybe its time for Tramatola to step away from political consulting. You always want a well-respected, well-liked outgoing office holder's endorsement.

    This is what you get for a $1 million dollars and whole lot of signs cluttering the streets and failed attempts at spinning that endorsement?

  2. Steve,

    Boulevard Burger is indeed a superior burger, though I prefer Val's. The key element here is that the Boulevard note came out last week.

  3. What is the fascination with Val's? My entire family likes Val's. It's a tasteless burger and a bun and you pay extra for tomato, but I guess they do offer you a gang load of onions...Milk Shakes are good, but I'd rather go to Nation's.

  4. The original owner of Val's used to grow their own tomatoes. One of the brothers was an FBI agent.

    I have never eaten there.

  5. Nick, your family is right, you have no taste for fine burgers. Stay at Nations or better yet at 5 Guys or In and Out. Manuel, their breakfast is good, but the Val's Mama burger fries and a shake are truly excellent. Val's is a fine example of the best of small business. They have not changed and are now in business more than fifty years.

  6. The original Val's was owned by the Valenzuela family. Is this owner the second or third owner?

  7. This obsession with Val's is similar to the obsession with the former Santos Linquisa. That linguisa was about the most lousy linguisa around and everyone loved it. Hey Tavares, when you start that food section, do the piece on linguisa.

  8. O'Whatever Your Name Is:

    Truly excellent? You live a tasteless life, but that's fine, I respect that. Manuel...youre not missing a thing; bbq your own with no spices, etc and there you have a Val's burger. Dont forget to add the tasteless steak fries.

    It's 2010, time to start accepting plastic...I know, I know...it prevents businesses from reporting half their earnings.

  9. I would be willing to bet this is the most expensive Supervisors/Commissioners race in the entire nation. I've been told LA County Supervisors who represent 2 million people per district usually spend about $1 million to get elected. In the past I believe Alameda County Supervisors races have been in the $100k-200k range, not freaking $1.6 million.

    Nadia Lockyer is a nice person, but she is not qualified to be a Supervisor and on top of that who wants Bill "Bully" Lockyer strong arming our County representatives when things don't go Nadia's way.