Thursday, October 28, 2010

FPPC Complaint Filed Against Cassidy

By Steven Tavares

Opponents of Stephen Cassidy's bid for mayor of San Leandro submitted a complaint Tuesday to the Fair Political Practices Commission charging the candidate for failing to claim his interests in the controversial school fair they contend was a political event.

The complaint alleges Cassidy's current Statement of Economic Interest does not contain contributions from groups involved with the Oct. 16 school fair at Roosevelt Elementary School, including the PTA and Zocolo Coffeehouse, which is owned by Cassidy's campaign manager. "This event was clearly political," says the petition, "and the evidence is supported with videos, flyers and emails, as well as, statements from other concerned parents."

Cassidy is the only candidate named in the complaint, although School Board President Mike Katz, who is up for re-election, and Superintendent Cindy Cathey are referenced in the document. One of the witnesses in the complaint is San Leandro parent Latrina Dumas, who is running against Katz.

It also alleges the Cassidy campaign in conjunction with the Roosevelt PTA, Tim Holmes and Katz "orchestrated a political event" on the school grounds. Specifically, the complaint focuses on a flyer advertising the festival which reads, "Dunk our principal, our parent/politicians and more!" Listed below is a schedule detailing Cassidy as "Mayoral Candidate, Parent" along with Councilman Michael Gregory, Lance James, a candidate for the board, and Katz. It also alleges Cassidy was introduced as the "next mayor of San Leandro" on numerous occasions. Video of the event clearly shows a gentleman believed to be part of the PTA uttering the phrase while introducing Cassidy.

The complaint filed by parent Hendy Huang alleges "unsolicited political propaganda" was distributed to children and parents along with a campaign booth at the festival. He also says he alerted Cathey to the potential violations by email the day before the event without a response.

Cassidy denies the event was anything but a school fundraiser and was merely participating in the dunk tank event to raise money for students. While he acknowledges he wore a campaign t-shirt to the event, that in itself, is not a violation, he says, and denies any political literature was distributed nor was a table set aside for him.

Cathey also denied Wednesday the event was nothing more than a fundraiser for students at Roosevelt and not a political event. The school district's investigation, she says, found no evidence of campaign literature at the event nor was a table sponsored by any candidate. In addition, no school resources were used to promote any candidate, says Cathey, but she acknowledged a volunteer's introduction of Cassidy. "It is regrettable that one of the volunteer auctioneers referred to a participant as the next mayor of San Leandro as part of that fundraising effort," says Cathey. "However, this was neither planned nor approved by the PTA/Dad's Club prior to the event."

The complaint was sent Tuesday to the FPPC and the government body allows three days to notify the person alleged of the violation within three days. It is very unlikely any determination will be made by the FPPC before the Nov. 2 election.


Huh .... sounds like Joyce Starosciak and her campaign is behind this. I guess her "Vote for ME I have a Uterus" campaign is not working!

The fact that Cassidy's opponents (including Tavares) are even trying to make this an issue shows just how pathetic they are.

Wrong, the fact that the guy who has already had to answer an FPPC complaint, who is a lawyer is trying to skirt the rules.
That is the story.
Cassidy thinks he is smarter than everyone and that the rules do not apply to him

Of course, this is a story. Cassidy supporters would rather come on her and downplay it's existence. I think mre should be made that this is a lawyer who apparently does know the law. For all people say about Santos, I don't think anyone can say he's a liar or a cheat. If Im wrong, give me the specifics.

Santos is a habitual liar. For 30 years he's been telling people that if they don't raise taxes police and fire will have to be cut and then crime will rise and the sky will fall. Well, taxes have been rising, the police are overpaid and crime continues to rise. Santos is a liar because he tells unions "support me so I can keep Wal-Mart out of San Leandro" but he and the Unions are too stupid to see not one but TWO Wal-Marts in San Leandro along the Nimitz.


I see in Cassidy's ad in the Times yesterday he has an "endorsement" from Derek Rinetti, did he move back from Colorado?

Hey Manuel you idiot. The SLPD is not overpaid! The police officers are around the middle in pay compared to surrounding cities. You should really have the facts before you pop off. I wonder who you would call if you needed help fast.

Speaking of violating FPPC rules, hasn't Tavares already broken the FPPC's equal time provisions by posting campaign VoDs for Sara and Tony; but not doing so for Palau, Cassidy, Starosciak nor Filipovich?

This isn't a television station. You might be referring to the Fairness Doctrine, but probably not.

Hey Babooze, the SLPD is overpaid, and don't give me this crap about surrounding cities because they're ALL overpaid you leech. With all this overtime going to these flatfoots, how come we have one of the highest car theft rates in Calfornia? What the hell are these jackasses doing? Eating at the donut shop? NO COP DESERVES $100,000 plus a year! The cops aren't going to do squat if you need them in a hurry, that's why it's better to keep a .38 handy; under the car seat, in the nightstand, because the cops aren't going to be there.


So WTF is Rinetti putting his mug on an advertisement for a candidate in San Leandro? He voted with his feet and moved 1000 miles away. His opinion and $1 wouldn't get a bus ride on AC Transit. Cassidy ought to just dig up dead people for endorsements.

Tony did just that--said Maltester endorsed him on his deathbed.

Oh lord almighty, that Jack Maltester was such a slimey octopus, was there anything that hog did not have his hooves imbeded?

So Maltester endorsed Tony on his deathbead? You've got to be kidding me. Is this because no person with a pulse would otherwise vote for him?

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