Monday, October 11, 2010

Steele Makes an Exception, Endorses Figueroa


By Steven Tavares

Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele doesn't do political endorsements, but she is making an exception for the race to succeed her. Steele has eschewed campaign horse trading for over two decades, until today, when she announced support for former state Sen. Liz Figueroa to replace her over Nadia Lockyer.

Alameda County
Supervisor Gail Steele
The 26-year veteran of the board of supervisors from District 2 had been rumored to be contemplating such a move for over two weeks. A source with first-hand  knowledge of Steele's thinking said concerns over Lockyer's lack of community ties along with the avalanche of campaign fundraising dollars had been rising of late. In a statement sent to The Citizen Tuesday morning, Steele struck a similar chord in endorsing Figueroa.

"Over $1 million dollars has already been raised and spent by one candidate to replace me on the Board of Supervisors," said Steele. "I am completely disheartened and troubled by this excessive expenditure to win an elected office, when our county has so many needs. When money is allowed to shape the future of elected government, proven community leadership loses out."

A person who truly comes from the community and has worked in the community does not need that amount of money to win an election. A person who is committed to public service will build name recognition and earn the reputation of getting the job done. Support should come from people working toward a common goal, motivated by principles, not money."

She described Figueroa's ties to the community as a prime factor in making her decision to endorse her. "She is the only candidate in this race who truly is from this community and has given back to it," said Steele. Figueroa said she is "beyond being honored" by Steele's backing and lauded her for her work in the community. "She will leave a legacy in the community that is not only about politics, but about helping people."

Steele's words reflect a growing chorus of voices who are growing critical of Lockyer's campaign after financial disclosure statements released last week showed the campaign of her husband, Bill Lockyer, has contributed over $1 million to her bid for supervisor. Noted environmentalist and former Cal State East Bay professor Sherman Lewis also spoke out this weekend on Lockyer's lack of community connections and called alleged arm-twisting of local politicians to support her campaign, "unacceptable." A spokesperson for the Lockyer campaign could not be reached this afternoon.


  1. If she is convicted felon, can she still serve as our County Supervisor?


  2. From the camp of desperation aka "we spent a boatload lot of $$$ yet we still not ahead" campaign. (and no we're not talking about the Whitman campaign)

    This allegation has been around for months, yet finally acted upon because we're close to election day and the Lockyers see they're not getting anywhere.

    How do you spell desperation? N-A-D-I-A

  3. Put two and two together; Lockyer, former Attorney General, calls O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney, who calls San Mateo District Attorney...talk about friends in the right places.

    Notice that this is ONLY happening because of the election.

    I call upon Attorney General Brown, Secretary of State Brown and District Attorney O'Malley to investigate where Nadia Lockyer is placing campaign signs and if the nanny used to babysit her son was/is a Legal resident.

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  5. Nick, good to see that you remain an effective lackey of Gail Steele. So much for objectivity. Mel.

  6. Not only is Gail Steele a supervisor, but she is also the leader of South County chapter of the Amish.

  7. G-O-L-D-I-G-G-E-R!