Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LiveTweeting from Hayward City Council

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>>LiveTweeting from Hayward: food night begins! City council discusses hand cart vendors in Hayward.

>>Quirk and Henson are voicing concern the ban on hand carts is a waste of time; Zermeño surpisingly in favor.

>>Francisco "Viva la Hayward" Zermeño is going against hand cart vendors. He's never had a juicy mango con chile on A Street?

>>Henson is concerned Hayward's public image might suffer from the sight of hand carts on its streets.

>>Mayor Sweeney: current rule makes it easier to enforce hand cart ban since they are all illegal. No consensus is found to move forward.

>>Somebody ate a big bowl of unhappy for dinner tonite. Hayward City Attorney Michael Lawson has yet to move a face muscle conveying happiness

>>Discussion of polystyrene container ban begins. Ever had Jamba Juice in a paper cap instead of styrofoam? Not good.

>>Hayward Public Works Director Bob Bauman=George Costanza.

>>Restaurant owners would not be allowed to use polystyrene in Hayward, but others can purchase the same containers in the city.

>>RT @HaywardPundit @eastbaycitizen Hey man, there's a recession and bowls of unhappy are 2 for 1 at Smart & Final.

>>Seriously, City Attorney Lawson has a perpetual sneer on his face. He just glanced at me like he's follwing me on Twitter.

>>@CSUEB, Chabot College and Hayward School District would not be subject to the proposed polystyrene ban.

>>St. Rose Hospital reportedly balked at proposed ban saying it would cost them up to $140k/yr.

>>Zermeño favors polystyrene ban because it's "protecting Mother Earth and its fauna." Also encourages school district to follow, if approved.

>>Quirk says he wants city blog for users to weigh-in on controversial subjects. He clearly has never read The Citizen's infamous "Manuel."

>>Ban could cost restaurants up to $250/mo. The Citizen may charge the same amount for advertising. Hayward is killing my business!

>>Doesn't appear anyone on the council will take up restaurant owner's concern over the costs of ban. Quirk, Henson, Zermeño, so far in favor.

>>WingStop franchisee says special paper boxes from TX corporate cost 3x more. Quirk: "We know in TX they don't believe in the same things as CA."

>>BREAKING: #Hayward unanimously approves municipal ban on polystyrene foodware at city restaurants.


  1. Steve, you forgot that Manuel rarely comments on the baboozes from Hayward. He is too occupied with the baboozes from San Leandro. Nick, you are the resident wit for Hayward. I am sure that you are well availed and able to handle Peixoto and Zermeno, to say little of the driving intellect of Henson, Halliday and Sweeney. Sounds like a law firm. Mel

  2. That just leaves Mr. Quirk...what say you?

  3. Oh, so now I'm The Citizen's "infamous" Manuel. Well make sure you pronouce it correctly it's Man-yule not Man-well. GOT IT? Don't pronounce it in broken Mexican.

    Frank Zermeno is the biggest babooze this side of Grove Way. I've never seen a bigger oxygen thief than this babooze. If he's so fired up about saving "mother Earth" than why doesn't Hayward ban all Mexican Restaurants that serve refried beans? That would cut down on the noxious fumes that are generated from eating Mexican food, not to mention all those Preparation H tubes that are discarded.